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17 Things We Wish Had Happened in Harry Potter


​No literary character in recent memory has captured readers’ imaginations quite like Harry Potter.

And, in the age of the Internet, that means that everyone’s favorite boy wizard sparked millions of new stories online... stories that J.K. Rowling never put in her books, but that came from passionate fans all over the world.

Fan fiction gives readers a way to dream up new narratives, imagine different pasts and futures, and put their favorite characters into alternative universes—while still honoring the original text and author. It’s a show of enthusiasm for books; it’s an exercise in creativity; it’s an expression of love, really. (And it often veers into very adult territory... we're keeping it G-rated here.)

So, in honor of the 17th anniversary of the U.S. publication of Harry Potter, we present 17 fun, fantastical moments from Harry Potter fanfic.

Note: Millions of Harry Potter fics exist on the Internet; this list pulls from only two prominent sites, Archive of Our Own and, and one author who goes by "The Phantom Librarian." All content belongs to the writers. And we're linking to stories outside the Library’s own content, so read at your own risk!

  1. Harry Potter has a secret twin brother.
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  3. A non-magical kid (like us) gets to go to Hogwarts.
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  5. We feel empathetic toward Severus Snape.
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  7. Cho Chang comes into her own.
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  9. We get to hang out in the Hogwarts library (!!).
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  11. Prof. McGonagall finally gets a vacation.
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  13. We get to know each character’s final words.
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  15. Harry gets sorted into Slytherin instead of Griffindor.
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  17. We get to see Harry’s job application when he wants to become an auror.
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  19. Two generations of Weasley women talk about having a family.
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  21. Harry refuses to go back to Privet Drive for the summer.
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  23. We learn the details of Dumbledore's most important duel.
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  25. Sirius and Tonks waltz.
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  27. Teddy Lupin stays over at his Uncle Harry's house and reads Percy Jackson.
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  29. Harry meets Anakin Skywalker.
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  31. Sherlock goes to Hogwarts.
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  33. And, finally, Dobby the house elf raises baby Draco Malfoy.
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I wanted Dudley's child to be

I wanted Dudley's child to be a wizard. Dudley is Lily Potter's nephew and magic runs families.


Great idea!

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