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Booktalking "Kaiulani: the People's Princess" by Ellen White


As a royal teenager in Hawaii in 1889, Princess Victoria Kaiulani enjoyed fine foods and gifts. She luxuriated in fine clothes, peacocks, and she enjoyed cantering on her pony, Fairy. She loved to ride when something was bothering her and feel the breeze on her face. All of the servants were attentive to her needs, and she was required to call one when she dropped a pen since it was unbecoming of a princess to stoop. She loved Hawaii.

However, in 1889, she was shipped off to England to further her education. There, she studied all things, including French, German, English, dancing, singing, painting, and "deportment lessons." She was very amused by the instruction in etiquette, and her instructor's exasperated response to her attempt to walk "gracefully." The princess is delighted by life, and she has a very positive attitude.

She had an opportunity to travel in Scotland, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and she visited the island of St. Martyn.

Unfortunately, there are many early deaths in her family in the islands of Hawaii, and Victoria grew thin because she ate less. The princess also developed migraine headaches. She dearly missed her beloved Hawaii.

Upon her return to the United States, she visited the White House, where she was entertained and dazzled by Mrs. Cleveland.

Kaiulani: the People's Princess by Ellen White, 2001

I was surprised that Hawaii was annexed to the United States in 1889, and it became the US's fiftieth state in 1959. Victoria Kaiulani is an actual historical figure. The diaries that were presented ran from January 5, 1889 to March 22, 1893.


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