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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through February 26, 2013


PP23433 - Gerbera plant named 'UFGE 7034'PP23433 - Gerbera plant named 'UFGE 7034'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of February 12, 19 and 26, 2013.

Plant Patent plates for 2012 and 2013 have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these — they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23384a - Prunus incisa named FPMSPLPP23384a - Prunus incisa named FPMSPL PP23384b - Prunus incisa named FPMSPLPP23384b - Prunus incisa named FPMSPL
 PP23385 - Viburnum plant name 'PIIVIB-I'PP23385 - Viburnum plant name 'PIIVIB-I' PP23386 - Variety of Lantana plant named 'NEBLAN5151'PP23386 - Variety of Lantana plant named 'NEBLAN5151'
 PP23387 - Hydrangea paniculata plant named 'PIIHP-I'PP23387 - Hydrangea paniculata plant named 'PIIHP-I' PP23390 - Heloipsis plant named 'Summer Pink'PP23390 - Heloipsis plant named 'Summer Pink'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published February 12, 2013; Nos. PP23382-PP23394

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
February 12, 2013PP23382Ferguson, et al.Strawberry plant named DrisStrawTwentyFive'USPTOPP23382
February 12, 2013PP23383Ferguson, et al.Strawberry plant named 'DrisStrawTwenty'USPTOPP23383
February 12, 2013PP23384DunnPrunus incisa named FPMSPLUSPTOPP23384
February 12, 2013PP23385DirrViburnum plant name 'PIIVIB-I'USPTOPP23385
February 12, 2013PP23386de DoesVariety of Lantana plant named 'NEBLAN5151'USPTOPP23386
February 12, 2013PP23387DirrHydrangea paniculata plant named 'PIIHP-I'USPTOPP23387
February 12, 2013PP23388Klemm, et al.Osteospermum plant named 'KLEOE10179'USPTOPP23388
February 12, 2013PP23389KorliparaGaillardia plant named 'Red Sun'USPTOPP23389
February 12, 2013PP23390UebelhartHeloipsis plant named 'Summer Pink'USPTOPP23390
February 12, 2013PP23391UebelhartHeliopsis plant named 'Summer Stripe'USPTOPP23391
February 12, 2013PP23392MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonar'USPTOPP23392
February 12, 2013PP23393MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonah'USPTOPP23393
February 12, 2013PP23394MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonic'USPTOPP23394
 PP23397 - Nectarine tree named 'NECTATINTO'PP23397 - Nectarine tree named 'NECTATINTO' PP23402 - Hemerocallis plant named 'SPd 06-08'PP23402 - Hemerocallis plant named 'SPd 06-08'
 PP23403 - Hemerocallis plant named 'SPd 06-12'PP23403 - Hemerocallis plant named 'SPd 06-12' PP23413 - Sedum plant named 'Noneb'PP23413 - Sedum plant named 'Noneb'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published February 19, 2013; Nos. PP23395-PP23415

