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Booktalking "Llama Llama Mad at Mama" by Anna Dewdney

A shopping trip with mama and baby. But Llama Llama is disappointed because he wants to play. Countless other types of animals also shop at the Shop-O-Rama. Llama Llama does not like shopping for clothes... or food.

He is tired of sitting in the shopping cart, and he wants to go home! Llama Llama has a tantrum and throws all of the contents of the shopping cart onto the aisle. Llama Mama tells Llama Llama to stop the "llama drama." She does not enjoy shopping either, but she loves spending time with him. They clean up the items, and place them in a shopping cart: "Llama Llama loves his mama."

The surly expression on Llama Llama's face when he becomes exasperated with shopping is priceless. It is as if he is saying, "That's it! I don't care whether I get Cheesy Crunchies or Oatsie Oats for breakfast. I'm tired of shopping!!!"

Llama Llama Mad at Mama by Anna Dewdney, 2007

The illustrations are gorgeous, especially the ones of Llama Llama's stuffed animal llama. The author utilized different colors on the words to emphasize them, which is reminiscent of how different words online are colored in order to indicate that one can link to another web site by clicking on them.

I have to admit it: I have been stuck by the Llama Mama children's books ever since my mother started using the words in her email address. In addition, one of my uncles volunteers on a llama farm, so I have had the opportunity to handle them. They are noble creatures who are interested in their environments. They are somewhat like rabbits; they are not completely domesticated. They do love to have the underside of their necks petted, and some of them like to be brushed. Going to the llama farm in upstate New York is always an experience! They have miniature horses, mini donkeys, a duck, goats, etc., as well! 


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