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Time Machine: Interstitial Moment, Real News for Time Travelers


With all of my past allusions to time travel, the fictional trope, I thought it was time that I accounted for my flippancy with some hard time travel news. Who wouldn't want a time machine?   Just over 90 percent of Americans polled in a Pew Research study, U.S Views of Technology and the Future, neglected to offer time travel as a desirable future technology. The past is prologue and perhaps painful.  Those of us with true loves, vocations, or any true path might worry about jeopardizing the awkward journeys that led to them.  

Tired of time travel? The Atlantic  isn’t.  In January their blog reported on physicists in Michigan who searched social media for evidence of time travelers.  The physicists looked for posts that suggested a perspective or knowledge acquired from the future.  You can read the details here. No time travelers were found; we are hiding in plain sight.  For extra credit here is a review of the movie Hot Tub Time Machine by our former mayor, Ed Koch. In my next post I will look at stolen time and the surreptitious splicers who secretly filmed ballet.


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Time Travel

Did you really time travel?

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