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Career Services

Career Path Workshop Series at Francis Martin, June 10: Career Exploration

Are you ready to explore your potential career goal? If yes! Save the date. Meet our dynamic Career Coach Robyn Saunders and let her work with you. Come and join this FREE informative series workshop at your local Francis Martin Library.

Career and Education Information Service

Francis Martin Library
2150 University Avenue
Bronx, NY 10453

Career Path Workshop Series

June 10th, 2013
4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Career Exploration

Start on the path to getting that next job or improving your current career choice 

  • Defining Your Competitive Career Advantade
  • What's the Employment Forcast for New York City
  • Where Can I Find the job I want/Evaluating Realistic Expectation
  • The Best Ways to Use Social Media During Your Job Search

To Register:

Come in to sign up or e-mail: or

Note: Seating is limited to 20 persons

For more information, view a flyer (PDF) about additional series workshops that are coming up in June 2013.


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I know Ms. Saunders, very

I know Ms. Saunders, very well. She is incredible and takes her time with each person. She created a wonderful resume and I recently got a job. She is the truth and so are workshops!

Thank You

Thank you for such a wonderful comment. You are an awesome person to work with and I hope all is well with you and your family. Til We Meet Again, Friend!

Ceis. Ms Robyn Sauders

Ms.Saunders is an absolutely delightful person to deal with;I found her to be highly professional,detail oriented with excellent communication and organizational skills with strong problem solving ability a 'people person'.If I sound like I'm writing her resume I am, I just hope the library can hang on to such an extraordinary person. Thanks to her I am now gainfully employed with a great career ahead of me. Thank You!

hello Bronx library center,

hello Bronx library center, congrats to ms. Saunders she is a wonderful and intelligent women i love the way works; she is very professional on how she do thing because she very well oriented also i'm glad i learned different type pf skills in the workforce and resume wise. Thank You !!!

Ms.Saunders took care of my

Ms.Saunders took care of my resume very well whereas I found a lot of skills that I left out.She took her time and allow me to ask any question about advancing and upgrading my resume.I will come back to the library to follow up.

Thumbs up to Ms. Saunders.

Thumbs up to Ms. Saunders. She helped me revise my resume and I am feeling more confident that I will get the job. She is truly a valuable asset to this library.



CEIS Assistance

CEIS Department is very good and provide great services; I was able to get a great resume and assistance with Job Information.

Here at the Bronx Library

Here at the Bronx Library Center's Career & Education Information Services located at 310 East Kingsbridge Road, Bronx, New York, 10458, I was able to restructure my resume, use the computers for an extended period of time to look online for work, have a place to come after a day of work search, be able take advantage of many of the job search and career development tools and tips that are currently in demand in the modern day work force, job search advice, along with other services. Additionally, I have been able to get materials for my job search including folders, poster card for the resumes, various print outs and other material. Some of the services that I would like to see include summer job search strategies, restyling winning work style(s), getting the job you really want, the right approach to interviewing, how to get job interview(s) and land the job, job search basics, sustaining a job search in a unfavorable market, building up and stay connected to an effective network(s), matching personalities with a career one loves, mock interviews, screening and feed back sessions with actual employers and marketing oneself to a decision maker. An occasional motivational speaker would be an asset as well. In conclusion, I would like to thank the members of the Career & Education Information Services for the help and assistance that I have received. I hope that funding to the department and the library as a whole continues so that this center can expand and include some of the lectures, conferences, workshops and career development events suggested. I believe job development and career enhancement and change are arduous enough. Having a dedicated department such as the Career & Education Information Services Center is not only a welcome treasure but also essential. It genuinely assists and directs people seeking employment.

El servicio que me brindan en

El servicio que me brindan en esta libreria es muy excelente te tratan como en tu casa y con el respeto que te mereces me encanta venir a esta Libreria te recomiendo que lleges a este lugar en el cual te pueden ayudar en cualquier necesidad sea para job, resume, book, homework assistance...

My Experience At The Library

I never rarely use the resources of the library; this is my first time going and getting a Resume using the Career Center. My Resume is professional and now I feel that I have a greater chance of gaining employment. I highly appreciate CEIS Services, they informative, patient, fun and exciting. It is a pleasure to be here. Ms. Saunders, has scheduled an interview immediately in Security and I am so excited!

A Jewel In The Bronx!