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
February 19, 2013PP23395AustinRosa hybrida shrub named 'AUSquirk'USPTOPP23395
February 19, 2013PP23396OlesenMiniature rose plant named 'Poulpar068'USPTOPP23396
February 19, 2013PP23397Maillard, et alNectarine tree named 'NECTATINTO'USPTOPP23397
February 19, 2013PP23398CainGrapevine 'IFG Five'USPTOPP23398
February 19, 2013PP23399CainGrapevine 'IFG Seven'USPTOPP23399
February 19, 2013PP23400Ferguson, et al.Strawberry plant named 'DrisStrawTwentySeven'USPTOPP23400
February 19, 2013PP23401Pullen, et al.Strawberry plant named 'DrisStrawTwentyThree'USPTOPP23401
February 19, 2013PP23402PetitHemerocallis plant named 'SPd 06-08'USPTOPP23402
February 19, 2013PP23403PetitHemerocallis plant named 'SPd 06-12'USPTOPP23403
February 19, 2013PP23404HanesPelargonium plant named 'PEQZ0002'USPTOPP23404
February 19, 2013PP23405van KleinweeOsteospermum plant named 'OSTZ0001'USPTOPP23405
February 19, 2013PP23406FitzgeraldCarex plant named 'Everoro'USPTOPP23406
February 19, 2013PP23407Philley, et al.Bermudagrass plant named 'MSB-04-264'USPTOPP23407
February 19, 2013PP23408RenCalibrachoa plant named 'Balcabpiken'USPTOPP23408
February 19, 2013PP23409Klemm, et al.Calibrachoa plant named 'KLECA10211'USPTOPP23409
February 19, 2013PP23410UebelhartHeliopsis plant named 'Summer Green'USPTOPP23410
February 19, 2013PP23411MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonist'USPTOPP23411
February 19, 2013PP23412MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonal'USPTOPP23412
February 19, 2013PP23413MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Noneb'USPTOPP23413
February 19, 2013PP23414MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonag'USPTOPP23414
February 19, 2013PP23415MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonom'USPTOPP23415
 PP23421 - Nectarine tree named 'NECTARRUBY'PP23421 - Nectarine tree named 'NECTARRUBY' PP23426 - Leucanthemum plant named 'LEUZ0001'PP23426 - Leucanthemum plant named 'LEUZ0001'
 PP23435 - Osteospermum plant named 'Fidostnanopibico'PP23435 - Osteospermum plant named 'Fidostnanopibico' PP23440 - Gaura plant named 'KLEGL10716'PP23440 - Gaura plant named 'KLEGL10716'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published February 26, 2013; Nos. PP23416-PP23441

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
February 26, 2013PP23416BrennanBlack currant plant named 'Ben Como'USPTOPP23416
February 26, 2013PP23417BrennanBlack currant plant named 'Ben Chaska''USPTOPP23417
February 26, 2013PP23418PlunkettApple tree named 'PLUMAC'USPTOPP23418
February 26, 2013PP23419Maillard et al.Nectarine tree named 'NECTARLOVE'USPTOPP23419
February 26, 2013PP23420Maillard et al.Nectarine tree named 'NECTARDREAM'USPTOPP23420
February 26, 2013PP23421Maillard et al.Nectarine tree named 'NECTARRUBY'USPTOPP23421
February 26, 2013PP23422Ramming et al.Grapevine denominated 'Valley Pearl'USPTOPP23422
February 26, 2013PP23423ChampionChinese dogwood tree named 'Losely'USPTOPP23423
February 26, 2013PP23424DonahueLantana plant named 'ELEMISS'USPTOPP23424
February 26, 2013PP23425Werner et al.Buddleja plant named 'Miss Molly'USPTOPP23425
February 26, 2013PP23426StemkensLeucanthemum plant named 'LEUZ0001'USPTOPP23426
February 26, 2013PP23427PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Latina Pink'USPTOPP23427
February 26, 2013PP23428Adams, Jr.Chrysanthemum plant named 'Rustic Glow'USPTOPP23428
February 26, 2013PP23429ParhamChrysanthemum plant named 'Foxy Time Yellow Improved'USPTOPP23429
February 26, 2013PP23430VlielanderKalanchoe plant named 'Fikalrumina'USPTOPP23430
February 26, 2013PP23431VlielanderKalanchoe plant named 'Fikalrodan'USPTOPP23431
February 26, 2013PP23432HanesPetunia plant named 'PEHY0004'USPTOPP23432
February 26, 2013PP23433Deng et al.Gerbera plant named 'UFGE 7034'USPTOPP23433
February 26, 2013PP23434BarendsOsteospermum plant named 'Fidostnanopur'USPTOPP23434
February 26, 2013PP23435BarendsOsteospermum plant named 'Fidostnanopibico'USPTOPP23435
February 26, 2013PP23436BarendsOsteospermum plant named 'Fidostnanopi'USPTOPP23436
February 26, 2013PP23437BarendsOsteospermum plant named 'Fidostnanowhi'USPTOPP23437
February 26, 2013PP23438van KleinweeOsteospermum plant named 'OSTZ0002'USPTOPP23438
February 26, 2013PP23439KleinweeBidens plant named 'BIDZ0001'USPTOPP23439
February 26, 2013PP23440Klemm et al.Gaura plant named 'KLEGL10716'USPTOPP23440
February 26, 2013PP23441TreesMimulus plant named 'Georgie Tangerine'USPTOPP23441



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