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Writers' Club@Columbus: Snow, Haikus and a Door Opens and Shuts


We began our journey with the Writers' Club@Columbus on February 10th 2014—I apologize for the time lag folks but it does take a minute sometimes to get cracking… even with technology and all… so here's the first post.

Two quick bizness things: One, we meet on Mondays at 4 p.m.—mainly on the second floor—all teen writers wanted and we do have and will take some appropriately behaving and writing adults.

A thank you most of all to the folks who have joined and contributed to the club—but special special special thanks to Lenny Collado for donating his time, inspiration and co-leadership.

Now for a reflection of our first meeting where we looked at Haikus, the snow and what happened after the footsteps died...

Some Haikus

Goodbye was all we said
Never giving explanations to each other
not knowing if we were friends

- Elianny Moronta

If you saw my eyes
You will know the powerful core kept
Beneath the hardness

- Elianny Moronta

Life is good for me
I like to eat chicken soup
I love my girlfriend

- Tammuz Darbaise

Everything has changed
The weather isn’t the same
Change is all around

- Sherlyn Boyce

Some Snow

It is snowing outside
I sit in the library reading books
Writing is a passion

- Marlene Boyce

Gorgeous and beautiful it is
As the petals and leaves flow softly
Like a tornado during spring

- Ryan Barberan

We couldn't help going on about the snow, the crazy winter and the polar vortex—but at the beginning of the month we all hoped we were looking at the white stuff and the unGoshly cold though the rear view mirror of our minds, pens and paper.

More Snow

My little sister woke me up
There was snow slowly falling from the sky
The sensation of being in a fairy tale was always present whenever I saw it
Looking the white color on the streets
Walking through it, feeling it in your hands
There was snow slowly falling
And I couldn’t quit feeling like a little child

- Elianny Moronta

When I arrived here six months ago, it was the greatest time because I arrived in summer. But later came Fall, it was great too. I had a few sweaters so I thought that I will be fine and then winter. The first time that I saw snow was on November 9th. I went outside with only a sweater on, I was…..(@#@%&**…)

I Hate snow.

- Perla Jimenez

I sit there wondering did the snow start or just begin
Snow falls like petals in the wind, but yet
In a silent tone. Gently it falls
Onto my palms and slowly
Melts away...

- Sherlyn Boyce

After A Door Shuts and...

After the door shuts and the foot-steps died. Darkness surrounded me. I walked up to a small light in the middle of the room. It seemed to move away from me, to be getting farther and farther away from me. I ran to it, my heart beating faster not sure what I was running to.

- Sherlyn Boyce

El ultimo adiós... (Fragmento)

Cuando la puerta se cerró y los pasos murieron, supe que todo acabo. Supe en ese instante que era el final, que ya no te vería más porque habías decidido acabar con todo. Sin mirar atrás me cerraste la puerta y decidiste decir adiós, sólo logré ver el lazo que colgaba en tu armario y solo pensé Por qué?

“Que hago ahora? A dónde voy? Ya sin ti no se que hacer, Por qué me dejaste? Maldición! Cuando más te necesitaba me abandonas” Me quedo un tiempo con mi rostro postrado en tu puerta con esperanzas de que te hayas retractado y que volvieras a decirme “Hola, pasa a dentro” o tal vez “Hola, Qué tal?” o tan solo un “Hola, te amo”. Reviso por la ventana a ver si te veo preparando café, pero no, veo tu cuerpo… No puedo evitar llorar, llamo a la policía y me alejo del lugar cubriéndome el rostro para que nadie se fije en mí y me pregunte que pasa.

- Perla Jimenez

Translation attempt - The last goodbye... (Excerpt)

When the door closed and the steps died, I just knew it. I knew at that moment that was the end, because you had decided to end it all. Without looking back I closed the door and decided to say goodbye, I only managed to see the noose hanging in your closet and just thought why?
"What do I do now? Where am I going? Because without you I do not know what to do, why did you leave me? Damn! The more I needed you leave me "I stay a while with my face prostrate at your door in hopes that you've recanted and come back to tell me" Hey, come-in "or perhaps" Hi, How are you? "Or as just a "Hello, I love you." I check out the window to see if I see you are making coffee, but I see your body ... I can not help but mourn, call the police and walk away instead of covering my face so no one notices me and asks me what happened.)

After the door shut and the footsteps died there was silence everywhere, it surrounded me. I was scared. I saw a clown with a knife kill a bird. It started to eat it. Then this strange light came from the sky. It was an alien. And the alien ate the killer clown. Then a whale came out of a portal in the sky crushing the alien. Then I killed the whale and ate it.

- Tammuz Darbaise

After the door shuts and the footsteps die… the home grew suddenly quiet. All that we could hear was the whisper of the wind and the trees moving slowly under him. I looked up to Matt. “What do we do now?” I asked. “I don’t know.” He replied

And the only thing that we could do was spend the night in the lonely house.

- Elianny Moronta


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Wonderful work

I appreciate the effort and creativity that went into writing these blog posts. I am grateful to the Columbus library for hosting the Wrting Club and for publishing the results of the members' work. Thank you.

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