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Booktalking "Disabled Dogs" by Meish Goldish


Dogs who are missing their front legs can learn to walk on their hind legs. One such dog is Faith, who was taught to walk on her hind legs through her love of peanut butter. Faith visits hospitals and military bases as a therapy dog. She was actually made an honorary sergeant for lifting the spirits of disabled war veterans.

A blind Australian shepherd named Echo learned to jump through hoops. A blind Chihuahua, Diego, is helped by his pug friends, Kona and Buddy Nixon. A bell on Buddy Nixon's collar helps Diego locate his friend. Some blind dogs wear sunglasses to protect their eyes, and owners should keep the furniture in their houses in the same locations so that the dogs does not run into it.

A deaf Australian cattle dog, Angelyne, jumps through hoops. His handler taught him to respond to hand signals. He works as a therapy dog visiting kids in schools for the deaf and hearing impaired. Vibrating collars are used on some deaf dogs so that people can get their attention. 

Kodi is a Great Pyrenees who uses a wheelchair. Wheelchairs for dogs missing front or hind legs are available, and they are usable on many surfaces, including grass and snow.

Booties can be utilized for dogs who are missing paws.

These dogs are amazing, they are able to lead full and productive lives, and many of them help people who have similar disabilities.

Disabled Dogs by Meish Goldish, 2013

I was inspired to search for books about animals with disabilities after watching a PBS TV show called "My Bionic Pet." It featured a dog, llama, and pony with prosthetic limbs, and a pig with a wheelchair. Apparently, the animals adjust surprisingly quickly to their artificial limbs and wheelchairs. 


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