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The Summer of "The Harbinger" - 9/11 Revisited


Ten years after 9/11, Jonathan Cahn presents a brand new theory about 9/11- The Harbinger: the Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future, 2012. It's a supernatural theory based on Biblical prohecy. Written in an allegorical style, a mysterious prophet meets a New York Journalist and shares with him nine harbingers (signs). Drawing parallels between Ancient Israel, America's dedication in Lower Manhattan and events following 9/11, Cahn chronicles a mindblowing account of how events following 9/11 including our leaders' responses, unknowningly followed the path of ancient Israel, even to the point of quoting the same text:

"The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with hewn stones;
The sycamores are cut down, But we will replace them with cedars." (Isaiah 9:10 Holy Bible)

With one million copies sold and 80 weeks on the New York Times best sellers list, I was destined to read this book. I saw it in the library, gave it a second glance, but didn't attempt to read it until I saw a friend reading it. Her intrigue sent me right back to check it out. After reading it, my first thought was "is this really true." I needed to check it out on the internet. A quick search led me to a few readers who had already checked out the facts and were saying that the incidents mentioned were indeed true.

I didn't have to wait very long to see it for myself. On a mini-vacation in another state, we passed by a theatre and to my surprise the "Harbinger Film" was advertised. I didn't even know there was a film! We went in and saw the film. Narrated by Jonathan Cahn himself, the events in the book was videographed with many clips from local and national media authenticating that the events did happen as mentioned in the book.

The Trinity Root - 9/11 MemorialBronze sculpture of Uprooted Sycamore (the Sixth Harbinger), outside Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan. Tony Fischer Photography, on Flickr

Five days later, I attended BookExpo America. I normally do not do the author lines because they are too long! I wandered over anyway, to look at the author schedule just to see who was there. Lo and behold, I discovered I was 10 minutes early for Jonathan Cahn's book signing. I couldn't wait to meet Jonathan Cahn and let him know I had read his book and saw the film over the weekend. Cahn gave me a signed copy of The Harbinger Companion. In there I learned that he was a first time author and had written the book in four months in his spare time.

What was more important to me after seeing the film was a visit to lower Manhattan to check out all the New York harbingers mentioned (two of the harbingers are in Washington, DC). Cahn had the foresight that his readers would want to do this and included a detailed walking tour complete with map. So on a staycation during the summer armed with my copy of The Harbinger Companion and my sister who was equally fascinated, we did the Harbinger Tour—starting at Battery Park and concluding at St. Paul's Chapel. Upon exiting St. Paul's we crossed the street, collected tickets at the 9/11 Memorial Visitors Center, then visited, as we reflected on that woeful day and felt the pain of those who lost loved ones.


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The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction

As much as it is definitely true that America is deserving of God's harsh judgment - and as much as He may have even used 9/11 as a wake-up call, unfortunately, The Harbinger theory is an unbiblical one and demonstrably historically inaccurate and misleading. There has been much discussion and concerns by a growing group of conservative Bible teachers and theologians that The Harbinger has very serious problems. These concerns are thoroughly documented in the book, The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction?

Lack of knowledge (Harbinger)

Mr. James, you err, not knowing the scriptures. Mr. Can errs less, also not knowing the scriptures. If one would understand that prophecy and history speaks of a time when I-S-R-A-E-L (not JUDAH), the so-called "lost tribes" of the Northern Kingdom, would be REGATHERED and led by Ephraim, you would both understand why all of these things happened in America. Both of you need to go back and research the history of dispersed and scattered Israel, and then read Isaiah 9, STARTING WITH VERSE 8 AND 9.

The Harbinger and 9/11

I have tremendous respect for this book, subject and author; I voraciously read it cover to cover in two days after seeing Jonathan Cahn on The 700 Club. The research and impact is astonishing Having said that, it bears mentioning that this is not entirely "a brand new theory." I delved deeply into the matter of 9/11 in prophecy via The Book of Revelation in my 2004 book "The Real 911: Truth and Testimony." While the matter of a real life, flesh and blood messenger may be fiction, 9/11 in Bible prophecy certainly is not. I made a number of extraordinary discoveries which are still unknown to most of the world, but one of my most deep felt suspicions was that there was some sort of theological significance to the very ground that the WTC would be built on. I tried to find it in vain. With St. Paul's chapel, Jonathan found it- thus confirming a large segment of my own work. I might ad that my work is based largely on numerical Biblical patterns which are echoed in American/Masonic history and associated monuments; particularly 11's and multiples thereof. The placement of the 911 "Tree of Hope" on 11/22/03 is not only a chilling reminder that JC's work and my own go hand in hand, but that his account (warning) can be reaffirmed through other books of the bible. This is a story that the world needs to hear, regardless of who tells it. But every time I hear about a million seller telling a tale that I told first, it kills me. "The Harbinger" takes the rather strange approach of telling a very critical tale as if it were a novel. But for any doubters to the underlying prophetic principle, it is important to note that the Book of Isaiah and Jonathan Cahn are not the only sources to tell this story.

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