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Pre-Job Expo Cohort Seminar II: Social Media For Job Seekers


Social media and online networking sites are becoming very important tools for job seekers and employers. Bronx Library Center Career, Education and Information Services is proud to announce Cohort Seminar II, which will be all about the importance of social media connections in this tough economy.

After having the successful Cohort Seminar I, we are excited and looking forward to the Seminar II on Wednesday, July 17, 2013. So, save the date! Please sign up for this crucial event. Just like the first one, you will get the opportunity to ask questions of our panelists as well as hear about their own experiences.

Nice design - social media landscape #isoiec by SylwiaPresleyArt, on Flickrsocial media landscape by SylwiaPresleyArt, on Flickr

This Free Seminar II will cover the following:

Social Media For Job Seekers (Dos and Don'ts)

  • Discover the hidden job market using social media
  • How to create an online presence
  • Ask our panelists questions regarding your online presence
  • What to do if you are not a part of social media, get information; how to get started with social media


Bronx Library Center - Career, Education and Information Services
310 East Kingsbridge Road
Bronx, NY 10458
Contact: 718-579-4244


Wednesday July 17, 2013
5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


To sign up for this event please contact our Career Coach, Robyn Saunders at 718.579.4260 or email or Library Assistant, Mr. Kabir,

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Bronx Library Center-CEIS

I am proud of by Bronx library. especially the 2 person, Career Coach, Ms. Robyn Saunders and Mr. Kabir. They helped me with preparing my resume . God bless them I thank you.

Everyone in every phase of

Everyone in every phase of their careers can use what the NYPL Career Center has to offer. Ms. Saunders and Mr. Kabir are filled with valuable information and resources. Both Career Coaches have been very instrumental in assisting myself and other patrons in reaching our career goals. They are consistently supportive, honest, straigh-forward and most importantly genuinely caring. Ms. Saunders rewrote my resume and had gone far and above this by reviewing my cover letter and not to mention gave me encouragement to go forward in what we all know is a difficult job market. Both Ms. Saunders and Mr. Kabir's work was really focused on producing quality and show the best sides of me in which I received a job offer from Elmhurst Hospital Center. I'm Eternally Grateful, Thank you both!!!

Extra Ordinary Seminar Workshop, KUDOS NYPL

Dear Mrs. Robyn Saunders Thank you for being the entire wonderful person that God has made and presenting the gift that you are as a person to me. I left you today July 18, 2013 with an enlighten spirit. I felt an Angel gave me a present of hope and happiness in meeting you. I was filled with honor to hear your thoughts and plans for me. I am eager to remain open minded to learn what is expected of me and to demonstrate my talents and skill sets. I look forward to working in an environment where I can continue to develop and become a dedicated individual at your facility. In regards to the Seminar II on July 17, 2013 it was fantastic. The panel discussions with Mr. George Avecedo of Bronx Women’s Resource Center and Mr. Anthony Hernandez of Bronx, Hunts point Workforce I, gave informative facts on social media and how it impacted this market. Kathy Saeed a marketing associate gave insight into the parameters of Face book, Twitter and social communication systems with explanations on the importance of being responsible on the material one reveals on these networks. Ms. Brandy McNeil, New York Public Technologist gave insight and facts on Facewash, Defend My Name and what are the best ways to attract employment to social media. She talked on the importance of being cautious of the presentation of your information on Facebook and how it is viewed my potential employers. Ms. Elruby Thomas talked about her company and communication issues as well. In summary updating and streamlining your public communication systems is a must in getting it public ready. I was listening and learning like a sponge and if all that was provided was not enough, you guys offered a Linked in course after the Agenda. I could not get to class fast enough. In addition, I want to say Thank you for the obvious hard work and effort that was put into action. An action that in my eyes was totally successful. Sincerely, Valerie McLoud

Pre-Job Expo Seminar #2

My experience with the Pre-Job Expo Seminar was WONDERFUL. Today, I learned about the importance of developing a professional Social Media presence, Networking, Linked-In, oh my goodness! I found the programming more than interesting; it was INFORMING and covered just right! This new information will enable me to build my skill-sets and was encouraged to sign-up for technology classes. The Panel was organized, except for the film projector which did not work; but everything else was fabulous. I will definitely recommend Ms. Saunders services to my family, friends and neighbors. Thank you so much Ms. Saunders, you are incredible and filled with insight, you understand what this community needs. May God Bless You In Everything You Touch!

