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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through December 4, 2012


PP23193 - Pineapple plant named 'Franklynn'PP23193 - Pineapple plant named 'Franklynn'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of November 20, 27 and December 4, 2012.

For additional Plant Patent plates for 2012, 2013 and 2014, these have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these — they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23199 - Grapevine named 'Green Onyx'PP23199 - Grapevine named 'Green Onyx' PP23201 - Poinsettia plant named 'PER1188'PP23201 - Poinsettia plant named 'PER1188'
 PP23205 - Begonia plant named 'KRSSUWH01'PP23205 - Begonia plant named 'KRSSUWH01' PP23208 - Anthurium plant named 'Anthulyha'PP23208 - Anthurium plant named 'Anthulyha'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published November 20, 2012; Nos. PP23193-PP23210

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
November 20, 2012PP23193SekiyaPineapple plant named 'Franklynn'USPTOPP23193
November 20, 2012PP23194Maillard et al.Peach tree named 'FLATBELLA'USPTOPP23194
November 20, 2012PP23195Maillard et al.Peach tree named 'SWEETREINE'USPTOPP23195
November 20, 2012PP23196Maillard et al.Peach tree named 'SWEETREGAL'USPTOPP23196
November 20, 2012PP23197Maillard et al.Peach tree named 'Flatbeauti'USPTOPP23197
November 20, 2012PP23198Maillard et al.Peach tree named 'Crispbella'USPTOPP23198
November 20, 2012PP23199Perl et al.Grapevine named 'Green Onyx'USPTOPP23199
November 20, 2012PP23200KobayashiPoinsettia plant named 'PER1230'USPTOPP23200
November 20, 2012PP23201KobayashiPoinsettia plant named 'PER1188'USPTOPP23201
November 20, 2012PP23202Klemm et al.New Guinea impatiens plant named 'KLENI10117'USPTOPP23202
November 20, 2012PP23203van HaasterDahlia plant named 'Fidahflo'USPTOPP23203
November 20, 2012PP23204van HaasterDahlia plant named 'Fidahtex'USPTOPP23204
November 20, 2012PP23205KoppeBegonia plant named 'KRSSUWH01'USPTOPP23205
November 20, 2012PP23206HurkmanPetunia plant named 'Balspunlu'USPTOPP23206
November 20, 2012PP23207NielsenOsteospermum plant named 'DAOSNITTEN'USPTOPP23207
November 20, 2012PP23208van DijkAnthurium plant named 'Anthulyha'USPTOPP23208
November 20, 2012PP23209TrucksPanicum plant named 'Cheyenne Sky'USPTOPP23209
November 20, 2012PP23210Kurashima et al.Mushroom named 'PLE-3'USPTOPP23210
 PP23214 - Buddleja plant named 'Pink Pagoda'PP23214 - Buddleja plant named 'Pink Pagoda' PP23218 - Verbena plant named 'Invebroich'PP23218 - Verbena plant named 'Invebroich'
 PP23224 - Hosta plant named 'Autumn Frost'PP23224 - Hosta plant named 'Autumn Frost' PP23231 - Calibrachoa plant named 'USCAL84704'PP23231 - Calibrachoa plant named 'USCAL84704'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published November 27, 2012; Nos. PP23211-PP23235

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
November 27, 2012PP23211Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named 'Sweet Pixie'USPTOPP23211
November 27, 2012PP23212RanneyWeigela shrub named 'Sunset'USPTOPP23212
November 27, 2012PP23213MisatoMandevilla plant named 'Sunpararosta'USPTOPP23213
November 27, 2012PP23214MooreBuddleja plant named 'Pink Pagoda'USPTOPP23214
November 27, 2012PP23215BruglieraDianthus plant named 'Floriemerald'USPTOPP23215
November 27, 2012PP23216BruglieraDianthus plant named 'Floriruby'USPTOPP23216
November 27, 2012PP23217PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Margo White'USPTOPP23217
November 27, 2012PP23218HofmannVerbena plant named 'Invebroich'USPTOPP23218
November 27, 2012PP23219DanzigerVerbena plant named 'DVER70'USPTOPP23219
November 27, 2012PP23220KientzlerNew Guinea impatiens plant named 'Vinfelecor'USPTOPP23220
November 27, 2012PP23221KientzlerNew Guinea impatiens plant named 'Vinfeleche'USPTOPP23221
November 27, 2012PP23222KientzlerNew Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Vinflavimp'USPTOPP23222
November 27, 2012PP23223JepsenKalanchoe plant named 'Keira'USPTOPP23223
November 27, 2012PP23224LichaczHosta plant named 'Autumn Frost'USPTOPP23224
November 27, 2012PP23225HurkmanPetunia plant named 'Balsunpade'USPTOPP23225
November 27, 2012PP23226Miedema-JornaCalibrachoa plant named 'Ficallinred'USPTOPP23226
November 27, 2012PP23227Miedema-JornaCalibrachoa plant named 'Ficallinwhi'USPTOPP23227
November 27, 2012PP23228Miedema-JornaCalibrachoa plant named 'Ficallinpi'USPTOPP23228
November 27, 2012PP23229SakazakiCalibrachoa plant named 'USCAL88203'USPTOPP23229
November 27, 2012PP23230SakazakiCalibrachoa plant named 'USCAL87502'USPTOPP23230
November 27, 2012PP23231SakazakiCalibrachoa plant named 'USCAL84704'USPTOPP23231
November 27, 2012PP23232SakazakiCalibrachoa plant named 'USCAL91001'USPTOPP23232
November 27, 2012PP23233Miedema-JornaCalibrachoa plant named 'Ficallinliblu'USPTOPP23233
November 27, 2012PP23234Miedema-JornaCalibrachoa plant named 'Ficallinyel'USPTOPP23234
 PP23241 - Echinacea plant named 'Quills and Thrills'PP23241 - Echinacea plant named 'Quills and Thrills' PP23242 - Gaillardia plant named 'DGAL901'PP23242 - Gaillardia plant named 'DGAL901'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published December 4, 2012; Nos. PP23236-PP23245

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
December 4, 2012PP23236KellerhalsApple tree named 'CH 101'USPTOPP23236
December 4, 2012PP23237DanzigerPetunia plant named 'DLITT259'USPTOPP23237
December 4, 2012PP23238DanzigerPetunia plant named 'DLITT258'USPTOPP23238
December 4, 2012PP23239DanzigerPetunia plant named 'DLITT262'USPTOPP23239
December 4, 2012PP23240DanzigerPetunia plant named 'DRAY263'USPTOPP23240
December 4, 2012PP23241KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Quills and Thrills'USPTOPP23241
December 4, 2012PP23242DanzigerGaillardia plant named 'DGAL901'USPTOPP23242
December 4, 2012PP23243DanzigerPortulaca plant named 'DPAZ15'USPTOPP23243
December 4, 2012PP23244DanzigerPortulaca plant named 'DPAZ16'USPTOPP23244
December 4, 2012PP23245DanzigerPortulaca plant named 'DPAZ17'USPTOPP23245



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