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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through July 23, 2013


PP23754 - Calla lily plant named 'Solid Gold BLZ'PP23754 - Calla lily plant named 'Solid Gold BLZ'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of July 9, 16 and 23 2013.

Plant Patent plates for 2012 and 2013 have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these—they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23729 - Dianthus planted named 'WP10 HEL01'PP23729 - Dianthus planted named 'WP10 HEL01' PP23730 - Chrysanthemum plant named 'Purple Mist'PP23730 - Chrysanthemum plant named 'Purple Mist'
 PP23732 - Poinsettia plant named 'Ruby Frost'PP23732 - Poinsettia plant named 'Ruby Frost' PP23735 - Dahlia plant named 'DATREOGTYVE'PP23735 - Dahlia plant named 'DATREOGTYVE'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published July 9, 2013; Nos. PP23718-PP23737

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
July 9, 2013PP23718BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Blackred VI'USPTOPP23718
July 9, 2013PP23719BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Plumred IX'USPTOPP23719
July 9, 2013PP23720Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named: 'FLAVOR BLAST'USPTOPP23720
July 9, 2013PP23721BradfordCherry tree named 'ARVIN GLEN'USPTOPP23721
July 9, 2013PP23722Cain et al.Plum tree named 'Suplumfortyfour'USPTOPP23722
July 9, 2013PP23723BradfordPeach tree named 'Polar Princess'USPTOPP23723
July 9, 2013PP23724McCollum et al.Mandarin tree named 'US Early Pride'USPTOPP23724
July 9, 2013PP23725Sills et al.Blackberry plant named 'DrisBlackThree'USPTOPP23725
July 9, 2013PP23726ClingelefferGrapevine plant named 'M 44-14'USPTOPP23726
July 9, 2013PP23727KraanHydrangea plant named 'Savill Lace'USPTOPP23727
July 9, 2013PP23728Ramon Alvarez BritosStevia plant named 'AKH L4'USPTOPP23728
July 9, 2013PP23729BourneDianthus planted named 'WP10 HEL01'USPTOPP23729
July 9, 2013PP23730Adam, Jr.Chrysanthemum plant named 'Purple Mist'USPTOPP23730
July 9, 2013PP23731Adam, Jr.Chrysanthemum plant named 'Autumn Moon'USPTOPP23731
July 9, 2013PP23732von DanwitzPoinsettia plant named 'Ruby Frost'USPTOPP23732
July 9, 2013PP23733SakazakiPhlox plant named 'PPPHL0617'USPTOPP23733
July 9, 2013PP23734VerschoorPhlox plant named 'Twister'USPTOPP23734
July 9, 2013PP23735NielsenDahlia plant named 'DATREOGTYVE'USPTOPP23735
July 9, 2013PP23736NielsenOsteospermum plant named 'DAOSSEKSTEN'USPTOPP23736
July 9, 2013PP23737OsieckiSpathiphyllum plant named 'S42'USPTOPP23737
 PP23743 - Mandarin tree named 'KinnowLS'PP23743 - Mandarin tree named 'KinnowLS' PP23744 - Grapevine 'IFG Nine'PP23744 - Grapevine 'IFG Nine'
 PP23745 - Strawberry plant named 'MERIT'PP23745 - Strawberry plant named 'MERIT' PP23748 - Hydrangea plant named 'Tinkerbell'PP23748 - Hydrangea plant named 'Tinkerbell'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published July 16, 2013; Nos. PP23738-PP23754

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
July 16, 2013PP23738BradfordInterspecific tree named 'GREENSWEET XX'USPTOPP23738
July 16, 2013PP23739BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Black Majesty IV'USPTOPP23739
July 16, 2013PP23740BradfordInterspecific tree named 'LATESWEET XX'USPTOPP23740
July 16, 2013PP23741BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Plumred VIII'USPTOPP23741
July 16, 2013PP23742Creech et al.Prunus tree named 'Purple Pride'USPTOPP23742
July 16, 2013PP23743Roose et al.Mandarin tree named 'KinnowLS'USPTOPP23743
July 16, 2013PP23744CainGrapevine 'IFG Nine'USPTOPP23744
July 16, 2013PP23745Ackerman et al.Strawberry plant named 'MERIT'USPTOPP23745
July 16, 2013PP23746MullerCotoneaster plant named 'Lemon Funky'USPTOPP23746
July 16, 2013PP23747Dirr et al.Berberis thunbergii plant named 'Daybreak'USPTOPP23747
July 16, 2013PP23748IchieHydrangea plant named 'Tinkerbell'USPTOPP23748
July 16, 2013PP23749IrieHydrangea plant named 'BTI'USPTOPP23749
July 16, 2013PP23750HorvathGeum plant named 'Alabama Slammer'USPTOPP23750
July 16, 2013PP23751SmithChrysanthemum plant named 'CIFZ0030'USPTOPP23751
July 16, 2013PP23752NielsenOsteospermum plant named 'Daossytten'USPTOPP23752
July 16, 2013PP23753VerboomHelleborus plant named 'VERBEAUTY2'USPTOPP23753
July 16, 2013PP23754Warren et al.Calla lily plant named 'Solid Gold BLZ'USPTOPP23754
 PP23755 - Styrax plant named 'JLWeeping'PP23755 - Styrax plant named 'JLWeeping' PP23761 - Sweetpotato plant named '05-111'PP23761 - Sweetpotato plant named '05-111'
 PP23770 - Hosta plant named 'Color Festival'PP23770 - Hosta plant named 'Color Festival' PP23772 - Helleborus plant named 'COSEH 940'PP23772 - Helleborus plant named 'COSEH 940'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published July 23, 2013; Nos. PP23755-PP23773

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
July 23, 2013PP23755LewisStyrax plant named 'JLWeeping'USPTOPP23755
July 23, 2013PP23756Huang et al.Elm tree named 'Meirenyu'USPTOPP23756
July 23, 2013PP23757HigakiHydrangea plant named 'BC6.1'USPTOPP23757
July 23, 2013PP23758HigakiHydrangea plant named 'BC9.2'USPTOPP23758
July 23, 2013PP23759ZwetzigHibiscus plant named 'Satellite'USPTOPP23759
July 23, 2013PP23760BergmanHibiscus plant named 'Cayman Wind'USPTOPP23760
July 23, 2013PP23761LaBonte et al.Sweetpotato plant named '05-111'USPTOPP23761
July 23, 2013PP23762SmithChrysanthemum plant named 'CIFZ0003'USPTOPP23762
July 23, 2013PP23763PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Sinelli Yellow'USPTOPP23763
July 23, 2013PP23764PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Aluga Yellow'USPTOPP23764
July 23, 2013PP23765PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Amiko Yellow'USPTOPP23765
July 23, 2013PP23766PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Malmo Yellow'USPTOPP23766
July 23, 2013PP23767PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Espero Yellow'USPTOPP23767
July 23, 2013PP23768ScheffersEuphorbia plant named 'DB200801'USPTOPP23768
July 23, 2013PP23769LommerseDahlia plant named 'LOMDAHBRS'USPTOPP23769
July 23, 2013PP23770Van EechauteHosta plant named 'Color Festival'USPTOPP23770
July 23, 2013PP23771KanayaCalibrachoa plant named 'Sunbelkulave'USPTOPP23771
July 23, 2013PP23772HeugerHelleborus plant named 'COSEH 940'USPTOPP23772
July 23, 2013PP23773HeugerHelleborus plant named 'COSEH 860'USPTOPP23773



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