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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through June 11, 2013


PP23627 - Echinacea plant named 'Secret Joy'PP23627 - Echinacea plant named 'Secret Joy'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of May 21 and 28 and June 4 and 11, 2013.

Plant Patent plates for 2012 and 2013 have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these—they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23622 - Gasteria plant named 'WT10'PP23622 - Gasteria plant named 'WT10' PP23623 - Agastache plant named 'Summer Sunset'PP23623 - Agastache plant named 'Summer Sunset'
 PP23624 - Campanula plant named 'USCAMP10'PP23624 - Campanula plant named 'USCAMP10' PP23628 -Tiarella plant named 'Sunset Ridge'PP23628 -Tiarella plant named 'Sunset Ridge'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published May 21, 2013; Nos. PP23601-PP23628

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
May 21, 2013PP23601OlesenClimbing rose plant named 'Poulcy017'USPTOPP23601
May 21, 2013PP23602WhiteMiniature rose plant named 'SAVaboo'USPTOPP23602
May 21, 2013PP23603OlesenMiniature rose plant named 'Poulpar056'USPTOPP23603
May 21, 2013PP23604OlesenMiniature rose plant named 'Poulpar058'USPTOPP23604
May 14, 2013PP23605OlesenMiniature rose plant named 'Poulpar066'USPTOPP23605
May 21, 2013PP23606Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named 'Black Satin'USPTOPP23606
May 21, 2013PP23607BradfordNectarine tree named 'Pearlicious VI'USPTOPP23607
May 21, 2013PP23608BradfordNectarine tree named 'Pearlicious VII'USPTOPP23608
May 21, 2013PP23609Zaiger et al.Peach tree named 'Aspen White'USPTOPP23609
May 21, 2013PP23610JamesBirch tree named 'Globe'USPTOPP23610
May 21, 2013PP23611HurdVeronica plant named 'Sweet Lullaby'USPTOPP23611
May 21, 2013PP23612Yencho et al.Sweetpotato plant named 'NCORNSP-013GNLC'USPTOPP23612
May 21, 2013PP23613Yencho et al.Sweetpotato plant named 'NCORNSP-015SCPI'USPTOPP23613
May 21, 2013PP23614BruinenZamioculcas zamiifolia plant named 'LUCKYWHIT'USPTOPP23614
May 21, 2013PP23615BlomChrysanthemum plant named 'Zanmutang'USPTOPP23615
May 21, 2013PP23616BlomChrysanthemum plant named 'Zanmudande'USPTOPP23616
May 21, 2013PP23617Ikeda et al.Fuchsia plant named 'Sanifminiho'USPTOPP23617
May 21, 2013PP23618BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipelsumor'USPTOPP23618
May 21, 2013PP23619BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipelsumcer'USPTOPP23619
May 21, 2013PP23620LemonGeranium plant named 'Oglger5053'USPTOPP23620
May 21, 2013PP23621BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipeldanlavimp'USPTOPP23621
May 21, 2013PP23622TuinierGasteria plant named 'WT10'USPTOPP23622
May 21, 2013PP23623EggerAgastache plant named 'Summer Sunset'USPTOPP23623
May 21, 2013PP23624SakazakiCampanula plant named 'USCAMP10'USPTOPP23624
May 21, 2013PP23625SakazakiCampanula plant named 'USCAMP08'USPTOPP23625
May 21, 2013PP23626de KroonDiascia plant named 'DISZ0001'USPTOPP23626
May 21, 2013PP23627KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Secret Joy'USPTOPP23627
May 21, 2013PP23628EggerTiarella plant named 'Sunset Ridge'USPTOPP23628
 PP23633 - Sambucus plant named 'Eiffel 1'PP23633 - Sambucus plant named 'Eiffel 1' PP23645 - Gaillardia plant named 'Sun Devil'PP23645 - Gaillardia plant named 'Sun Devil'
 PP23646 - Gaura plant named 'PASSIONATE RAINBOW PETITE'PP23646 - Gaura plant named 'PASSIONATE RAINBOW PETITE' PP23647 - Heucherella plant named 'Solar Eclipse'PP23647 - Heucherella plant named 'Solar Eclipse'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published May 28, 2013; Nos. PP23629-PP23648