Ms. Saunders is a very efficient, considerate, courteous and thoughtful individual. I came to CEIS seeking a job as a Teacher and my experience with her has helped me to express my self in ways that I never known. The Resume, "Oh My God, It Is Different" it has the word "Professional" written all over it. I would recommend everyone to come and sit with Ms. Saunders, she is very patient. So much thought goes into each resume and no one is the same. I even brought three sons and she worked with them individually and professionally. Ms. Saunders completed their resumes and is scheduling them for job interviews. CEIS is proficient and it is a "GO TO Center For The Neighborhood". I have never seen anyone leave unsatisfied, everyone walks a with with a smile on their face. Something Good Is Happening In The Bronx!

The Best Of The Best!

If it weren't for Ms. Saunders, I don't know where I'd be today. She helped me see the most important things in my life and helped me choose a career path that I love more than anything. I am now in school and working at the same time supporting my family. Thank you Ms. Saunders!

Great Job!

Ms. Saunders and her team work very hard at what they do. They are passionate about getting people prepared for the Workforce. The Consultations are professional and I can honestly say that Ms. Saunders goes out of her way to speak with Employers, and match qualified workers to their job openings and schedules interviews. CEIS has helped me with obtaining the job that I have currently, as a Case Manager. Therefore, I recommend the services. I have never seen any library offer this type of service. AWESOME!

Gotta A Job Using This Great Service

I just got a job using this service as a Line Cook, at Applebees! Thanks Ms. Saunders, you are incredible. I have been looking for work for a long time, and you did it. You revised my resume and worked with me on my interview skills. You GO Gurl! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks, Everyone use this service the Bronx Library Center is THE BOMB! I told all my friends about what you do -- so expect to get a few more calls!

Very Good!

I came in today seeking help for obtaining a CDL Class B Free Training Course and Oh, My God! Ms. Saunders referred me to a CDL Class B Training for the Unemployed seeking to become employed. I am going to recommend CEIS Services to all of my friends and family. If you don't try this service you will miss out on a wonderful opportunity, house right here in the Bronx!

I had a very great experience

I had a very great experience at the library today. I am pleased with the help that was given me to help with my resume. I will return to use the library in my spare time. Thank you. And, they have the most professional resumes, and I am confident that this resume will help me with gaining employment! I highly recommend this wonderful service!

Excellent Services In The Bronx

I highly recommend this services, it has been great to be here. Ms. Saunders helps in so many ways, and I love the way she treats people of this community. Her professionalism, sense of empathy helps people move from despair to hope. The resume is AWESOME and I know I am going to get a job in the field that I want as a Medical Technician.

Maintain The Momentum!

Remember, The Library belongs to the community! And, we need your support, so keep tell as many as people as you can about the services!

The Job Seekers Solution To Assistance

I come here each day for job search activities and the service this department provides are invaluable. I come to the library and meet people who are serious about finding and gaining employment. I like this place.

Great Service at CEIS

CEIS Did wonderful job,I came here for my resume. Mr. Kabir Did a very good job formatting my resume. I will come here for my job search. Thank you Guys!

The Services are Exemplary

I love this service. Ms. Saunders and her staff treated me wonderfully. I love my resume and will take full advantage of the Consultation and the guidance I received. I would highly recommend all community residents to utilize this service. My dream of being a Community Advocate is not far away anymore; I am on my way to my local police station to apply for the next upcoming class. Thank you Ms. Robyn

Usefulness of Career Info. Center

I have been using the career services since October 2012 and it has been very helpful in updating my resume and cover letter. I lost my job in November 2012 and since then I have come to the career center continuously and Robyn Saunders has helped me by giving me tools to help my job search easier. I am looking forward to getting a job soon with the help of this career center! I feel this is very needed in the community to help those who don't have tools to update or start even their resume.

I am very satisfied with my

I am very satisfied with my resume and Ms. Saunders helped me for an interview. I am so excited. This Department is WONDERFUL

Great Job

Ms. Saunders always seem to help me in my time of need and deeply appreciate the assistance of the CEIS Department. The services are wonderful and you might have to wait a while; but you will be assisted and you will like the outcome

My First Skype Interview

My first experience interviewing with Skype was terrifying and sweated profusely. However, Ms. Saunders made me feel so comfortable and prepared me just before the interview. The interviewer asked the same questions, as though she was in the room with me and I dressed, sat and spoke very professionally. The beautiful thing is that they want to meet with me personally, I was scheduled for my second interview. I highly, seriously recommend the services she helps us with, Interviewing Preparation, Resume Development and Coaching. OH MY GOD, I took the help very seriously. This department is the best thing in the Bronx.


