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Ep. 52 "A Better Experience of the World" | Library Stories


Sometimes, it takes a little help to raise your game. Jeremy has worked with his NYPL tutors after school for two years. With more confidence and knowledge, he enjoys doing his homework, and his school has recognized him as most improved. Now Jeremy is thinking big: going to college and getting a job.

Library Stories is a video series from The New York Public Library that shows what the Library means to our users, staff, donors, and communities through moving personal interviews.

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Jeremy Ramos, OST student at High Bridge Library


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"A Better Experience of the World" video

I didn't know the library had a tutoring program! It's wonderful - so happy for this young man and all the others who benefit. We really need them and they need that chance for a bright future. You can tell he's able to dream big now. Thanks (on Thanksgiving!) to all who help those kids!!

Is a great effort the nyc

Is a great effort the nyc public library is doing with pur kids and all generations I’m so proud of all the work they do for keeping educatedding our Young’s

Reading is a base of

Reading is a base of everything . if you read well you can be better at anything even math. Every single book you read can make you learn more . the more you read the better you speak in the smooth. Voice

I'm happy to be able to

I'm happy to be able to donate and help kids like Jeremy. This is the first library story that I have read and it's been great to watch this video cause the Highbridge library is across the street from where I live. So its great to know that I'm helping a lot of kids with my contributions including someone that lives within the same neighborhood as me.


This are things to be encouraged in developing countries to. I wish I could partner and through my way rebuild book love... Thanks and keep on improving.

My Son Jeremy

I have to say I am very thankful and grateful for the Highbridge Library because of the help and dedication their staff offer Jeremy improving his education. I am very proud of my son! Thank you!

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