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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through July 2, 2013


PP23699 - Eucomis plant named 'EUW061'PP23699 - Eucomis plant named 'EUW061'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of June 18, 25, and July 2, 2013.

Plant Patent plates for 2012 and 2013 have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these—they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23667 - Floribunda rose plant named 'KORlubaja'PP23667 - Floribunda rose plant named 'KORlubaja' PP23671 - Mandevilla plant named 'Lanmichigan'PP23671 - Mandevilla plant named 'Lanmichigan'
 PP23673 - Mandevilla plant named 'Lannebraska'PP23673 - Mandevilla plant named 'Lannebraska' PP23677 - Phalaenopsis orchid plant named 'Feeling Groovy'PP23677 - Phalaenopsis orchid plant named 'Feeling Groovy'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published June 18, 2013; Nos. PP23667-PP23682

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
June 18, 2013PP23667KordesFloribunda rose plant named 'KORlubaja'USPTOPP23667
June 18, 2013PP23668Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named 'Glory Red'USPTOPP23668
June 18, 2013PP23669Goffreda et al.Peach tree named 'NJ354'USPTOPP23669
June 18, 2013PP23670IngramSwietenia tree named 'Ingram's red'USPTOPP23670
June 18, 2013PP23671LannesMandevilla plant named 'Lanmichigan'USPTOPP23671
June 18, 2013PP23672LannesMandevilla plant named 'Lanarizona'USPTOPP23672
June 18, 2013PP23673LannesMandevilla plant named 'Lannebraska'USPTOPP23673
June 18, 2013PP23674Jeske et al.Hop plant named 'Delta'USPTOPP23674
June 18, 2013PP23675GrayHydrangea plant named 'Cotton Candy Two'USPTOPP23675
June 18, 2013PP23676DummenVerbena plant named 'Duempflavibu'USPTOPP23676
June 18, 2013PP23677SchoonePhalaenopsis orchid plant named 'Feeling Groovy'USPTOPP23677
June 18, 2013PP23678Hofmann et al.Pelargonium plant named 'Kuegrapipink'USPTOPP23678
June 18, 2013PP23679Hofmann et al.Pelargonium plant named 'Kuegrarow'USPTOPP23679
June 18, 2013PP23780DeuterMiscanthus plant named 'MBS 1001'USPTOPP23780
June 18, 2013PP23781DeuterMiscanthus plant named 'MBS 7003'USPTOPP23781
June 18, 2013PP23682DummenBidens plant named 'Duebigonbi'USPTOPP23682
 PP23691a - Echinacea plant named 'Burgundy Fireworks'PP23691a - Echinacea plant named 'Burgundy Fireworks' PP23691bPP23691b

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published June 25, 2013; Nos. PP23683-PP23691

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
June 25, 2013PP23683KordesFloribunda rose plant named 'KORfloci67'USPTOPP23683
June 25, 2013PP23684Wright et al.Blueberry plant named 'C95-12'USPTOPP23684
June 25, 2013PP23685BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Plumcandy X'USPTOPP23685
June 25, 2013PP23686BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Plumsweet XIV'USPTOPP23686
June 25, 2013PP23687BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Plumsweet XV'USPTOPP23687
June 25, 2013PP23688BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Plumred VII'USPTOPP23688
June 25, 2013PP23689Gerdts et al.Peach tree, 'Burpeachtwentyeight'USPTOPP23689
June 25, 2013PP23690ZwetzigHibiscus plant named 'Kui Nuku'USPTOPP23690
June 25, 2013PP23691AultEchinacea plant named 'Burgundy Fireworks'USPTOPP23691
 PP23696 - Grapevine plant named 'M 48-42'PP23696 - Grapevine plant named 'M 48-42' PP23698 - Hibiscus plant named 'New Old Yella'PP23698 - Hibiscus plant named 'New Old Yella'
 PP23707 - Dahlia plant named 'DAENOGTYVE'PP23707 - Dahlia plant named 'DAENOGTYVE' PP23713 - Spathiphyllum plant named 'S43'PP23713 - Spathiphyllum plant named 'S43'
 PP23714 - Guzmania hybrid named 'JUNO'PP23714 - Guzmania hybrid named 'JUNO' PP23715 - Cordyline plant named 'Albatross'PP23715 - Cordyline plant named 'Albatross'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published July 2, 2013; Nos. PP23692-PP23717

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
July 2, 2013PP23692BedardMiniature Rose plant named 'WEKwisogoma'USPTOPP23692
July 2, 2013PP23693BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Greensweet XXI'USPTOPP23693
July 2, 2013PP23694BradfordInterspecific tree named 'Blackred IX'USPTOPP23694
July 2, 2013PP23695Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named 'Country Cot'USPTOPP23695
July 2, 2013PP23696Antcliff et al.Grapevine plant named 'M 48-42'USPTOPP23696
July 2, 2013PP23697DonahueLantana plant named 'ELESHINE'USPTOPP23697
July 2, 2013PP23698ZwetzigHibiscus plant named 'New Old Yella'USPTOPP23698
July 2, 2013PP23699WelshEucomis plant named 'EUW061'USPTOPP23699
July 2, 2013PP23700SchoonePhalaenopsis Orchid plant named 'Confidence'USPTOPP23700
July 2, 2013PP23701SchoonePhalaenopsis orchid plant named 'Pacific Point'USPTOPP23701
July 2, 2013PP23702KitaharaPhlox plant named 'PPPHL07301'USPTOPP23702
July 2, 2013PP23703SakazakiPhlox plant named 'PPPHL0604'USPTOPP23703
July 2, 2013PP23704SakazakiPhlox plant named 'PPPHL0623'USPTOPP23704
July 2, 2013PP23705KitaharaPhlox plant named 'PPPHL07201'USPTOPP23705
July 2, 2013PP23706NielsenDahlia plant named 'DATYVE'USPTOPP23706
July 2, 2013PP23707NielsenDahlia plant named 'DAENOGTYVE'USPTOPP23707
July 2, 2013PP23708NielsenDahlia plant named 'DATOOGTYVE'USPTOPP23708
July 2, 2013PP23709BergeronHosta plant named 'Pocketful of Sunshine'USPTOPP23709
July 2, 2013PP23710OsieckiSpathiphyllum plant named 'S40'USPTOPP23710
July 2, 2013PP23711OsieckiSpathiphyllum plant named 'S41'USPTOPP23711
July 2, 2013PP23712OsieckiSpathiphyllum plant named 'S39'USPTOPP23712
July 2, 2013PP23713OsieckiSpathiphyllum plant named 'S43'USPTOPP23713
July 2, 2013PP23714Bak et al.Guzmania hybrid named 'JUNO'USPTOPP23714
July 2, 2013PP23715ScottCordyline plant named 'Albatross'USPTOPP23715
July 2, 2013PP23716Scully et al.Zoysiagrass plant named 'BA-189'USPTOPP23716
July 2, 2013PP23717DummenCalibrachoa plant named 'Duealmidpu'USPTOPP23717



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