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A Very Experimental Father's Day

Victor was born into a family that believed in a STEM education. All through elementary and middle school he was a good student. Now in college he was a great student, but like all young men craved his father's approval.

Upon submitting his thesis on his theory of regeneration of cells, he slowly walked across the campus, thinking this would gain his father’s approval. As he walked he noticed dark clouds forming overhead. It had just started to rain as he made it back to his dorm room. He wouldn’t hear from the committee for some time. Approaching the door to his room he thought he heard voices coming from inside. Opening the door he realized it  was only the wind, he had left his window open. Moving to close it just then a flash of light crossed the sky and as with lightning then came the thunder.

When he turned he noticed a note had been slipped under his door. He rushed to open it finding no one there, not even in the hallway. His dorm mates liked to play tricks on him, and this might just be another one. He, like the other young men who attended this campus of higher learning were all legacies of their fathers. But unlike the other fathers who took their STEM education to better all of humankind, his father went in a different direction. He opened the envelope and read it.

Your father has died please come home to claim your estate before it is taken from you.

Forty-eight hours later he stood in a laboratory, off to the side was a small library. All of this once belonged to his father. He pulled himself from his thoughts as he had company in his sitting room.

Opening the door to the room a gentleman stood, his hand outstretched as the two men approached each other.

Scenes from Frankenstein. Image ID: psnypl_the_5490

“Dr. Frankenstein, I presume?”

“Yes, yes I am, but my friends call me Victor.”

June 16 will mark the 200th anniversary of the writing of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein.

Many people refer to the creation that was made as Frankenstein, but the creature has no name.

He is Frankenstein’s monster.

Happy Father’s Day and check out more about Frankenstein and his monster told through books, graphic novels and DVDs.


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