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My Library: Daria


From the moment I met Daria Campbell, I knew that I had found a library patron whose love of reading comics matched my own. I caught up with Daria recently to ask her a few questions about how she utilizes graphic novels at the New York Public Library. I also asked her to share some of her comic recommendations with all of you. If you see Daria at Mid-Manhattan, be sure to ask her what she's reading next!

What do you think of the Mid-Manhattan Library's new 2nd floor graphic novel area?

One day I was looking for comics at the Mid-Manhattan branch. On that day, my life changed when I was told about this special room on the 2nd floor. It was like I walked into my dimension. I have done work in there at the table as well as just read comics for fun. It is a wonderful room and makes my library experience that much more rewarding.

What is your favorite graphic novel of all time? Why?

X-Men: Wolverine & Kitty Pryde. I believe this is one of the best written story arcs in the X-Men series. First of all because Chris Claremont wrote it who is a genius in my humble opinon but because it highlights the talents and heart of Kitty Pryde who being such a young X-Men shows how being a part of this team makes you grow up fast. She is one of the few super heros who I feel is very undertated and after all she goes through in her many adventures and story arcs this one shows how tough she actually is.

Wolverine also shows a side to his personality that all of his fans love "the protective father/big brother" which is always so endearing but he also reminds you that if you cross him or those he loves... watch out. It is also a story arc that has a nice flow and wraps up neatly in the end without being sickly sweet or too gruesome or unrealistic. It is just a great story and artwork. Classic X-Men which any newbie or die hard fan will love.

Name the last 3 comics you checked out from the library.

Saga, The Marvelous Land of Oz, and Runaways.

Based on what you've read so far, list 3 or 4 trade paperbacks you'd recommend to other library users.

Saga vol. 2. It was pure genius with the most likeable characters I have come across in a long time. Thor & Iron Man: God Complex. It was kind of a strange story but a fast and fun read. Wolverine: Covenant. It was a really weird story but Wolverine has some great lines.

Do you have a favorite comic book character? Who is it? Why do you like them?

I love Rogue from the X-Men. I think every comic book fan should go back and read the classic X-Men series and get Rogue's true story. They completely botched her in the X-Men movie. Her history and story are huge. She is such a fun and sassy superhero once she gets passed all the crazy. I think she is also undervalued as a hero and should have more break out stories. Her past was just so awesome. I wish Marvel would do some stories while she was living with Mystique and Destiny before she joined the X-Men. Oh well, here is to hoping.

Tell us some of the graphic novels you have on hold right now.

Doctor Doom & Doctor Strange: Triumph & Torment | Cable Classic, vol. 3 | Excalibur Visionaries | Gambit Classic | Hawkeye & Mockingbird / Black Widow: Widowmaker | Wolverine & Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants | Wolverine & the X-Men, vol. 1 | Feat Itself: Heores for Hire | X-Men: First Class | A+X, vol. 2: Amazing | Ms Marvel: Best of the Best | House of M


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