Wonderful Workshop

Thank you Robyn for a great workshop, it was well presented and attended. You Rock!

Thank You.

I learned alot about technology and social media presence and to think, I thought that I knew all there was to know. What a great program.

Great Program

Ms. Saunders you are so funnnnnnnnnnnnny. I can tell you really like your job. I hope that I too will find something that makes me smile as much as you do. The workshop was informative and inspiring. Thank you

Great Panel

Thank you for helping our community, the information provided by each panelist was well presented and all of you seem to know to your stuff. Thank you for your humor!

Nice Program

Great information and well received. Ms. Saunders and her team were just delightful. Wonderful program.

Great Service For The Community

The Workshop was powerful and it was nice to see you up there doing your thing. I was proud for you, your services is great for this community. I learned that technology is apart of everything that we do and why it is important to show your best self, even on the online community. Thank You, Ms. Saunders for a well presented workshop.

Great Job

Thank you, Ms. Saunders for this wonderful information, I am going to tell everybody about Facebook Wash and Defend My Name for clearing up their online presence. You were funny and informative, once again THANK YOU.

A Library Experience of A Lifetime

je suis contente d avoir rencontre madame ROBYN Saunders a la librairie de fordam. ELLE EST accuellante avec toute NATIONALITE.MERCI pour son hospitalite.

My encouragement through Career Coach Robyn Saunders

I want to say I never been in this place, especially on the 5th floor, (CEIS) Bronx, Library Center. I came to the Bronx library Center for resume, job and information. I want to tell people that I met a Career Coach, Robyn Saunders over the Bronx Library Center; she's an incredible,professional, and very knowledgeable individual. I went to other places and they couldn't help me with information I need. Robyn, showed me informative Website, WWW.WES.Org, which evaluates foreign degrees, and this is what I have been looking for information for last 12 years nobody helped with it so I was discouraged but now I am not because Robyn helped in a such a great deal that I would like to recommend Robyn for others. Again, I am very happy that I meet Robyn Saunders who is a great help.

Pre-Job Expo Seminar #2

I just want to say Thank You, Ms. Saunders! I learned so much at the last panel discussion about Social Media, it was very interesting. I am encouraged to utilize this information as I seek employment, panelist were knowledgeable, organized and responsive to the questions from the audience. I have participated in many workshops and trainings, but this was far more informative. You have a wonderful sense of humor, keep doing what you are doing!

Workshop Success!

To The NYPL, Ms. Saunders is doing an wonderful thing for this community. I have participated in both seminar panels and boy, what a wealth of information. They were well informed about Social Media and stressed the importance of getting connected. I learned to Network, by speaking with each of the panelist after the seminar, as well as made new friends. I stayed for the LINKED-IN Demonstration, with Mr. Ralph Jones, what a wonderful young man, patient and inspiring. I am looking forward to the next seminar!


Thank you Ms. Saunders, for delivering an informative seminar! Steve

Panel Discussion

Today I learned the importance of creating an Online Footprint, How to protect my profile and the importance of joining online groups in my field of work. Ms. Saunders, great work!

Seminar 2

I signed up for LINKED IN, Thank you Mr. Ralph Jones for being patient. I enjoyed the information shared by the panelists and I have signed up for additional free computer classes to enhance my skills. Big Up to Ms. Saunders, for bringing such a great presentation to The Bronx Library Center. You are going places Girl. Step Out Of The Way and Watch God WORK!!!!!!!!!

Job Expo Panel

Ms. Saunders, I learned the best ways to attract potential employees are through social media, 93% of recruiters are using Linked In for potential job seekers and that Linked In is a direct job posting source from top companies. This was great. And, thank you for helping me to get my new job working at the hospital as an Office Aide III. I love CEIS.

