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An Interview with Children's Author Aram Kim


 Author/illustrator Aram Kim  
(Photo Credit by KidLitTV)

Since the 53rd Street Library opened last year, a smiling patron has been coming to the branch to pick up her reserved books. The first time I met her, I could feel comforting energy and a peaceful aurora from her. When she mentioned she was in the publishing field making a children's book, I thought it was very well suited to her. By chance, I found the book Cat on the Bus, covered with very cute cat illustrations. She was the author!

I would like to introduce Aram Kim, who loves all kinds of animals and makes a touching story from tiny, trivial things in life.  

What were your favorite books as a child? 

I always loved books narrated by animal character's points of view. As a child, my absolute favorite book was E.B.White's Charlotte's Web. I was fascinated by the story and couldn't stop reading. Thanks to that book, I have never been afraid of spiders. They are all Charlotte's friends and families after all! I was also in love with the book Black Beauty, which is a memoir of a black horse. I think that was the first time I opened my eyes to animal rights. 

Where did you get idea about your first book?

book cover
Aram's first book, Cat on the Bus

I saw a photo of a street cat who got on the bus. The photo was taken in South Korea, where I am from, and it was taken during a very cold winter. It was very heartwarming that the driver didn't shoo away the street cat who was trying to get on the bus, and passengers didn't frown upon the cat who got on the bus all by itself. It was such a cold weather, there must have been a mutual sympathy towards the cat who did not have home, and everyone wanted the cat to have a moment of warmth. It showed people's kindness and it really spoke to my heart. 

What comes first, writing or illustrating? 

A lot of times, illustrating comes first. Even when I have a specific story I want to tell, I start drawing before I write. Once I start drawing a little, drawing and writing happen simultaneously, balancing each other. Sometimes, I don't have a story, but I draw something and start imagining a story from the picture and it becomes a story. 

What are your favorite things to see or do in New York? 

There are countless things to do and see in New York, but my favorite thing to do is walking around the city! the best time to do it is spring - it's so beautiful! Especially after a long, cold winter, when the weather starts to warm up slightly and flowers start to bloom, it is a great time to walk abound New York City. You will see lots and lots of daffodils - bright yellow, star-shaped flowers make you have a spring in you steps!

Do you have any plan for your next book? 

Yes! It's about a little girl who loves her grandma's Korean dishes, but hates stinky, spicy Kimchi! I am finishing up working on art just now and it will be on the shelf this coming fall.  

Aram Kim will read her book at an upcoming event at 53rd Street Library. Kids and families are all welcome to have a great time sharing her interesting book making story while she introduces her little cute street cat from her first picture book! Learn more about the author and her illustrated works



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