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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through August 13, 2013


PP23819 - Echinacea plant named 'Red Baron'PP23819 - Echinacea plant named 'Red Baron'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of July 30 and August 6 and 13, 2013.

Plant Patent plates for 2012 and 2013 have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these—they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23776 - Floribunda rose plant named 'Bagstream'PP23776 - Floribunda rose plant named 'Bagstream' PP23782 - Hydrangea plant named 'Agrihydraelf'PP23782 - Hydrangea plant named 'Agrihydraelf'
 PP23788 - Phalaenopsis orchid plant named 'Looking Back'PP23788 - Phalaenopsis orchid plant named 'Looking Back' PP23792 - Caladium plant named 'Pink Splash'PP23792 - Caladium plant named 'Pink Splash'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published July 30, 2013; Nos. PP23774-PP23792

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
July 30, 2013PP23774MeillandClimbing rose plant named 'Meilaclost'USPTOPP23774
July 30, 2013PP23775MeillandHybrid tea rose plant named 'Meistiley'USPTOPP23775
July 30, 2013PP23776BagnascoFloribunda rose plant named 'Bagstream'USPTOPP23776
July 30, 2013PP23777NystromApple tree 'CN 121'USPTOPP23777
July 30, 2013PP23778Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named 'Festival Red'USPTOPP23778
July 30, 2013PP23779BradfordInterspecific tree named 'LATESWEET XXI'USPTOPP23779
July 30, 2013PP23780Cain et al.Plum tree named 'Suplumfortythree'USPTOPP23780
July 30, 2013PP23781KraanWeigela plant named 'Bokraspiwi'USPTOPP23781
July 30, 2013PP23782ArtsHydrangea plant named 'Agrihydraelf'USPTOPP23782
July 30, 2013PP23783ArtsHydrangea plant named 'Agrihydranegen'USPTOPP23783
July 30, 2013PP23784BergmanHibiscus plant named 'Aruba Wind'USPTOPP23784
July 30, 2013PP23785LaBonte et al.Sweetpotato plant named '07-146'USPTOPP23785
July 30, 2013PP23786Klemm et al.Poinsettia plant named 'NPCW12202'USPTOPP23786
July 30, 2013PP23787SchoonePhalaenopsis orchid plant named '146833'USPTOPP23787
July 30, 2013PP23788SchoonePhalaenopsis orchid plant named 'Looking Back'USPTOPP23788
July 30, 2013PP23789GeibelGeranium plant named 'Regdar'USPTOPP23789
July 30, 2013PP23790DummenPelargonium plant named 'Duepawiteimp'USPTOPP23790
July 30, 2013PP23791DummenPetunia plant named 'Duepotpiropi'USPTOPP23791
July 30, 2013PP23792HartmanCaladium plant named 'Pink Splash'USPTOPP23792
 PP23797 - Sweet cherry tree named 'ROSILAM'PP23797 - Sweet cherry tree named 'ROSILAM' PP23798 - Sweet cherry tree named 'RUBILAM'PP23798 - Sweet cherry tree named 'RUBILAM'
 PP23800 - Hydrangea plant named 'Dancing Butterflies Two'PP23800 - Hydrangea plant named 'Dancing Butterflies Two' PP23803 -Veronica plant named 'Charlotte'PP23803 -Veronica plant named 'Charlotte'
 PP23814 - Caladium plant named 'Tenderness'PP23814 - Caladium plant named 'Tenderness' PP23817 - Caladium plant named 'Bombshell'PP23817 - Caladium plant named 'Bombshell'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published August 6, 2013; Nos. PP23793-PP23820