Ms Saunders help me get back into the game, i let a previous employer try to tell me that i didnt know my job that i was doing for 12yrs and i beleived it and got depress but i decided to come to the library and went to the 5th floor and there she was the miracle worker was there she help me update my resume and i landed a job she help me beleive in my self when i lost hope and know i want the best for me. So please do not take the librarys away this is one place that keeps the kids out of trouble safe learning and positive and help me back into the working world

I Now Know What An Electronic Resume Is?

The CEIS Department has shown me various styles of resumes; however, the computerized resume allows me to copy and paste to job posting websites. This version allows employers to view my resume without any obstacles or format changes. This department is very helpful, Robyn Saunders and her team of assistants are absolutely remarkable! They come highly recommended. I will make sure to tell my friends about them!

I Got The Job With The Help of CEIS

HI MY NAME IS MARVIN ISAACS I GOT THE JOB AT APPLEBEES! Yo, this department help me get a job, without it I would be still looking. Ms. Saunders helped me developed my resume, and I was able to post it online to different employers. Ms. Saunders helped me complete job applications for businesses on Fordham Road and Applesbees called me back, I start tomorrow. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Holla at cha boy!

Fabulous, Professional and The Greatest!

Ms. Saunders is very patient and this department. My resume is absolutely beautiful. She scheduled me for an interview for a job on the same day. I recommend anyone and everyone to get help using CEIS.

Excellent Services

The Bronx Library discovered a winner. Ms. Saunders made an excellent resume and I got the job that I wanted. In addition, other companies have been calling me for interviews. CEIS, there is no comparison. Thank You. Ms. Saunders

I Agree!

Mr. Rashidi you are so right. Ms. Saunders helped me with applications for housing and I referred my mom for Senior Services and she connected her to the Department of Aging and they helped her with part-time paid training. A great team at the Library

Thank You

You both are Awesome Men with Integrity. I know that all you desire and hope for will come to pass. Just keep doing, what you are doing and you will get the desired result. We've come to far, to stop NOW! Thank you for your wonderful expressions of LOVE!

I came here with a purpose to

I came here with a purpose to perfect my resume and with the help of Kumir my resume was done in less than no time . He formatted my resume in such an awesome way . I feel so satisfied. Thanks to Ms.Robyn i will be employed once again.


I like the resume that was created by this department and I will recommend all of my friends and family. I never had a resume that looks this, absolutely professional. Mr. Kabir was very, very helpful. A friend recommended me to CEIS and he did not steer me wrong. Thank you. Ms. Saunders

CEIS Assistance - Resume

Mrs. Saunders and her staff did such a wonderful job on reconstructing my resume. Unlike others, she took the time to take a look at it and made some important changes that was beneficial to my job search. I am more than satisfied with the service overall, and I fully recommend paying her a visit. She's a blessing!

the help and the services i

the help and the services i recieve from robyn in the library is great. i learn alot,get my resume done,job interviews i mean you name i get it. when i leave the new york public library i feel more then satisfied with the assitance but it makes you want to keep doing something positive.

I love coming here because I

I love coming here because I know i can always get help in any job search. Ms.Saunders and her staff are really friendly and always willing to help. I like my resume and their commitment to help me find a job. I would recommend this department to anyone.

Great Department A+

I really appreciate the care and the enthusiasm they put to help us with our problems and solve them, this department has helped me move forward and realize the more important things in life. like doing better, striving for a carreer and being professional thank you.

A Life Saver

CEIS Department was very helpful with helping me to get a job at Planet Fitness. Thank You, I am so SATISFIED.

Wonderful Resource For The Community

A wonderful resource and a great meeting place for job seekers; I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Ms. Saunders and the CEIS Department. Kudos, Great Job!

Conseguí el trabajo con la ayuda del Departamento de CEIS

Grandes recursos para nuestra comunidad. Tengo un trabajo con Ritchie Torres como representante. Me encanta este y yo recomendaría a cualquiera de estos servicios.

My First Job Experience

Ms. Saunders has given me the opportunity to expand my thinking in terms of my career path for the future and why it is important to find value or worth in deciding my career choice. I am applying my first job at Applebees; hope I get it

A Useful Department

Supplies a much needed service to people in a really bad spot!

You Are Simply The Best

Thank you so much for stopping by and allowing this department to help you with your job search activities!

My Resume and CoverLetter

Ms. Saunders and her staff are great to help me update my resume and cover letter. They are considerate and generous to encourage me to go through each step of job searching. I absolutely recommend anyone who is in need of this service. They are the BEST!!!

Never Knew This Department

I am very impressed with my Resume; to be honest I did not even know this department existed, especially not in the Library. I am going to refer all my friends and family for assistance and I thank, Ms. Robyn Saunders for her patience and assistance.

this department is the best

this department is very much needed, i was able to recover a well put together resume that i am very happy with.

