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New Books for "New Adults"


'New Adult Books?' 'What's that, as opposed to Old Adult?'

That depends on who you ask. Various media outlets have their own interpretations of what "New Adult" is. Elizabeth Burns, a blogger for School Library Journal, has an interesting spiel on what it is, and compiles other interpretations on the ideology of "New Adult."

From what I have gathered, 'New Adult' fiction is an emerging genre of literature that is exploding in popularity. It aims to delve into a generation of readers that has rarely been featured... that 'in-between' stage of life. One is not necessarily a teen, most often, just graduating high school, but not a full grown adult. The age range for characters in 'New Adult' books tend to be from 18-26. Most of the time, the characters are just starting their college education, or may be opting NOT to go at all.

They may be experiencing their first adult relationship, laden with the complexities of intimate relations, self image evolvement, familial strife... just to name a few prominent issues. They are 'finding themselves'... a journey of self discovery of their identities, preferences, dislikes and the such. Readers are allowed a personal 'point of view' into the blossoming lives of the characters within the piece. Some could even say that they get an opportunity to relive a part of their youth, albeit thru a book. They may or may not completely relate to a character's experiences within a work, but it is a journey that readers take along with the protagonist(s).

General fiction tends to focus on adults who are for the most part, older than 25 (although the age may not necessarily be given; just implied). They are already settled into their careers and may have families. In other words, they appear to be more stable and mature financially, emotionally and mentally. But this is contingent on the work in question.

Some may consider this genre a momentary fad that will dissipate or wane in popularity over time. However, it appears to be increasing in interest and reaching new readers, young and old. Those who are in the focal age bracket and have stories that 'speak TO them and FOR them'. And reaching older readers, who can in essence, recapture their youth through tales and stories taking them to simpler times in their lives. The time periods may differ, but it is the human experiences of 'growing up' that are universal and expand across eras.

These items are available within the New York Public Library, however holds may need to be placed. You can also contact your local branch for availability. Clicking on the cover art will take you to the applicable record in the Bibliocommons catalog. Some titles come as traditional books, eBooks or both, when specified below.

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden
by Jessica Sorensen
Also available as an e-book

This tale of two childhood classmates, Callie and Kayden, seems simple enough. He's the popular boy, she's the girl who starts out fine, but towards her adolescence, evolves into a brooding, withdrawn outcast. They attend the same schools, but in different social circles. It is at a party where their lives intersect. Callie helps Kayden in a time of crisis and he's hell-bent on thanking her for helping him. But he doesn't see her again until college, and it is there that their lives intersect. They realize they have a lot more in common than initially preconceived and where their romance evolves.

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden
by Jessica Sorensen
This title is available only as an e-book

In the follow-up to The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, these two lovers are faced with Kayden's hospitalization, which directly involves an incident from Callie's past. He feels just as damaged as Callie does, and it's their mutual self loathing that leads them on a road trip with their best friends Seth and Luke. During this trip, it teaches them to not only what true love is, but also self respect and pardon the pun, redemption for transgressions done to them in their personal lives.


Beautiful Disaster
by Jamie McGuire

It starts with a bet between college friends... Abby and Travis. Abby is a stereotypical good girl. Straight-laced. A teetotaler. Travis is the campus 'Tyler Durden'. He's a fighter, ladies-man, overall good guy—who just happens to favor Abby, who he affectionately calls 'Pigeon.' He makes a bet with her that she is certain he will lose. Or will he? Can she resist his flirtations or will they be more than friends? Does Abby's hidden talent come into play and how does it affect others, especially Travis? You have to read it to find out!

F.Y.I. This tale is spoken from Abby's perspective.

Walking Disaster
by Jamie McGuire
Also available as an e-book

In the second installment, this tale is spoken from Travis's perspective. What becomes of his relationship with Abby? It is interesting to notice the male perspective on crushes and love. And how his previous experiences make for an interesting viewpoint on his adoration for Abby. His fighting skills are put to the ultimate test when Abby's hidden talent and a hidden family secret places her in harms way. He risks it all for 'Pigeon.'

F.Y.I. Since "Beautiful Diaster" was from Abby's perspective, this one is from Travis's point of view.

So now that you have an idea of 'New Adult' fiction books, why not check out the above titles and MORE from the New York Public Library. Our collection is constantly expanding and who knows? You just may find your next great read!


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