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
August 6, 2013PP23793KordesMiniature rose plant named 'KORpot007'USPTOPP23793
August 6, 2013PP23794KordesMiniature rose plant named 'KORpot008'USPTOPP23794
August 6, 2013PP23795KordesMinature rose plant named 'KORpot003'USPTOPP23795
August 6, 2013PP23796Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named 'Sweet Pixzee 2'USPTOPP23796
August 6, 2013PP23797Maillard et al.Sweet cherry tree named 'ROSILAM'USPTOPP23797
August 6, 2013PP23798Maillard et al.Sweet cherry tree named 'RUBILAM'USPTOPP23798
August 6, 2013PP23799Zaiger et al.Peach tree named 'Sitka'USPTOPP23799
August 6, 2013PP23800GrayHydrangea plant named 'Dancing Butterflies Two'USPTOPP23800
August 6, 2013PP23801HigakiHydrangea plant named 'BC7.14'USPTOPP23801
August 6, 2013PP23802ArtsHydrangea plant named 'Agrihydraveertien'USPTOPP23802
August 6, 2013PP23803KleinVeronica plant named 'Charlotte'USPTOPP23803
August 6, 2013PP23804BergmanHibiscus plant named 'Bonaire Wind'USPTOPP23804
August 6, 2013PP23805DummenPelargonium plant named 'Duecumbadero'USPTOPP23805
August 6, 2013PP23806DummenPelargonium plant named 'Duesalsadar'USPTOPP23806
August 6, 2013PP23807DummenPelargonium plant named 'Duesalsapi'USPTOPP23807
August 6, 2013PP23808DummenPelargonium plant named 'Duecumbadar'USPTOPP23808
August 6, 2013PP23809DummenPelargonium plant named 'Duebelvidar'USPTOPP23809
August 6, 2013PP23810DummenPetunia plant named 'Duepotpiblic'USPTOPP23810
August 6, 2013PP23811DummenPetunia plant named 'Duepotpipuce'USPTOPP23811
August 6, 2013PP23812Kerley et al.Petunia plant named 'Kerivoryvein'USPTOPP23812
August 6, 2013PP23813DummenOsteospermum plant named 'Duetiyel'USPTOPP23813
August 6, 2013PP23814HartmanCaladium plant named 'Tenderness'USPTOPP23814
August 6, 2013PP23815HartmanCaladium plant named 'White Cap'USPTOPP23815
August 6, 2013PP23816HartmanCaladium plant named 'Sweet Carolina'USPTOPP23816
August 6, 2013PP23817HartmanCaladium plant named 'Bombshell'USPTOPP23817
August 6, 2013PP23818KanayaCalibrachoa plant named 'Suncallemon'USPTOPP23818
August 6, 2013PP23819DegenhardtEchinacea plant named 'Red Baron'USPTOPP23819
August 6, 2013PP23820HeugerHelleborus plant named 'HLR 190'USPTOPP23820
 PP23826 - Begonia plant named 'TMBEG096'PP23826 - Begonia plant named 'TMBEG096' PP23830 - Brachycome plant named 'DBRASC9'PP23830 - Brachycome plant named 'DBRASC9'
 PP23833 - Gaillardia plant named 'DGAL902'PP23833 - Gaillardia plant named 'DGAL902' PP23835 - Sutera plant named 'DANCOP37'PP23835 - Sutera plant named 'DANCOP37'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published August 13, 2013; Nos. PP23821-PP23835

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
August 13, 2013PP23821JauchenMiniature rose plant 'PACseventy'USPTOPP23821
August 13, 2013PP23822OlesenMiniature rose plant named 'Poulpar065'USPTOPP23822
August 13, 2013PP23823De Wit et al.Apple tree named 'B3F45'USPTOPP23823
August 13, 2013PP23824SmithArenaria plant named 'Lemon Ice'USPTOPP23824
August 13, 2013PP23825BeekenkampBegonia plant named 'BKPBEEGL'USPTOPP23825
August 13, 2013PP23826ValinBegonia plant named 'TMBEG096'USPTOPP23826
August 13, 2013PP23827JensenAster plant named 'DASMAG'USPTOPP23827
August 13, 2013PP23828JensenAster plant named 'DASGRA'USPTOPP23828
August 13, 2013PP23829BijlNephrolepis plant named 'Floriane'USPTOPP23829
August 13, 2013PP23830DanzigerBrachycome plant named 'DBRASC9'USPTOPP23830
August 13, 2013PP23831KanayaCalibrachoa plant named 'Suncalred'USPTOPP23831
August 13, 2013PP23832KanayaCalibrachoa plant named 'Suncalpink'USPTOPP23832
August 13, 2013PP23833DanzigerGaillardia plant named 'DGAL902'USPTOPP23833
August 13, 2013PP23834Momparler AlborsLavandula plant named 'Momparler'USPTOPP23834
August 13, 2013PP23835DanzigerSutera plant named 'DANCOP37'USPTOPP23835



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