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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through January 15, 2013


PP23298 - Dahlia plant named 'HDW79'PP23298 - Dahlia plant named 'HDW79'Happy New Year! Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of January 1, 8 and 15, 2013.

Plant Patent plates for 2012 and 2013 have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these — they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23289 - Floribunda rose plant named 'WEKzazette'PP23289 - Floribunda rose plant named 'WEKzazette' PP23292 - Clematis plant named 'Beautiful Bride'PP23292 - Clematis plant named 'Beautiful Bride'
 PP23294 - Veronica plant named 'Alllord'PP23294 - Veronica plant named 'Alllord' PP23308 - Heuchera plant named 'Vienna'PP23308 - Heuchera plant named 'Vienna'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published January 1, 2013; Nos. PP23288-PP23313

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
January 1, 2013PP23288RicherShrub rose plant named 'Navy Lady'USPTOPP23288
January 1, 2013PP23289BedardFloribunda rose plant named 'WEKzazette'USPTOPP23289
January 1, 2013PP23290Ackerman, et al.Strawberry plant named 'PS-1.125'USPTOPP23290
January 1, 2013PP23291Ackerman, et al.Strawberry plant named 'PS-3.108'USPTOPP23291
January 1, 2013PP23292MarczynskiClematis plant named 'Beautiful Bride'USPTOPP23292
January 1, 2013PP23293Fisher, et al.Mandevilla plant named 'FGDIP1RV'USPTOPP23293
January 1, 2013PP23294van den HoogenVeronica plant named 'Alllord'USPTOPP23294
January 1, 2013PP23295EggerTradescantia plant named 'Angelic Charm'USPTOPP23295
January 1, 2013PP23296BernuetzEuphorbia plant named 'Bonpriho'USPTOPP23296
January 1, 2013PP23297MisatoVerbena plant named 'Suntapiripi'USPTOPP23297
January 1, 2013PP23298VerwerDahlia plant named 'HDW79'USPTOPP23298
January 1, 2013PP23299VerwerDahlia plant named 'HDPU165'USPTOPP23299
January 1, 2013PP23300VerwerDahlia plant named 'HDRF155'USPTOPP23300
January 1, 2013PP23301van der KnaapKalanchoe plant named 'Don Nando'USPTOPP23301
January 1, 2013PP23302KoppeBegonia plant named 'Grace'USPTOPP23302
January 1, 2013PP23303Miedema-JornaPetunia plant named 'Fipetred'USPTOPP23303
January 1, 2013PP23304Klemm, et al.Osteospermum plant named 'KLEOE10180'USPTOPP23304
January 1, 2013PP23305StarEryngium plant named 'White Star'USPTOPP23305
January 1, 2013PP23306BarnesDieffenbachia plant named 'Delilah'USPTOPP23306
January 1, 2013PP23307BlomFestuca plant named 'Casca11'USPTOPP23307
January 1, 2013PP23308EggerHeuchera plant named 'Vienna'USPTOPP23308
January 1, 2013PP23309EggerHeuchera plant named 'Peach Crisp'USPTOPP23309
January 1, 2013PP23310KnosherSalvia plant named 'Balyricsil'USPTOPP23310
January 1, 2013PP23311MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonel'USPTOPP23311
January 1, 2013PP23312MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonot'USPTOPP23312
January 1, 2013PP23313MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonof'USPTOPP23313
 PP23320 - Aster plant named 'Syast Draip'PP23320 - Aster plant named 'Syast Draip' PP23322 - Calibrachoa plant named 'CBRZ0003'PP23322 - Calibrachoa plant named 'CBRZ0003'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published January 8, 2013; Nos. PP23314-PP23323

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
January 8, 2013PP23314KordesFloribunda rose plant named 'KORfloci52'USPTOPP23314
January 8, 2013PP23315CainGrapevine 'IFG Eight'USPTOPP23315
January 8, 2013PP23316PanLantana plant named 'LANZ0003'USPTOPP23316
January 8, 2013PP23317PanLantana plant named 'LANZ0002'USPTOPP23317
January 8, 2013PP23318Klemm, et al.Carnation plant named 'KLEDG10118'USPTOPP23318
January 8, 2013PP23319PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Bronze San Remo Runner'USPTOPP23319
January 8, 2013PP23320SmithAster plant named 'Syast Draip'USPTOPP23320
January 8, 2013PP23321DeuterMiscanthus plant named 'MBS 0006'USPTOPP23321
January 8, 2013PP23322PierceCalibrachoa plant named 'CBRZ0003'USPTOPP23322
January 8, 2013PP23323MacKenzieSedum plant named 'Nonow'USPTOPP23323
 PP23325 - Blueberry plant named 'ZF06-043'PP23325 - Blueberry plant named 'ZF06-043' PP23329 - Pearlbush plant named 'Blizzard'PP23329 - Pearlbush plant named 'Blizzard'
 PP23331 - Dianthus plant named 'Very Cherry'PP23331 - Dianthus plant named 'Very Cherry' PP23334 - Echinacea plant named 'Phoenix'PP23334 - Echinacea plant named 'Phoenix'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published January 15, 2013; Nos. PP23324-PP23334

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
January 15, 2013PP23324BedardMiniature rose plant named 'WEKcofbunk'USPTOPP23324
January 15, 2013PP23325Brazelton, et al.Blueberry plant named 'ZF06-043'USPTOPP23325
January 15, 2013PP23326BellBlueberry plant named 'Ridley 1104'USPTOPP23326
January 15, 2013PP23327Cummins, et al.Apple tree rootstock named 'G.890'USPTOPP23327
January 15, 2013PP23328Leis, et al.Strawberry plant named 'RANIA'USPTOPP23328
January 15, 2013PP23329RanneyPearlbush plant named 'Blizzard'USPTOPP23329
January 15, 2013PP23330Klemm, et al.Carnation plant named 'KLEDG10117'USPTOPP23330
January 15, 2013PP23331HurdDianthus plant named 'Very Cherry'USPTOPP23331
January 15, 2013PP23332HammettDahlia plant named 'MYSTIC ENCHANTMENT'USPTOPP23332
January 15, 2013PP23333Scully, et al.Seashore Paspalum turfgrass named 'Aloha'USPTOPP23333
January 15, 2013PP23334KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Phoenix'USPTOPP23334


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