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How You Can Stream Free Movies With Your NYPL Card


Stream Films for Free Through Kanopy

Library cards are unlocking more resources than ever. Starting today, any New York Public Library cardholder age 13 or older can stream video for free through Kanopy, an online video streaming service featuring thousands of independent, classic, and documentary films. Simply go to Kanopy (also available through the Library's Articles and Databases page) to create a sign-in, then enter a valid NYPL card number and PIN to get started.

Kanopy offers a broad selection of more than 30,000 feature films, documentaries, foreign language, and training videos. Additionally, as part of a Kanopy subscription, cardholders gain access to The Criterion Collection, which focuses on licensing "important classic and contemporary films." Now, for the first time, NYPL cardholders can stream these cinematic masterpieces and more anywhere, anytime, on smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart TVs - this includes RokuiOS, and Android apps.

Kanopy subscribers can view up to 10 films a month; once a film is started, patrons have three days to watch it. Videos are also accessible with captions, transcripts, and compatibility with assistive technologies.

Don't have a New York Public Library card yet? New users can sign up for a Library card instantly from their mobile device through our SimplyE app, which grants immediate access to hundreds of thousands of NYPL e-books. To use Kanopy, check out physical books, and access the Library's databases, users can upgrade that card at their local New York Public Library branch. For more information on how to sign up for a Library card, check out our guide on how to apply.


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Can I access movies. I'm in

Can I access movies. I'm in georgia

This database allows for

This database allows for remote access. If you are temporarily in Georgia, but have a valid NYPL account, you should be able to register for a Kanopy account.

Streaming movies

I'm disappointed to find that many films NYPL owns and lends on DVD are not included yet. No "I Know Where I'm Going", very little Hitchcock. Is this going to be remedied eventually?


NYPL can't stream DVDs in their collection without obtaining the necessary rights.

How downloading read-only efiles

How about downloading read only electronic files, Overdrive does this with their e-audio book, their large large download, read-only, we pick the format, an it automatically returns after playing it in our video player. The files also disappear after words...

Yes. Finally! Member since 76

Yes. Finally! Member since 76'.


Tonight I watched "The Ruling Class" for the first time in years, having just last weekend read so many amusing passages about its production in "The Price of Illusion," I was anxious to see it again. And voila, without further fanfare I simply used my library card to tune in to kanopy. I adored the film and appreciated ian christie's remarks about the film-- such riches from our public library, thank you.

Stream via Roku?

Is there a Kanopy app for Roku? I'd like to be able to stream to my tv.



Yes, it is on Roku

Hello, Joan! I just saw on Kanopy's landing page that they're available on Roku iOS and Android. Hope that helps.

yes . https://channelstore

yes .

Streaming to Roku

Yes, it works on Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast as well.

Monthly Quota

I noticed that each of the Great Courses segments is about 30 minutes long. Does each one count as a 'movie' in the 10 film/month quota, or is an entire series a 'movie'? TIA E

Each segment counts toward

Each segment counts toward the monthly limit.

Can I stream Kanopy on a Smart TV

I have a Samsung Smart TV with a web browser. Is there a way to use it to stream Kanopy films? When I go to the Kanopy site using the web browser, and choose Watch, I get a message that streaming is not compatible with this device. Is there a way to fix this?

Great job NYPL!!! Keep up the

Great job NYPL!!! Keep up the good work.

list of movies

Is there a list of all the movies available on Kanopy?

If you go to https://nypl

If you go to and scroll past the browse lanes, you can see movie titles in a list view.


Does the BPL have the same films as NYPL?

NYPL Access

I've always wanted an NYPL card, but I'm in the D.C. area. Is there any way I can get a card? Received the info via ALA email.

Anyone who works, goes to

Anyone who works, goes to school, or pays property taxes in New York State can apply for a library card.

Criterion films available through Kanopy

Are all films in the Criterion Collection available through Kanopy? "Brief Encounter" is one among others that seems not to be.

NY State Resident

I live in Westchester County, do I still need to go down to Manhattan to pick up my library card or will it be mailed to me instead? The email I got was confusing!

Living in Westchester County,

Living in Westchester County, if you do not work or go to school in New York City, your card will be mailed to you.

Can teachers use these movies to show in class?

Just wondering about the copyright restrictions. Many of the movies here, such as Seven Samurai, or the documentary on James Baldwin, might be used in classes for our students, but am unclear about any restrictions for educational use.

From what I'm told, Kanopy

From what I'm told, Kanopy movies are under Public Performance Rights (PPR). However, I don't believe PPR is needed for face-to-face, in-classroom educational use.

This service is fantastic!

This service is fantastic! Lots of great movies, streaming works well (isn't choppy), and I love, love, love that it includes the Criterion collection. Thank you NYPL!


I also live in Georgia and would like to access ebooks and Kanopy. Will I be receiving a actual library card in the mail? I just applied online and already have my number and selected a pin. Additionally how do I access Kanopy. I downloaded the app and entered my number and pin number and it says that I am not authorized to use the service. How do I get authorized to use the service? I want to thank you folks very very much for the services. especially as I am disabled and bedridden and unable to physically get to a library or a movie house. You don't know how meaningful it is to me to be able to access your elibrary service and to see good movies. I look forward to your response.

