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Calling All Writers! Get Published in NYPL!Zine

Are you writer, poet, or artist? Would you like to see your works published? The New York Public Library has an opportunity for you!

NYPL!Zine is a new publication looking to showcase the works of the diverse communities we serve. This zine will follow the trend of libraries meeting the needs of its users as opposed to users meeting the terms of the library. The purpose is to give you—our patrons—a voice through the Library.  Through artistry, you can convey comments, concerns, and joys about your communities and the world at large. We’re looking for distinct, creative voices that can tell us more about what you love about your neighborhood! We welcome poetry, short stories, novellas, essays, and original artwork!

This issue’s theme: What does New York City mean to you?


Submission Guidelines


All written manuscripts must be typed in 12-point font, one-inch margins, and checked for spelling and grammar.  At the top of your submission, please include your name, address, primary phone number, and email.  [In a separate document, please include a 2-3 sentence bio about yourself.

  • Poetry should not exceed 1,000 words and be single-spaced
  • Short stories and novellas can be 500-2,500 words, 2-10 pages double spaced
  • Non-fiction and essays should not exceed 2,500 words, 10 pages double-spaced
  • Manuscripts must be in .doc or .docx format, and/or be readable in Microsoft Word

Artwork and Photography

Physical copies of artwork (e.g.- paintings, sculptures, etc.) or photos will not be accepted. Instead, take a picture or scan your work into one of the following formats: .JPG/JPEG, .TIFF, and .PNG.  Images must be 300 pixels per inch (PPI). Images containing nudity will not be accepted.

Along with your work, attach a separate Word document with your contact information, description of the work, your local branch  and an optional short (five sentences or less) anecdote of what inspired the work.

While NYPL!Zine does not want to limit creativity, be aware that it is a publication intended for ALL audiences. Submissions must not use graphic language, depict violence, or perpetuate harmful stereotypes based on age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and mental/physical disabilities.

Limit of five submissions per person.

Send all submissions to: with your name and submission title in the subject. Only electronic copies will be accepted. Any work submitted without the release form will not be accepted.

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2017


Patron-generated content represents the views and interpretations of the patron, not necessarily those of The New York Public Library. For more information see NYPL's Website Terms and Conditions.

Art work for the NYPL!Zine

To whom it may concern: In the call to writers to be considered to be publish in the NYPL!Zine, there is a category called "Artwork and Photography." Is this separate from the "Manuscript" category or is art and photography that can be included in a Manuscript? Thank upu

Art work for the NYPL!Zine

It is a separate category. We are having two separate portions for the magazine: one for literary works and one for artwork.

What is the release form?

To whom it may concern, I have read through the call for papers flipped into flipboard and have arranged everything as specified for submission. However, I do not understand what the release form entails. I am currently writing from Chengdu China. I am very much interested in publishing my pieces through you. I will appreciate your assistance. Warm Regards Sandra Obiora


Hi, I'm interested in submitting something for your zine but I don't know what the age range for the publication is. It says Stuff For the Teen Age. Does that mean the zine is for teens? I am, if you'll excuse the expression, an adult.


Hello, This magazine for all ages so you can submit to it. If you have anymore questions feel free to contact us at

Release Form

Hi Tabrizia, I just submitted a photograph for NYPL!Zine. The directions say that artwork will not be accepted without a release form. I did not see a release form to send. Will we be provided with a release form after the work is accepted?


Hello, Tabrizia. Has the NYPL!Zine been published, online or anywhere, still in the works, or how's it going?


Hi, still waiting to find out if NYPL!Zine is being published.

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