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Stuck In a Small Business Rut?


The Magic of Groundhog DayWe’ve all been there… day in, day out, same thing, we’re tired physically and emotionally. It’s no longer fulfilling. We wonder where our initial passion for our business went, and whether we are doing the right thing.

Help! How do we get out of this rut?

Paul Hannam is the author of The Magic of Groundhog Day, a book based on the 1993 film Groundhog Day (trailer) starring Bill Murray. In the movie, Phil Connors (Murray) is a TV weatherman who somehow gets stuck in a time warp, and is forced to live the same day over and over.

Our habits are the reasons why we relive the same things over and over in our real lives, and this analogy is what makes the book an easy but powerful read. This is what the author calls the Groundhog Effect: the conditioning that keeps us stuck.

The book provides guidance to break patterns or habits that are no longer helpful so that we can find the fulfillment that fuels our lives. Especially for us, small business owners, we wear so many hats that occasionally we need to stop and remember to breathe. Setting priorities will enable us to take care of our health, security and well-being as well as that our families and employees.

In a nutshell, Hannam states that we are creatures of habit. We have developed certain patterns of behavior and reaction that may have served us in the past, but in the present are no longer helpful.  The first step is to recognize them. Once we are aware of how we are conditioned to act, we can break free and begin to make true changes.

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