Thank You

Thank you, Mrs. Saunders, the entire program was great and important to me. I learned so much and look forward to attending the next one.

Panel Discussion 2

Thank You, Career, Education and Information Services for putting together a wonderfully packed and informative program. I learned the importance of maintaining a positive social media network and to research the company, First. Ms. Saunders is very funny and incredible.

Panel Discussion 2

Great Workshop.

Technology Presentation

I am technology person and this information shared, spoke to me personally. Ms. Brandy and Ms. Saunders, were very informative and I think I just got an interview. I understand better that Social Media impacts everything we do today and that most companies solicit job seekers using some online source. Thank You for having this presentation.

Three Things I Learned

Three things I learned at the Seminar: The difference between Linked-In and Facebook, Employers can look at your pages when considering hiring you and that paper job applications are being phased out to online only applications. Thank you Ms. Saunders for well informed panel.

Panel Discussion 2

Ms. Saunders is on point with bringing a panel to discuss the importance of social media, blogging, facewash for facebook, social media titles, digital and media relations. So much information, next time can we have some food. Great Work.

Seminar 2

I was not aware until the panel discussion the importance of creating a PDF Resume to eliminate uploading challenges and that some employers have cameras watching you as you apply for a job. Thank you ms. saunders for this workshop

Seminar Presentation

Thank you for teaching the proper way to use Facebook, what are online assessments and how to apply for different jobs. Thank you Mr. George Acevedo for explaining the rules and regulations when using social media. Ms. Elruby is a great speaker and was thorough when answering questions posed by the audience. Thanx Miss Saunders

Informative Session

The panelists discussed Social Media advantages and disadvantages, being mindful and utilizing the computer to find hidden resources. I am going to schedule for upcoming computer classes to become more computer savvy. Thank you Mrs Saunders for a wonderful Job Expo Seminar Series. See you on August 14th.


Thank you to all the speakers and each of you provided insight on Social Media, explained how easy it is to navigate thru and discussed how it is just like asking a friend to help me with employment. Once again, Thank you.


Thank you very much, Miss Saunders for bringing the presentation to the Bronx Library Center, at first I was afraid of technology, and now I am not. I learned that social media can be a very informative tool and how to do research. I was able to gain information that had far reaching ramifications. This was wonderful.

Second Panel Discussion

I learned about LINKED-IN, Social Media Do's and Don'ts and how it can help me with my Job Search. Ms. Saunders, WE NEED MORE OF THEM IN OUR COMMUNITY.

Seminar Discussion

This program was excellent. It filled in all the gaps and educated me on the importance of Public Communications like Facebook. This absolutely AWESOME. Thank You, Ms. Saunders for a job well don!

Social Media Do's and Don'ts Seminar

Social Media Do's and Don'ts Workshop taught me the best ways to upload my resume, PDF is the best way. Great handout information provided by Ms. Saunders and her team. I would like more GED information and there should be a microphone in the audience so everyone can hear questions posed to the panelists.

Social Media

NYPL needs to have more classes about Social Media and how to use it safely and efficiently.


Social Media can be very important for Employees and Employers; a person needs to be cautious when posting on social media and there can be a lot more information about you out there than you think. Fantastic Workshop!

Social Media is ever

Social Media is ever changing, research the company to get an upperhand in interview and there are plenty of opportunities but you have to be prepared. Thank you Miss Saunders

Experienca e librarise sime

Ky vend si biblioteke eshte nje vend i mire dhe ka shume lloje informacionesh te shumta edhe sa i perket librave do te gjeni gjithcka ne ket library , edhe nqs keni nevoje per resume Ms Robyn Saunders doo te ndihmoje per gjithcka sa i perket resumes ajo eshte nje grua e mrekullueshme qe do te ju gjindet , per shume gjera vecanerisht per resume edhe per pune, ju falenderoj per mirekuptimin dhe kaloni sa me mire tung

Reaffirmed As A Profoundly Important Community Institution

Dear Ms. Saunders, The library has always been a hugely important place in my life and you have just reaffirmed that the library a profoundly important community institution. Thank you so much! Best, Elizabeth March

A Beautiful Change!

