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Local Union #40 and #361: Ironworkers Recruit Apprentices


The Joint Apprenticeship Committee for Ironworkers, Local Union #40 & #361, will conduct a recruitment from March 20, 2014 through May 22, 2014 for 100 ironworker (outside) apprentices, State Labor Commissioner Peter M. Rivera announced on February 13, 2014 at Astoria, New York.

Applications will be available at Local Union #40 & #361, 35-23 36th Street, Astoria, NY from 12 noon to 5:30 p.m. every Thursday, excluding legal holidays, during the recruitment period. All applications must be picked up in person. A $25.00 testing fee will be required at the time of pick up (money order only—payable to Ironworkers Local 40 & 361). Please note, you may request that this fee be waived. Fee waivers will be approved upon showing verifiable proof of financial need.

At the time of pick up, applicants must also provide valid photo identification, proof of age, and proof of high school diploma or equivalent. Failure to appear at any test will result in disqualification and forfeiture of the filing fee.

The Committee requires that applicants:

  • Must be at least 18 years old. Proof will be required at the time of application.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Proof will be required at the time of application.
  • Must take and pass the Ironworkers' written aptitude test.
  • Must submit to a drug test at the expense of the sponsor.
  • Must be physically able to perform the work of an ironworker.
  • Must take and pass a physical task test, which includes:
    • Climbing up and down a 35-foot column.
    • Standing on a platform 14 feet in the air and pulling a 75-pound bucket up and down twice.
    • Raising and lowering 2,000 pounds of steel 40 inches into the air with a chain fall in less than one minute and thirty seconds.
    • Holding a 35-pound impact wrench at 14 different bolt locations for seven seconds each.

For further information, applicants should contact their nearest New York State Department of Labor office or Local Union #40 & #361 at (718) 433-4195.

Apprentice programs registered with the Department of Labor must meet standards established by the Commissioner. Under state law, sponsors of programs cannot discriminate against applicants because of race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, or marital status. Women and minorities are encouraged to submit applications for apprenticeship programs. Sponsors of programs are required to adopt affirmative action plans for the recruitment of women and minorities.


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Test results

Good morning to whom this may apply, I was recently told I could retrieve my old test results by contacting a rep. I took the iron workers test twice.It was really discouraging to fail it the 2nd time, even though I thought I had passed the first. I hoping you could shed some light on the grades I received the 2 times I took the test , possibly knowing that I didn't completely bomb the exams, and just the comfort of knowing I just missed the cut is a bit more gratifying . I am definitely still interested in any iron workers opportunities , and would like to know how expand my possibilities in having an iron workers career. Thank you for your time Sincerely Frank Mota

Apprenticeship program

I will be graduating from Tulsa welding school in June 2017 from Jacksonville Florida I am born and raised in New York and would like to come and work for your union . Please inform me when you are recruiting for openings .please make contact with me thank you

Just some input on those who

Just some input on those who graduate tech schools. Knowing how to weld doesn't in no way shape or form give u any preference in becoming an ironworker, not does it make you one. It makes u a welder, that's it. You can earn a living as a welder if that's what u went to school for, but if you want to be an ironworker, you have to take the test and score competitively. Then go thru the apprenticeship and work and pass all requisites. That's just the beginning of ur potential career.. It's not easy but why would anyone want to do anything else?

Iron workers apprenticeship

What would be the maximum age to qualify as an Iron worker apprenticeship ? Thank You !

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