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Put a Hold On It: Reserving the Latest DVDs

The New York Public Library has a vast collection of DVDs that everyone from movie buffs to families can enjoy. Even though the NYPL catalog has a new format—currently without the "Recently Ordered" section displayed, I would like to the share my first #libraryhack with you: how to find the most recently ordered DVDs in the catalog and reserve your copy.

Step 1. Choose the advanced search box and enter your search criteria.

Select "DVD" for the Keyword and "2016 to 2016" for the Year. For the Format option choose "DVD." If you are looking for movies in a specific langauge you may select one of the options next to Language as well.

Advanced Search


If you are using the Basic Search function, your search will look like this:

(DVD) f:v y:[2016-2016]

Step 2. Sort Your Results

Once you are given a results screen, choose the option "Sort by" and Choose "Date." This will put the most recently ordered movies first in your results list.

Sort by Date

Step 3. Browse and reserve

Most of the items displayed on this page will be the most recently ordered DVDs. You may choose to sort your results differently or simply browse through all of the results.

Browse the Latest DVDs

Once you find a movie that you would like to watch, simply click Place Hold, enter your login information, and choose the branch most convenient for you to pick up your items at. You will be notified when your movie has arrived.

Place Holds

Don't know what to watch? Check out NYPL's Recommendations and Tweet Wall and see what we're reading, watching, and talking about. Stay tuned for upcoming #libraryhacks.


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Very nice post! It's simple

Very nice post! It's simple and concise, should be easy for most people to use. Thanks!

a conversation with a

a conversation with a colleague just reminded me, you can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard keyword search for any title, and then select whatever format you are interested in in advanced search.

Wildcard searches

Thanks for the helpful tip!

nice, but...

when will the web team restore the Explore tab, will be almost a year pretty soon

not sure this works

after you sort results by "date," as you scroll through, the On Orders become intermingled with the Availables and Not Availables - while the much-missed EXPLORE tab had similar issues, it was so much easier to use (one-stop shopping); lastly, what exactly is the "date" that is used when Results are sorted? is that an internal processing date within NYPL systems? and while we're at it, is it correct that the copyright date on a dvd has no relation to the "Publish" date that NYPL uses? thanks

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