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Pic Pick: Francis Martin Creation Station Has Artsy Picture Books for Children

Images from our mini Art Gallery wall, composed by a few collages from the Creation Station: Romare Bearden Edition
​ It's a tad embarrassing to admit but I am a bit of an art snob. I remember being undergraduate and taking an Art in Elementary Education course in which we were assigned to make masks with children using paper plates and crayons. I remember thinking Ugh, Why does everything have to be so "crafty". I love art but I don't consider myself a "crafty" person. I prefer the William Morris type of Arts and Crafts. Granted after a couple of years of creating art projects at the library, the crayons and plates made sense. Budgets are always tight and we don't always have money for art supplies—people have no idea what kind of magic librarians often have to do (and yes, I take art supply donations).
Abstract collage inspired by Romare Bearden made by Destiny, Age 9.

In my efforts to rebel against the paper plate and crayon phenomena I created the kids art program "Creation Station". Every other Tuesday I pick a modern/contemporary visual artist and order some of the library's extensive monographs on that particular artist. For Black History Month, both artists were African American (Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence), for Women's History Month both artists were women (Frida Kahlo and Elizabeth Murray) and so on. The children are introduced to the work and encouraged to create works of their own using a similar style. While searching for titles, I realized that there are many children's books that tell the lives of artists and pair wonderfully with monographs found in our adult collections. So with a little searching I composed a short list of picture books for Ages 5-10.

Various Artist Ages 6 and Up (All found in Children's Collection)

Get Into Art: Animals
by Susie Brooks

This book is the go-to for young children, not only does this book include an introduction to artist ranging from George Braque to Andy Warhol, but it comes along mini art lessons that are simple to do at home or the library. In last Tuesday's Creation Station: Andy Warhol, we created prints based on the stencils taught in this book, scroll down to see them!

An Eye for Art: Focusing on Great Artists and Their Work
by National Gallery of Art (U.S.)

A collection of classic renaissance art to the beginning of modern art that comes filled with activities that help your child think about art.



13 Artists Children Should Know (Series of books)

Written by Various Authors, the 13 Artists... books are a great introduction to artists, their lives and artistic thought process.

13 Art Techniques Children Should Know
by Angela Wenzel

Children will learn about the difference between collage and assemblage and prints in contrast to paintings.

Children's Books Based on Romare Bearden

My Hands Sing the Blues by Jeanne Walker Harvey Ages 6 and Up
A picture book that discusses the life and inspiration of Romare Bearden

Me and Uncle Romie by Claire Hartfield Ages 4 and Up
A book that details the life of Romare Bearden through the eyes a of a young boy from North Carolina

Romare Bearden: The Caribbean Dimension by Sally Price Ages 10 and Up

But it can be adapted to younger audiences. After all, art is for everyone.

Children's Books Based on Andy Warhol



Andy Warhol: Pop Art Painter
by Susan Goldman Rubin

Fabulous! A Portrait of Andy Warhol
by Bonnie Christensen

Picture Books of Contemporary Artists and other Remarkable Artists

Some of the Artwork Created in this week's Creation Station: Andy Warhol. We used the project from the book mentioned above titled Get Into Art .


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