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What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey... The Movie


By the time you have read this blog post, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie will have been released in theaters.  Like many other viewers,  I enjoyed the film and it surpassed my expectations. 

That being said, if you liked the book, the movie should be just as enjoyable.  It left out some apparent plot issues and focused more on building on the intense connection between the two main characters of the book, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.  And yes, the next two parts of this trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed will also be made into movies.

With that comes a well expected surge of interest in like-minded books and movies—that capture the similar essence, theme and 'feel' of FSOG.  

This post has you covered. If you want to find more materials post FSOG: The Movie, here are some personal recommendations... 




Untouched by Lilly Wilde
Aria Cason appears to have the perfect life; an amazing career with Raine Publishing House, a cushy condo, and an awesome best friend. Her unwavering dedication to her career has left little room for a personal life, which is actually her preference.

The moment her eyes lock with the gorgeous green eyes of her new intern, Aiden Wyatt… that all changes. Aiden is gorgeous, intelligent, confident and most importantly, he possesses that something that tempts Aria to forget all of her rules. His attraction to her is immediate and intense. Aria stubbornly fights the pull she has toward Aiden. Eventually, Aiden pushes the envelope and decides that abstaining from her is no longer an option. The explosion of desire and fulfillment that follow are like none Aria has ever experienced.

They eventually agree to an arrangement that ultimately yields a lively, fervent relationship. In the process, Aiden breaks down Aria’s compartmentalized way of living, forcing her to confront emotions and feelings she had vowed to never embrace.

Secrets eventually surface that threaten to destroy their union. Will those secrets destroy them as a couple? You've got to read this to find out..


Beyond the Velvet Rope Cover

Beyond the Velvet Rope by Tiffany Ashley
Thandie is a publicist relocating to Miami to help promote a renovated Miami club as a favor for a friend. Once she meets the owner, Elliott...Thandie realizes she may be in over her head. Elliott is 100% alpha male. Gorgeous, intelligent, articulate... and arrogant. He is confident to the max and had his share of women. Thandie is a challenge to him, as she attempts to thwart his advances. Eventually she acquiesces, as he has gradually wears down her defenses. Their torrid love affair begins and a convoluted web of deceit and half truths are being weaved, threatening to end it all.   

Another recommended title by this author is Love Script.

Beautiful Bastard Cover Image




Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
This is the first installment of the 'Beautiful' series by Christina Lauren. Bennett Ryan is a personification of the world's worst boss.  Authoritative to the hilt, impatient, sarcastic, his employees fear him and his wrath. Except Chloe Mills. As his intern/receptionist, she takes his ire head-on, trying not to let him see her sweat.  Their families are mutual friends, so it would only seem natural that they would become amicable. What most don't know, is that they have an immediate, fiery connection that initally starts in secret. As they try to hide it from family and friends, . it eventually becomes public and they attempt to pick up the pieces. It's quite an adventure to read...

The other books in this series include (in sequential order) Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Bitch,  Beautiful Bombshell, Beautiful Player and Beautiful Beginning. 



Alpha Cover Art

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder
Kyrie is a struggling student. Her mom is grappling with mental illness...she helps put her little brother thru boarding school and she barely keeps a roof over her head. Her hard luck story gets a unexpected twist. An unexpected financial windfall comes to her in the form of a 10,000 check. Hesitant to use it at first, she relents. However the sender is unknown to her, at first. Eventually that sender reveals himself to Kyrie, but as a voice. She must wear a blindfold when she is around him, and rely on her other senses to interact with him.  One of the conditions of her 'repayment' is to be with him in any way he wants. And that is where things get interesting... and intense. 

There is a sequel to this title, Beta, for the follow up to this storyline.




Bared to You

Bared to You by Sylvia Day
This title is the first in a series of books showing the start and maturation of the complicated love story between billionaire magnate Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell, a recent college grad. She happens to work as an administrative assistant for a advertising agency, housed in the Crossfire building, which Gideon owns. After a brief encounter in the Crossfire lobby, a passionate romance ensues. Their constant struggle for control, privacy and testin g each other's limits brings dark secrets from each other's pasts to the surface—and threatens their union.

The other titles in the Crossfire series are Reflected in You, Entwined with You and Captivated by You.



These are just a sampling of FSOG-like materials available within the New York Public Library. If the titles you want are not available on the shelf, they can be placed on reserve for you with a library card.  Check out what we have to offer!



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