Friends of the Library

I am an overseas supporter via the Friends of the Library program. I haven't been (able to be) in New York for at least 20 years now and I doubt I will have the opportunity to travel overseas anytime soon. Is there some way I can be assigned an NYPL card or, barring that, at least access to the Kanopy database?

This is a fantastic benefit!

Can I stream Kanopy through Apple TV somehow as I don't have a smart TV but I do have Apple TV connected to it?

Re: This is a fantastic benefit!

"Can I stream Kanopy through Apple TV...?" Yes, it is possible to do so. However, as I understand it, you need Apple TV fourth generation or higher, and it is necessary to download the Kanopy app onto your Apple TV device. Apple TV third generation or lower will not work.

Your library card isn't authorized to be used with Kanopy.

When I try to use Kanopy I get a "Your library card isn't authorized to be used with Kanopy." Is there any additional upgrade needed? Thank you

It's probably best for you to

It's probably best for you to contact library staff so that they can address your issue. Email, phone, and live chat assistance are available:

Hi - you mention that you

Hi - you mention that you have to be over the age of 13. Does this mean that nypl will be sharing personal details (including DOB) to Kanopy? Please clarify. I've never heard of this company before. Thanks.

If users create accounts with

If users create accounts with Kanopy, they're asked to certify that they are 13 years of age or older. They are also asked to supply their library card barcode number and PIN. The Library does not provide patron information to Kanopy. More details: 1) When you sign up for Kanopy, you are prompted to create an account using a valid email address and entering a password of your choosing. This email address and password do not necessarily have to match anything on file with NYPL 2) When Kanopy asks you to enter your NYPL card number and PIN, that number is stored (in encrypted format) on Kanopy’s servers and is used to authenticate you with NYPL’s servers each time you log in from a different device (e.g., desktop PC, laptop, mobile phone, iPad, etc.) to ensure that you are eligible to access it.




I like to learn English and culture. Thank you.

I don't have an NYPL card--I

I don't have an NYPL card--I use my IDNYC card as the library card Can I somehow access Kanoph?

If you're age 13 or older and

If you're age 13 or older and you've already connected your IDNYC card to your NYPL account, you should be all set. (I'm told you should use the longest of the two numbers on your IDNYC card for this.) Please note that having an IDNYC card does not necessarily mean you have an NYPL account. If you need assistance with that, visit any NYPL location and ask a staff member to connect your IDNYC card to your current library account. If you don't have one, they'll help you create one.
Hi, I am a swedish citizen who works as an artist in the video field. I would very much like to be able to use this service. Is it possible? yours olof thiel stockholm

My NYPL library card

A couple years ago I applied for a library card. I live in Oneonta from May-October and am actually a Florida resident and gave license from there. I sent in a copy of our tax statement showing that we pay NY taxes and all the other necessary things, but I never did get a card, though I get emails from you all the time. How can I get the card?

I'm sorry to hear that,

I'm sorry to hear that, Bonnie! Did you follow up with our Ask NYPL team? You can contact them by email at Live chat is also available Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM, at

Kanopy and two library members

My wife and I are both library members. I just set up a Kanopy account for myself, using Roku, to stream movies to our TV set. I was given 10 credits. Is there a way to also sign my wife up too, since we often want to watch different things, and I would presume we are each entitled to 10 credits?

What does Kanopy mean when it asks for my NYPZl code

Konopy asks for my NYPL “Code” when I log in. How do I obtain this code and how many letters or numbers is it? Thank you.

problems

I cannot find a link on the Kanopy page to handle log-in issues. I put in my card uber and PIN but get an error message. Please help me find the right person to help resolve this issue. Thank you

Did you follow up with our

Did you follow up with our Ask NYPL team? You can contact them by email at

Well done

What more can I say. Yes, we all want more movies and e-books but you are doing great.

most criterion films gone?!?

It seems that the most Criterion Films are no longer available for NYPL members though they still on Kanopy. They were available just a short while ago. What happened? For example: "The Great Beauty", "Children of Paradise" are now gone from the NYPL list.

It's such a bummer. It looks

It's such a bummer. It looks like they're gone from most Public Library access. I have my kanopy access through the Los Angeles Public Library and the same thing happened. I know Criterion has an exclusive streaming deal with filmstruck now so that's probably part of it. It's a shame.

A number of movies that are

A number of movies that are in my watchlist are no longer "accessible from my library." What's happening?


Watched a movie on Kanopy a few days ago. Just now tried to connect to Kanopy database and got a message saying could not access because my browser is outdated. I immediately updated Firefox browser but received the same "outdated" message when I again tried to access Kanopy.

Obtaining a PIN number?

I have a Queens library card but no pin number. How do I obtain a pin number so that I can login?

Queens Library PIN

Go to to learn more about your Queens Library PIN.

accessing services

HI, I have a home in NYC and have had a library card since 1978. (but no pin, as far as I know). Currently living in Europe. Can I register and access services from abroad? thanks, janine

Active or expired library card?

Hi, Janine. Has it been a while since you renewed your library card? NYPL cards need to be renewed every three years. For further assistance, I recommend reaching out to our Ask NYPL team via

issue

I have been using Kanopy for months, but as I tried to sign in today it gave me the following error message: Invalid response from Patron API server It also said there seemed to be a problem with my library card. However all my information is correct and I can sign into the website without a problem. What could be going on?

Are you still finding this to

Are you still finding this to be a problem? If it's not a temporary glitch, I recommend reaching out to our Ask NYPL team via

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