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Writers' Club@Columbus: On War


I found TransAtlantic by Colum McCann to be a good read and an impressively written book. The Writers' Club@Columbus examined a section beginning on page 155 that described war and its horrors—here's a paragraph of it.

"She stood at the window. It was her one hundred and twenty-eighth day of watching men die. They came down the road in wagons pulled by horses. She had never seen such a bath of killing before. Even the horses seemed incredulous. Kicking up dust behind them. Their eyes huge and sad. The wheels screeched. The line of wagons stretched down the path, into the trees. The trees themselves stretched off into the war."

Using Colum McCann’s descriptive approach as a model, we thought of war and writing and tried to inject ourselves into the scene.

The ground beneath my feet was trembling with the multiple gun shots that came from the soldiers outside of the red tent. It was the second week here, and I was sure, deep inside that I made a horrible choice coming here. It was not time to regret it now. The ear piercing scream of the soldier lying on the bed brought me to reality. I quickly grabbed some bandages to cover his wounds and some alcohol to clean them. This was a rough job, I knew. But I signed my sentence coming here in the first place.
—Elianny Moronta

The war takes
violent pride
it takes a
people as one
then divides
and like a single
celled organism
—Lenny Collado

Peoples’ dead bodies around me, many of them missing different parts like arms, legs and heads that are everywhere... The beautiful environment that this place used to be is now a perfect example of what we are doing to ourselves just for a little bit of money or a few drops of black gold...
—Diana Uriarte

Here's a collective poem we wrote now edited.

Government Sponsored

dead bodies
and legs
and heads.

“Johnny, get your ass up!
They’re firing
at us.
You with me?
We’re getting
through this.”

our feet
panicked soldiers
red soaked,

rising smoke,
choking tastes,
& bones
buried in dirt
& eyes open,

this beautiful place
used to be.
What are we doing
to ourselves?
For Just a little bit of money,
a few drops of black gold,
the perfect example,

war takes
violent pride,
takes people as one,



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What is the Writers Club@Columbus?

Been looking at the library's website but can't find out what it is. A writing group that meets at the library? Where can I find more information?

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