I love this department; I had an interview today and was given a brand new Suit and a Shirt. I have never had this happen to me ever! I never imagined that I can come here and get this type of help and it makes me look at the Library from a different perspective. Ms. Saunders, helped me to reshape my thoughts around my career goals. I have been to many other Libraries but my experience has not been the same. I did not know that you can get many resources and this type of services. I will recommend to my friends, relatives and others. And, I received a GREAT BIG HUG from Ms. Saunders, a job interview and attire, Is this really The New York Public Library? Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Thank You For The Services

This department is a very present help for this community; I did not even know the library provides these services until my friend told me. Ms. Saunders helped me to complete several applications online for Medical Assistant / Administrative opportunities. Thank You. Ms. Saunders.

My Experience with The New - New York Public Library

Ms. Saunders helped me with a new resume and I so look forward to working with her and assistance with gaining employment in the field of Health! I am excited new opportunities.

I got my resume done through CEIS!

i came to the Bronx library center, i needed help with my resume and I met Mr. Kabir, who helped me formatting my resume and provided me information about CEIS, I am happy with their services and I look forward to come here more often for any career related assistance.

CEIS Experience

Great place for reality check on your resume and career advise. Ms. Saunders and Kabir helped a great deal building a profesional resume. Both are knowledgeable, profesional, and approachable. If you need a quick fix with your resumes or an advice on how to tackle your next career move its a good place to start.

My Experienc with Bronx Library Center --CEIS

I feel so excited becuase this is the first time for me to be here at the Bronx Library Center-CEIS that I received real Resume asssistance from the Career Coach Robyn Saunders and her Assistant Kabir. I really appreciated with their services. I have an appointment with Ms. Robyn again and I hope I will get a great help finding a job I want.

Keep Doing What You Are Doing!

I just stopped by to say, "Hey!" I came by and the office was jammed packed and Mrs. Saunders was at her desk helping another community resident. And, then to my surprise, the Department of Education's School Chancellor, Dennis Walcott showed up. I saw you telling him about your wonderful department and watched him smile, I only wished that I could have said something. I would have told him just how magnificent you really are. I have been to alot of places for assistance, but this is one place that not only makes you feel welcomed, they take the time to care about the people they serve. Please, continue doing what you all are doing. The community loves you, ask me how I know? I am a proud working class bronx citizen who received the assistance of Mrs. Saunders, and today I work as a Case Manager at FEGS! Thank you, Mrs Saunders for the Resume, Free Consultation, Career Path Direction, Mock Interviews and calling the employers and scheduling the interview. Much Love, Ms. Johnson

Yes , i like this department

Yes , i like this department ... this department helps a lot out with my work ethnic's and its a great experience to help me , mature & grow in life to maintain a job .

The Benefits of The Job Hunt

my name is Divina Hernandez, I am writing this comment because I want to say thanks Ms. Saunders for helping me to get my goals. I can not thank you enough for doing my resume, cover letter, and the most important thing your adviser about how to get a better job and being a better professional. thank you very much. I am soooooooooooo ready to begin my career path and with your continued help, I believe it is achievable! I really appreciate the assistance of the CEIS Department and so gratefuly that it is in my community.........Thank you, New York Public Library!

Got A Job Working at Albert Einstein Medical Center

My name is Evon Howard, and I wanted to tell everybody to come to CEIS at The Bronx Library Center. I came to get assistance with my resume and Mrs. Saunders WORKED IT OVER!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a job working at Albert Einstein Medical Center and I am going to send all my friends, family and Co-Workers! Thank you so much and greatly appreciate it!

My experience with the CEIS.

This department is very valuable to me, it helps me to keep up with my career changes, and the staff has helped me tremendously. Mrs. Saunders is a true professional, and my resume is incredibly professional. I am ready to get the job I am looking for in the Food Service Industry. Thank You So Much!

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