You Got The Tools!

Now get that job you have been dreaming of!

I Love This Library Branch!

I came to the Career & Education Information Services department of the Bronx Library Center on Fordham road for help with my resume and career advice. Ms. Robyn Saunders was very instrumental in helping me upgrade my resume and her expertise was invaluable to me. Everyone here at the Bronx Library Center from the security guards to the library assistants are top notch and deliver exemplary service to their constituents of which i am just one.

Got The Job!

Very Good Service and they help me with completing my online application with a reputable company; and I am now waiting for my report day!

Coming to the Career &

Coming to the Career & Education Information Services department at the Bronx Library Center was very helpful with fixing my resume and understand the importance of a electronic resume.

Robyn is the most coordinated

Robyn is the most coordinated and educated individual. She is truly remarkable. She takes care of people with love and warmth. Anything you need she is there.


Dear Readers Fans/and/or would be Fans of Judy Saunders, I am thrilled to have this amazing opportunity to tell you how happy.,delighted,and excited I am to have met Mrs. Judy Saunders. She is truly a real true blue professional with a great flair for outstanding Resume Writing. She also has fantastic people skills,she truly seems to be very caring,compassionate,and a deep interest in delivering excellence in everything she does. She speaks with so much love,understanding,and compassion. I am so excited to have met her,and am looking forward to possibly working with her on mutiple career projects. MUCH LOVE Marlene

..Thanks to this service. I

..Thanks to this service. I have a professional Resume and I will be able to find a Job more fast.

I enjoy coming to the bronx

I enjoy coming to the bronx library center because they care and help every individual equally and fairly.I also love the staffing and security and i enjoy reading books and going on the computer....

it was great ! the service

it was great ! the service here was very professional. :)

Much Potential

I am confident that I will get the job that I desire, with this professional resume. On a scale from 1 to 10, I give the CEIS Department at 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robyn, is a sweetheart, competent and professional. I am going to refer everybody that I know!


Robyn, is my Home girl. I walked in, she did my resume and I went on two interviews. Ms. Saunders, makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and works on behalf of the people. She is that teacher, that you are looking for and I appreciate everything and her. I inquired about GED Classes and she referred me to the Adult Learning Center and I have been coming every since. I appreciate you, Robyn!

Ms. Robyn is a great,

Ms. Robyn is a great, inspiring person. She assists us to identify our purpose in life by being a friend to us, but most importantly, a mentor.

Study Sessions Are Quiet!

This is a wonderful department and service is always exceptional; wonderful place to study! Thanks, Robyn

Experience and Positive Interaction

Ms. Saunders is fiesty, and please no budget cuts. CEIS is a great department and they serve the needs of this community. A community without a library is like community suicide; the library is where this community. Thank you so much Robyn, We Love You!

Re-Starting My Life and Discovering My Passion

I happened to be roaming the Bronx and for some strange reason, I stumbled upon this Library. While on the 4th floor of this beautiful glass building, I kept noticing the stairs leading to another level and they seemed to be beckoning for me to come upstairs. I followed my spirit and that is exactly what I did. I perused the posted flyers as well as those that were on display and I noticed an office filled with people smiling and I wanted to know what was going on. That is when I met, Robyn Saunders, Career Coach. What a wonder! She suggested that I sit down and began to ask me questions about my career path. In other words, what matters most in my life and What was my passion? Funny, at that moment I really did not have an answer and we continued to talk. I have been wanting to do something with my life; but had no sense of direction. The more we conversed, the more we uncovered and she stated that I do not have to walk this journey alone. I have a co-pilot that can help me discover what values most to me and find my purpose. Don't get me wrong, she is not some guru, but she is a COACH. My new found Friend and sister! A LIFE COACH, A CAREER COACH And, she is rooting for me.......Wowwwwww! Life begins and ends with ME. Ms. Saunders understands completely and totally. I can't wait for our next meeting. People stay posted!

Never new that a library could be this helpful

Well, i came to the bronx libray, to do my resume and i ended up metting a beautifull person with a big heart, so now i feel very confident that im going to get the help i need to succeed.

The Bronx Library Center

The Bronx Library Center Career and Education Information Services is a great resource for the community. Here, under the leadership of Robyn Saunders, the community is able to take advantage of employment, adult career counseling, employment readiness, summer job search strategies, restyling a winning resume, career management, using social media to find a job, manage an image profile, building a professional stature, dressing for success, networking conversations and techniques, both formal and informal, building up confidence, staying motivated during a difficult job search, figuring out how to overcome resume problems and much, much more. This center has been a source for continued job search help, support and varied assistance during my search for work.

