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Booktalking "Unremembered" by Jessica Brody

Violet or Seraphina... who knows? A 16-year-old purple-eyed girl supposedly is the sole survivor of a plane crash. Unfortunately, she does not remember anything of her past, who she is, what she likes to do, or even how to accomplish daily living tasks. Luckily, she is placed with an understanding foster family. Mother Heather and 13-year-old brother Cody do what they can to make her feel comfortable, and they teach her about the basics of life in the 21st Century such as grocery shopping and cell phones. 

Freedom Airlines Flight 121 departed from the LA airport. Perhaps going there will serve to alleviate the mystery of the girl's life.  She is willing to try anything to get some basic information and to recover her memories. She is able to discover a few things about herself: S + Z = 1609 is an equation that is inscribed on her locket. She also appears to have superhuman strength; she is able to knock doors off of the hinges.

A boy called Lyzender keeps popping into her life. He keeps mentioning the Diotech company, which she knows little about. Running to her past, talking with Cody and Zen, the violet-eyed girl craves knowledge of her life lived.  

Unremembered by Jessica Brody, 2013

This author did a dynamite presentation of this book at the NYC Teen Author Festival, which galvanized me to read it. However, I do not think that robots eat grilled cheese sandwiches. I am not much of a Sci-Fi reader, but this book reminded me of the Bicentennial Man movie, starring Robin Williams.


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