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Across A Crowded Room: 2015 Edition


After the wildly successful 2013 edition of Across A Crowded Room, we are about to launch a second edition that is more exciting than ever before.

If you are a musical theater...

  •  ...composer longing for lyrics, 
  • ...lyricist looking for a composer,
  • ...bookwriter browsing for scores,
  • ...singer searching for new songs

(or any combination of the above) then this is the event for you! Last year teams of complete strangers teamed up to write mini-musical theater scenes that they presented for Lisa Lambert, Thomas Meehan, and Joshua Schmidt.  

This year, we will offer a full summer seminar on musical theater writing with seminars by masters of the art including:

Lynn Ahrens on Lyrics: Saturday, June 13 from 10 am - 12 Noon

Thomas Meehan on Bookwriting: Saturday, June 27 from 10 am - 12 Noon

Jason Robert Brown on Composition: Saturday, July 11 from 10 am - 12 Noon

Participants will write a 20 minute musical that will be presented in the Bruno Walter auditorium at Lincoln Center on August 29 (yes, you can have a show presented at Lincoln Center!) 

We will begin with a mixer on May 16 from 10 am - 12 noon that will help you find the collaborators you need.  


Please note that participants will be expected to attend all five events. You may also want to link to a sample of your work (on YouTube, Google Drive, SoundCloud, whatever) in the comments section below so that potential collaborators can be on the look out for you.

For inspiration, here are three of the songs performed at the 2013 event:

Should've Known Better (Music: Rachel Evans / Lyrics: David Brush / Vocals: Erin Martinez) Girls My Age (Music By Jonathon Lynch, Lyrics by Nathan Brisby, Vocals by Stephanie Eve Parker)

The Game Must Change (Music and Vocals By Sidsel Ben Semmane, Lyrics by Nathan Brisby ad Sidsel Ben Semmane)


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A sample of my lyrics

To watch a video of one of my songs, go to The Jersey Shore Song: Sing Me Clementine - YouTube. Or on Spotify enter Jeanie Stahl and find "I Do for You, You Do for Me." I have lots of lyrics begging for music. Check out these songs, and look for me on May 16th if they call to you.

Lauren Gundrum's lyrics

Hi! I'm sharing a link to a song cycle I'm working on - it's called "Things to Conquer" and explores various challenges and emotions people experience - from bullying, to marathon running, to musical auditions, to job stress, and some more! I am primarily a lyricist - I also write piano accompaniments for my lyrics, but am really looking forward to meeting other composers, as well as book writers, to work with. Please feel free to reach out (email: if you like what you hear and want to chat! SoundCloud:

Harriet Reisen's Songs, links to 3

1) funny "Chocolate Is It" 2) nostalgic video The Jersey Shore Song: Sing Me Clementine - YouTube. 3) ballad "I Do for You, You Do for Me." on Spotify enter Jeanie Stahl. I have many lyrics crying out for music! Reach me at


AMDA Musical Showcase "Don't Laugh" by Stephen Sondheim

I want to participate in the seminar

Hello! I am a musical theatre student at AMDA. I am from Argentina and I would love to attend the seminar! I am a singer but I started to write music and I would really appreciate this experience.


hello, I am a musical theatre student at AMDA and I have heard great things about this session. I am a singer and I was wondering if I could participate in this session. Thanks so much. John


Hello! I'm a singer-actress-dancer NYC-based and I'd love to be part of this amazing and unique opportunity! Here's a cover of Let Yourself Go from All Shook Up. Much love, Paloma.
Composer/Lyricist looking for Bookwriters, and Singers and other Lyricists for future projects check out for a bunch of performances of my work. I will be attending the mixer

I'm in!

Sounds good Peter...looking forward to an amazing time and collaboration!

Peter Saxe is an amazing

Peter Saxe is an amazing composer/lyricist! With fun tunes and clever lyrics that tell beautiful and relatable stories, Peter gives a voice to the "Average Joe" characters in a lighthearted and sometimes tender way. I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Peter for over a year now performing his pieces and singing in his concert "Saxe and the City" and I can't praise him enough.


I'm very excited about this project. I have an extensive list of songs in development and you can currently find my most recent contemporary musical theatre song on SoundCloud "I'm Ready To Fly" I'm interested in collaborating with book writers and singers! Also, possibly other composer/lyricists. Thinking of you Harriet Reisen and Lauren Gundrum. Maybe Peter Saxe as well, if you're up to it. This seems like an amazing opportunity. I can't wait!

Lyricist (and sometimes book writer) looking for a composer

I'm a lyricist (and sometimes a book writer) looking for a composer to work with (or a book writer, too, depending on the project). I'm the most technically un-savy young guy I know, but at the mixer, I plan on reading a lyric or two. I've written and studied music in the past, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm better with words than notes. However, I do have some compositional knowledge if that's of any benefit to you composers out there. See you all at the mixer!

Lyricist looking for a composer, II

I'm a lyricist looking for a composer. My lyrics rhyme and scan, and I'm comfortable in comedy. Like the producer in Merrily We Roll Along, I like a tune you can hum. I hope to find kindred spirits on the 16th!
Hey, I'm a composer and lyricist looking for bookwriters for current and/or future projects, as well as to get to know more performers (particularly character actors) for my material. Check out my work on:

Thank you, Doug Reside, for yesterday's mixer

I got together with Anna Grace Carter and Eric Grunin, to work on a show about Emma Edmonds, who in the Civil War was a nurse and a spy in the Union army - under a male identity. A great story, and a rich subject.

Bari-tenor Character Actor ISO new pieces for performance!

I am a character actor with a talent for voice impersonation and creating/maintaining diverse characters, each with their own personalities and sets of mannerisms. I am looking for new pieces of music for auditions, performances, and recordings. Please contact me if you might have work you would be willing to share. I look forward to hearing back. Thank you! Christopher Michaels

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