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6 Graphic Novels to Read if You Loved Batgirl Volume 1, Batgirl of Burnside

Batgirl of Burnside by Brenden Fletcher is a fun cybertech reincarnation of Batgirl. What makes this latest incarnation different from other superhero books is that it incorporates a social media twist in which Batgirl goes viral and many villains in search of fame come after her. Like the novels below, this title has a no-holds-barred female lead.  If you enjoy action, strong female heroes, and bold illustration, these graphic novels are for you.

Gotham Academy. Volume 1, Welcome to Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher. Gotham academy is not a regular school. The school is haunted and the students are going to solve the mystery. The characters are very inquisitive and adventurous similar Batgirl in Batgirl of Burnside.

Black Canary Vol. 1: Kicking and Screaming tells the tale of Dinah Lance, who is traveling with a band called Black Canary while trying to protect the youngest member, Ditto. Black Canary and Batgirl often fight alongside each other. Here you learn the origins of the Black Canary and her powers.

In Batgirl. Volume 5, Deadline by Gail Simone we meet a different Batgirl  who is facing off the Strix- “the man who knows the secret of Gotham City's conspiracy of bats!”

In Batgirl. Volume 2, To the death by  Kelley Puckett  Cassandra Gordon faces Lady Shiva for a rematch after the restoration of her powers one year before.

Spider-Gwen. Vol. 0, Most wanted? By Jason Latour tells the story of Gwen Stacy, who is Spider-Woman, as she faces her foes one at a time. This is a fun story perfect for Batgirl Fans because it is action packed and expertly drawn.

Silk. Vol. 0, The life and times of Cindy Moon by writer Robbie Thompson tells the tale of Cindy Moon. Silk was bitten by a radioactive spider like Spider-Man. Now Silk is a crime fighter in New York City. Silk is fun and action-packed similar to Batgirl.


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