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Booktalking "The Peanut-Free Cafe" by Gloria Koster


Simon loved peanut butter and only three other foods. Like many kids, it was hard for him to break his eating routine. Luckily for him, peanut butter was plentiful at Nutley School. The principal was named Mrs. Filbert (a type of nut), and the school had teachers called Mrs. Hazel and Mr. Almond. Havoc almost erupted when new student Grant arrived. Grant was on a peanut-free diet. Eating even a single peanut could make him very sick, so it was extremely important for him to avoid any contact with peanuts.

Grant told everyone at Nutley School that peanuts had not been allowed at his old school. However, kids and staff alike at Nutley School loved nuts, so one teacher decided to convert a corner of the school cafeteria into a "Peanut-free Café." Kids could eat pizza, or other foods, as long as they did not contain peanuts, and watch fun movies there, such as Dirt-Bike Rodent.

Simon was quite ambivalent about ever giving up peanuts and sitting in the peanut-free café. Many of his friends were sitting in the cafe. He struggled with the notion of not eating peanuts during the school day. However, his beloved peanut butter was always just waiting to entice him when he is at home.

The Peanut-Free Café by Gloria Koster, 2006

A jar of "SO GOOD Peanut Butter" decorates the title page of this book. I know the feeling. Soon after starting my gluten-free diet, I had dreams about bread and the bakery aisle in grocery stores. I loved bread, but I have since found other foods with different nutrients that I enjoy eating. I broadened my horizons with grains such as millet, buckwheat (gluten-free and does not contain wheat), oats and brown rice. Wheat is in so many foods, but I think that it is better to eat a variety of grains.


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