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Celebrating the 2016 Olympics in Rio


Rio De Janeiro , Cidade Maravilhosa ,is welcoming thousands of athletes and spectators from around the globe. To celebrate the Olympic Games in Rio, Mid-Manhattan Library created a number of book and picture displays on subjects relating to the history and politics of the Olympic Games. The following book list includes titles from our displays, located on the third and fifth floors of Mid-Manhattan Library.

In addition to our Olympic Reading display on the third floor, Elena Kilinsky and Jay Vissers created an Olympic-themed exhibition of images from Mid-Manhattan's Picture Collection.

While we encourage everyone to stop by the book displays at Mid-Manhattan, we want to also remind our readers that a number of the titles on these lists are available in e-book format. For instructions on how to use our new SimplyE app, see this step-by step guide.

Olympic Games: Past and Present

 a global history of the Olympics
 a political history of the Olympics
Munich 1972
Chasing Water
Olympic turnaround
ancient olympics

Munich 1972: Tragedy, Terror, And Triumph At The Olympic Games by David Clay Large
Comprehensive history of the 1972 games, notorious for the abduction of Israeli athletes.

Chasing Water: Elegy Of An Olympian by Anthony Ervin and Constantine Markides
A perfect book for understanding the psyche of the athlete. Written by a team of a celebrated Olympic swimmer and his trainer, this candid account of struggles to overcome the effects of reckless choices will inspire and entertain.

The Games: A Global History Of The Olympics by David Goldblatt
Sportswriter David Goldblatt traces the history of the Olympics through the years of national triumphs and tragedies, personal victories and disappointments.

Power Games: A Political History Of The Olympics by Jules Boykoff
A former US Olympic Team member discusses the checkered political history of the modern Olympic Games.

Brazil's Dance With The Devil: The World Cup, The Olympics, And The Fight For Democracy by Dave Zirin
Sportswriter Dave Zirin examines the World Cup and the Olympics.

Berlin Games: How The Nazis Stole The Olympic Dream by Guy Walters
Berlin Games is a fascinating narrative history of the two fateful weeks in 1936.

Olympic Dreams: China And Sports, 1895-2008 by Xu Guoqi
This highly informative book is attempting to trace the history of Chinese ambitions to produce Olympic winners. Xu Guogi is clearly demonstrating that in China sports is inseparable from ideology. This scholarly book received academic excellence award from Chinese Historians in the United States and was chosen as the best book of 2008 by International Society of Olympic Historians

Olympic Turnaround: How The Olympic Games Stepped Back From The Brink Of Extinction To Become The World's Bet Known Brand by Michael Payne
Michael Payne describes the revival of the Olympic Games movement in the 1980s.

The Ancient Olympics by Nigel Spivey
This brief and pithy volume can answer all your questions about the origins, customs and politics of the original games.

Our fifth floor display contains a large selection of books celebrating rich cultural heritage of Brazil. The books listed in this blog include a number of titles on display.


Brazilain Sound
Michael Palin Brazil
Brazilian Food
Hotel Brazil

Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, And Hope In An American Country by Alex Cuadros
While covering the lifestyles of rich and famous, Alex Guadros was perfectly positioned to document the lives of Brazil's elites. In his book he is introducing us to the Brazilian way of doing business and enjoying life sem limites.

Favela: Four Decades Of Living On The Edge In Rio De Janeiro by Janice Perlman
Approximately 20% of Rio's population resides in 1,020 favelas. Favelas, unauthorized squatter settlements, are ubiquitous in Brazil. It is currently fashionable to glamorize favelas. Janice Perlman's book is a warning against such trends. For the past forty years, she has traced the pernicious affects of violence and drug trade on favela residents.

Rio: Beyond the Map
Step inside the world of Rio's favelas with Google. You will meet an accomplished ballet dancer, a determined student who is now computer programmer and a homeless surf instructor.

Brazilian Food by by Thiago Castnho and Luciana Bianci
Two chefs explore the rich regional cooking of Brazil. This book contains over a hundred recipes and colorful pictures, shot on location.

Rio by Marc Ferrez
A collaborative effort of two photographers, this book showcases two very different artistic perceptions of the city.

The Brazilian Sound: Samba, Bossa Nova, And The Popular Music Of Brazil by Chris McGowand and Ricardo Pessanha
Comprehensive history of popular music in Brazil.

Anaconda Choke by Jeremy Brown
Woodshed Wallace is in Rio to participate in Banzai Eddie Takanori’s first international Warrior Inc. event. While human opponents do not frighten him, fighting Exu, the highly diabolical spirit of lust, vice and crime, is not on his agenda.

Brazil by Michael Palin
Michael Palin traveled from Amazonia to São Paulo, with stops in otherworldly Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and colorful Belem in the northeast. An excellent introduction to the diverse regional enclaves, with wonderful photography by Basil Pao.

Brazil: The Fortunes Of War: World War II and the Making of Modern Brazil by Neill Lochery
This well-researched work sheds light on the origins of the strategic and diplomatic decisions of Brazil and the regime of Getúlio Vargas.

Hotel Brasil: The Mystery Of The Severed Heads by Frei Betto
The first English translation of Frei Betto's work, this police procedural is set in a family-run hotel in Rio.

Blood-Drenched Beard by Daniel Galera
The author of this highly memorable novel is a highly acclaimed young Brazilian novelist. The unnamed young protagonist is suffering from a rare neurological disorder. His is unable to recall faces, including his own, and those of his family members. After his father's suicide and his grandfather's mysterious disappearance, he settles in a peaceful fishing village. Part mystery, part existential meditation on one's fate and identity, this novel was awarded the 2013 San Paulo Literature Prize.

El Invasor by Marçal Aquino
The works of this prolific and popular Brazilian writer are yet to be translated into English. He receives my prize for the most lyrical and sensual title of a novel: Eu Receberia as Piores Notícias dos seus Lindos Lábios. Mid-Manhattan has one copy of a Spanish translation of his novel.


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