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
May 28, 2013PP23629OlesenClimbing rose plant named 'Poulcy015'USPTOPP23629
May 28, 2013PP23630OlesenClimbing rose plant named 'Poulcy019'USPTOPP23630
May 28, 2013PP23631Bliss et al.Peach rootstock 'HBOK 27'USPTOPP23631
May 28, 2013PP23632WarrenSwamp white oak tree named 'JFS-KW12'USPTOPP23632
May 28, 2013PP23633TobuttSambucus plant named 'Eiffel 1'USPTOPP23633
May 28, 2013PP23634HigakiHydrangea plant named 'Grace'USPTOPP23634
May 28, 2013PP23635Bak et al.Medinilla hybrid plant named 'BELLA'USPTOPP23635
May 28, 2013PP23636BlomChrysanthemum plant named 'Zanmuember'USPTOPP23636
May 28, 2013PP23637Hofmann et al.Pelargonium plant named 'Kuegrapidue'USPTOPP23637
May 28, 2013PP23638BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipelpopwhi'USPTOPP23638
May 28, 2013PP23639BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipelpopsal'USPTOPP23639
May 28, 2013PP23640BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipelpoplileye'USPTOPP23640
May 28, 2013PP23641BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipelpopnepi'USPTOPP23641
May 28, 2013PP23642DummenPelargonium plant named 'Dueviimplum'USPTOPP23642
May 28, 2013PP23643BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipelpopred'USPTOPP23643
May 28, 2013PP23644HanesPetunia plant named 'PEHY0003'USPTOPP23644
May 28, 2013PP23645KorliparaGaillardia plant named 'Sun Devil'USPTOPP23645
May 28, 2013PP23646EggletonGaura plant named 'PASSIONATE RAINBOW PETITE'USPTOPP23646
May 28, 2013PP23647Egger et al.Heucherella plant named 'Solar Eclipse'USPTOPP23647
May 28, 2013PP23648MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonen'USPTOPP23648
 PP23650 - Lantana plant named 'Sunny Side Up'PP23650 - Lantana plant named 'Sunny Side Up' PP23652 - Lily plant named 'Sunny Cypres'PP23652 - Lily plant named 'Sunny Cypres'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published June 4, 2013; Nos. PP23649-PP23652

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
June 4, 2013PP23649ShefelbineApple tree, 'DS 3'USPTOPP23649
June 4, 2013PP23650KardosLantana plant named 'Sunny Side Up'USPTOPP23650
June 4, 2013PP23651Yencho et al.Sweetpotato plant named 'NCORNSP-014BWPI'USPTOPP23651
June 4, 2013PP23652SchenkLily plant named 'Sunny Cypres'USPTOPP23652
 PP23653 - Rose plant named 'Florirosavio04'PP23653 - Rose plant named 'Florirosavio04' PP23655 - Mandevilla plant named 'Lanutah'PP23655 - Mandevilla plant named 'Lanutah'
 PP23659 - Verbena plant named 'VEAZ0012'PP23659 - Verbena plant named 'VEAZ0012' PP23665 - Hosta plant named 'Rhino Hide'PP23665 - Hosta plant named 'Rhino Hide'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published June 11, 2013; Nos. PP23653-PP23666

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
June 11, 2013PP23653Tanaka et al.Rose plant named 'Florirosavio04'USPTOPP23653
June 11, 2013PP23654VerhoefWeigela plant named 'Slingco 1'USPTOPP23654
June 11, 2013PP23655LannesMandevilla plant named 'Lanutah'USPTOPP23655
June 11, 2013PP23656BergmanHibiscus plant named 'Antigua Wind'USPTOPP23656
June 11, 2013PP23657DummenEuphorbia plant named 'Duestawiimspa'USPTOPP23657
June 11, 2013PP23658StemkensVerbena plant named 'VEAZ0008'USPTOPP23658
June 11, 2013PP23659StemkensVerbena plant named 'VEAZ0012'USPTOPP23659
June 11, 2013PP23660DummenVerbena plant named 'Duempflawi'USPTOPP23660
June 11, 2013PP23661DummenVerbena plant named 'Duempdarech'USPTOPP23661
June 11, 2013PP23662DummenVerbena plant named 'Duempflare'USPTOPP23662
June 11, 2013PP23663VerschoorPhlox plant named 'Tiara'USPTOPP23663
June 11, 2013PP23664Hofmann et al.Pelargonium plant named 'Kuegrapiso'USPTOPP23664
June 11, 2013PP23665RawsonHosta plant named 'Rhino Hide'USPTOPP23665
June 11, 2013PP23666EggerHeucherella plant named 'Sunrise Falls'USPTOPP23666



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