Grateful for the services at Bronx Library Center

The Bronx Library Center's Career service's by Ms. Robyn Saunders has given me the necessary tools and coaching to improve my job search. I am deeply grateful to the Bronx Library Center and Ms. Saunders for having these services in our community.


I like to just take a minute to let everyone know what a job Robyn does, she is in a word a treasure. Robyn goes about her job with her whole heart, She gives you her all. She and her staff are beyond dedicated! The time and respect she gives to each client says alot about her as a person, she really believes in treating people like you wish to be treated. She is now putting together a job fair that speaks to how much she wants every client to not only get a job, but have a career. THANK YOU ROBYN.


I like to just take a minute to let everyone know what a job Robyn does, she is in a word a treasure. Robyn goes about her job with her whole heart, She gives you her all. She and her staff are beyond dedicated! The time and respect she gives to each client says alot about her as a person, she really believes in treating people like you wish to be treated. She is now putting together a job fair that speaks to how much she wants every client to not only get a job, but have a career. THANK YOU ROBYN.

Job Search Central at Bronx Library Central

For the first time in my job search I feel as though employment is eminent, as apposed to elusive. Ms Saunders has been more encouraging and instrumental than I have previously encountered in many other venues and Mr. Kabir has restored my faith in humanity. The help and information I have received thus far has already been invaluable and they aren't done with me yet! It is this dedication that must continue to be supported and acknowledged at all costs!

Just Got A Job and Dress Attire!

I want to commend the effective workshops that Ms. Robyn Saunders had conducted between November and December as of 2012. The workshops provide the necessary communication skills to be conducted when attending job interviews. Ms. Saunders had taken the time consuming process of manifesting my resume and my cover letter with eye catching computer applications. I would implore the officials of New York City to provide more workshops in order to assist more applicants into finding gainful employment. I have applied at employment agencies, and I find they were nowhere as effective and trustworthy as the workshops conducted by Ms. Saunders. Due to the recommended strategies of finding employment by Ms. Saunders, I diligently and patiently was able to locate a job through the Internet. I thank Ms. Saunders for her extremely reliable job seeking resources and strategies in order to eventually find gainful employment. I am one of the 100 men to gain dress attire donated by The Mens Wearhouse! Who would have thought that the Library would be this helpful! Thanx

Ms. Robyn Saunders was very

Ms. Robyn Saunders was very instrumental in helping me land a good job.

Discovering My Passion

Perfect customer service, learned valuable tips for interviews. I loved my resume. Ms. Saunders is very informative, inspiring and right on point. She helped to think my true passion and directed me to where people who are in my craft are. I think, I will pay attention to the gift that I was given called Singing! And get a job!

Just Got A Job!

I finally got my first job!!I am 19 years old and Deals gave me the opportunity to work as a cashier. I can not be any happier!! Bronx Library Center gave me a big push because of all the help they gave me with my resume. My interviewers were really impress with it!! It has been an amazing experience!!

My experience with the CEIS.

In the past, I have had occasion to utilize the services of similar programs. I have never been so hopeful and motivated before now. Upon my initial encounter with the staff here, I knew that my search was over. The assistance I have received is and will be perpetually invaluable to me. Ms Saunders and Mr. Kabir often work many hours, above and beyond and have shown infinite patience and understanding with an often impatient and some times ungrateful clientele. Among this particular group, I do not include myself because I, myself, will always be eternally grateful. I now feel better armed to face the challenges ahead and I am looking forward to what I know is a new and challenging position I will secure, thanks to the help and support I have received at the Bronx Library Center-Career and Information Services.

My Experience

The CEIS Department has been educational, forward thinking and professional. I would recommend these services to my neighbors, friends and family. Now, I Look forward to the next process of my Job Search. I knew that Ms. Saunders would help me and she provided me professional styled resumes! Wonderful and Exceptional!

I believe that this is a

I believe that this is a positive (they won't give me my resumes, unless I do this) department and I especially want to thank Mr. Kabir because he is very special and now I am ready for the world, because of Mr. Kabir! Thanx Guys, you all make me smile!

My Experience at Bronx Library Center's CEIS Department

I came to the CEIS looking for help as a returning citizen and CEIS provided me with a lot of help. Ms. Robyn Saunders welcomed me back into the community with open arms and she helped me get the resources that I need to start again and thrive after so many years. I give credit to Ms. Robyn Saunders for showing me that people are still willing to teach you things and supply you with help. Ms. Robyn Saunders provided me with the support I needed to convince myself that I will have a bright future from now on.

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