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Beatles Overload? 5 Beatlesque Bands You Should Hear


You can't help it, you are just so jazzed that it is The Beatles' 50th Anniversary of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show that you've grown your moptop, dusted off your Hofner Bass and even broke out your copy of The Rutles.

You have assuredly already been to NYPL's excellent exhibit Ladies and Gentleman...The Beatles! at the Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center four times and have two more trips planned. You even caught a battle between The Beatles celebrity fans and Stones diehards but with the exhibit ending May 10th you are wondering what you will do next?

The Beatles

While madness for the Fab Four is completely justified this post is to help you branch out into other acts who have been directly inspired by the lads from Liverpool.

Safe to say every pop band that has come after The Beatles were influenced by them somehow, but these five acts have direct lineage. We stayed away from some obvious choices like Oasis or friendly rivals The Beach Boys because four of the five below are still playing today, having each released new music in 2013 and toured to support it. The fifth just had some high profile press and even played a surprise show.

Each exhibit Beatles style with their own distinct flair, exploring music the way The Beatles did a few generations ago:

The Flaming Lips

The Beatles solidified their status as all-time great artists, as opposed to merely the planets biggest rock stars, when they changed course mid-career and released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Their late career has been an obvious direct influence on the fearless freak rocking Flaming Lips who stunningly incorporate beauty and weirdness into their music. 2014 is going to be a big year in Flaming Lips and Beatles tie ins as the Lips already covered the Beatles to kick off the year, offered a free download of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and plan to re-record the full Sgt Peppers Disk with some friends. 2014 is a great time for Beatles fans to dig into The Flaming Lips.   

Dr. Dog

One of the best bands carrying on The Beatles tradition today are the fellows from Philly called Dr. Dog. We did a full post on them here if you are more interested in their style but safe to say, their duel front-men/songwriting/singing style is right in line with Lennon and McCartney's. Their harmonies are gorgeous, their sound production lush and a retro vibe is palpable. Unlike the Fab Four they are never afraid to perform, currently touring in fine form. (another group from that series that should be mentioned with 2 strong front-men/songwriters are The Raconteurs who we also wrote about, this list just jumped to 6 Bands!)

Arctic Monkeys

The only English band to grace this list, the group started out as acclaimed pub/punk rockers but have steadily evolved, releasing one of the best albums of 2013 while growing into an arena headlining act around the world and recently right here in NYC. The group has long proclaimed their admiration for the Beatles siting Lennon's lyrics as an influence. The 4 piece also showed off some high profile musical love covering "Come Together" for the London Olympics and "All My Loving" at their recent MSG headlining gig to commemorate the elders Ed Sullivan appearance. A young group who continue to prove The Beatles influence is everywhere including close to their original home.   

The Pixies

From the youngest group on this list to the oldest, this foursome from Boston came to fame in the late '80s on the perfected formula of LOUD/quiet/LOUD rock that would be labeled "alternative". The Pixies were beloved on college radio and developed a cult following reaching a peak with the 1989's Doolittle. The album is considered a masterpiece and during the time of its recording, main songwriter Black Francis was listening heavily to The Beatles (aka The White Album). The group's internal conflict is legendary; also something they have in common with the lads. Recording some of the most influential music of the era they (and The Beatles) had a direct influence on the last and most well-known band on this list...


When Nirvana changed the face of popular music with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in 1991 "I Want To Hold Your Hand" may not have been forefront on every ones mind. Moptops and suits were traded in for unwashed, even longer hair and flannels but The Beatles were a huge part of Nirvana's make up as a band and particularly on Kurt Cobain as a songwriter. Dave Grohl recently talked about it, it can be seen in their classic "In Bloom" video and one of the groups best early songs "About A Girl" came about after Cobain spent a full afternoon listening to Meet The Beatles! Take away the feedback noise and stage dives and you find a band whose tied together with the Fab Four via influence, songwriting and spirit. Recently added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nirvana now resides next to one of their main influences.  

This is just a starter list as we mentioned almost every band that came after them owes some debt to The Beatles. Enjoy their tunes and also enjoy what they inspired. If you have other bands that deserve a mention, feel free to share them in the comments. 


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Great post! Far more than

Great post! Far more than influencing any number of bands, The Beatles redefined a genre. They moved beyond the singles format and made albums interesting. They brought innovation into every venture they explored. I do wish we had more record of their live performances and that they didn't give it up as early as they did. The exhibition at LPA is a must see. Interactive and informative, it's one of the best that the library has offered in years.

There are so many groups that

There are so many groups that were influenced by the Beatles, here's suggestions for records that I think really do sound like the Beatles, but that are still excellent for it, Flaming Groovies: Shake Some Action, The Merry-Go-Round: Live; any Bee Gees LP, from Idea to Trafalgar; The Iveys (aka Badfinger): Maybe Tomorrow; in fact most Badfinger LPs; The Remains, s/t. Perhaps the most like The Beatles is The Aerovons, on their 1969 LP Resurrection.

New York Public Library has

New York Public Library has The Aerovons Resurrection LP, by the way!

And of course, NYPL has more!

And of course, NYPL has more! The Remains: s/t The Flaming Groovies Badfinger : No Dice

Since you asked... let me

Since you asked... let me take this opportunity to say how much I love Jim Noir. We don't have any of his records in the catalog right now, but you could try searching Freegal for his Beatlesque (Beach Boysesque Kinksesque) psychedelic electro pop.

Another Beatlesque band...

A band my son introduced me to, is distinctly Beatlesque: Tame Impala, album "Lonerism." Has a definite sound of Beatles in their psychedelic period...

Don't forget The Aerovons

Under the radar but definitely should be on the list!

more beatlesque music

Daffodil Daydream "their Beatlesque playing and harmonies could remind one of St. Peppers, MMT, and a bit of the White album"rateyourmusic...check it out...

Guster and Radiohead are both

Guster and Radiohead are both top-notch, highly prolific bands that many Beatles fans should be able to appreciate.

godawful list...

Nirvana-Beatles...really? Ever heard a great mid-western band named, "Cheap Trick"?

Beatlesque 2016

The 2016 Beatlesque sound belongs to CUPID'S CARNIVAL with their new album 'Everything Is Love'. Described by Absolute PowerPop USA as the best Beatlesque album of 2016. Amazing!

The Most Beatlesque Band I've Ever Heard

All songs are fairly new and are spot on to the Beatles style "The Weeklings"

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