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Michael Kors Analogy Generator


It's the end of an era. Michael Kors will no longer be a judge on Project Runway as it starts its 11th season, which means we can no longer enjoy his slicing and dicing analogies aimed at the designers' runway miscues.

Who could forget such classics as

"She looks like Barefoot Appalachian Lil' Abner Barbie."


"She looks like a pole dancer in Dubai."

So I spent some time in the lab and after watching hours and hours of Project Runway I have created the Michael Kors Analogy Generator (it's actually a formula, you have to generate the analogy yourself, but I liked the initials MKAG so it's a generator). This is how it works, you take something you would never want to look like and place it somewhere it would never want to be.

  • She looks like a Christmas ham at Studio 54.
  • She looks like a matador without a bull to fight on prom night.

There is also the more advanced version of adding a style icon or pop culture reference into the mix.

  • She looks like Grace Kelly attending a Star Trek convention after working an 8 hour shift at the slaughterhouse.
  • She looks like Joan Crawford trying to occupy Wall Street during a San Gennaro Festival.

It is my hope that my work in developing the MKAG will make the loss of Michael Kors as a regular Project Runway judge more bearable. In the event the MKAG does not meet your needs the New York Public Library has previous seasons of Project Runway available to borrow.

It might be too early in 2013 to call the MKAG the greatest invention of 2013 but I see potential for this to change the world. If you have any analogies you created using the MKAG please share in the comments.


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How about this one... she

How about this one... she looks like a deflated thanksgiving day parade balloon caught in tornado of broken glass...


She looks like Morris day acting gay on Christmas wait sh looks like Morrissey on hennesey on new years eve......

I have no knowledge of this

I have no knowledge of this Michael Kors, but nevertheless quite hilarious!

Michael Kors' True Legacy

I feel like pictures are necessary for MKAG (catchy name btw). She looks like a Teletubby at an Elton John concert.

Kors Goodby

I won't miss him. Kors is a great designer (his watches are beautiful) but his snarky remarks were overdone. Notice how he sits with sunglasses through the shows? Would it have been too much for him to show some respect to the designers to appreciate the colors and fabrics that they chosen? Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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