Get NYPL Digital Collections Tab for Your Browser

By NYPL Staff
August 31, 2017

A month ago, we released Surveyor—a new tool for geotagging photos in our collections. Thousands of people have already helped us put the history of New York City on the map (but we still need your help). To make exploring our beautiful, historical street photos of NYC even easier, we’re releasing a new tool: the NYPL Digital Collections Tab.

NYPL Digital Collections Tab is a browser extension that shows a curated image of New York City from our Digital Collections every time you open a new tab. Inspired by Google’s Earth View—which shows global satellite imagery in new tabs—adding the extension to your browser is a great way to discover photos from the Library’s collections. And if you think you know where in New York City the photo in your tab was taken, one click will bring you to Surveyor!

NYPL Digital Collections Tab works in most desktop browsers, and can be installed as follows: