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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through November 13, 2012


PP23190 - Cordyline plant named 'Spricorfantasy'PP23190 - Cordyline plant named 'Spricorfantasy'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of November 6 and 13, 2012.

For additional Plant Patent plates for 2012, 2013 and 2014, these have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these — they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23158 - Climbing rose plant named 'ORAfantanov'PP23158 - Climbing rose plant named 'ORAfantanov' PP23170 - Kalanchoe plant named 'Don Basco'PP23170 - Kalanchoe plant named 'Don Basco'
 PP23171 - Eichhornia crassipes plant named 'Johann Schoofs Sen'PP23171 - Eichhornia crassipes plant named 'Johann Schoofs Sen' PP23173 - Heuchera plant named 'Root Beer'PP23173 - Heuchera plant named 'Root Beer'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published November 6, 2012; Nos. PP23158-PP23173

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
November 6, 2012PP23158OrardClimbing rose plant named 'ORAfantanov'USPTOPP23158
November 6, 2012PP23159KordesFloribunda rose plant named 'KORmarkron'USPTOPP23159
November 6, 2012PP23160Slaughter et al.Peach tree, 'Burpeachtwentyseven'USPTOPP23160
November 6, 2012PP23161Slaughter et al.Peach tree, 'Burpeachtwentysix'USPTOPP23161
November 6, 2012PP23162SuikerStrawberry plant named 'Flair'USPTOPP23162
November 6, 2012PP23163ZylstraMyoporum plant named 'CLEAN n GREEN'USPTOPP23163
November 6, 2012PP23164Ramon Alvarez BritosStevia plant named 'AKH L1'USPTOPP23164
November 6, 2012PP23165de DoesThunbergia plant named 'NEBTHU 007'USPTOPP23165
November 6, 2012PP23166EndischMandevilla plant named 'Gendipbic'USPTOPP23166
November 6, 2012PP23167EndischMandevilla plant named 'Gendipdark'USPTOPP23167
November 6, 2012PP23168GriffithLagerstroemia plant named 'PIILAG-I'USPTOPP23168
November 6, 2012PP23169BergmanChrysanthemum plant named 'CIDZ0011'USPTOPP23169
November 6, 2012PP23170van der KnaapKalanchoe plant named 'Don Basco'USPTOPP23170
November 6, 2012PP23171Rogmans et al.Eichhornia crassipes plant named 'Johann Schoofs Sen'USPTOPP23171
November 6, 2012PP23172KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Mama Mia'USPTOPP23172
November 6, 2012PP23173EggerHeuchera plant named 'Root Beer'USPTOPP23173
 PP23174 - Floribunda rose plant named 'WEKplalajaro'PP23174 - Floribunda rose plant named 'WEKplalajaro' PP23176 - Loropetalum named 'Kurobijin'PP23176 - Loropetalum named 'Kurobijin'
 PP23181 - Leucanthemum plant named 'Banana Cream'PP23181 - Leucanthemum plant named 'Banana Cream' PP23183 - Dahlia plant named 'Fidahhyprobico'PP23183 - Dahlia plant named 'Fidahhyprobico'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published November 13, 2012; Nos. PP23174-PP23192

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
November 13, 2012PP23174CarruthFloribunda rose plant named 'WEKplalajaro'USPTOPP23174
November 13, 2012PP23175Gray et al.Rose plant named 'GRAsuper'USPTOPP23175
November 13, 2012PP23176SuzukiLoropetalum named 'Kurobijin'USPTOPP23176
November 13, 2012PP23177DurandPhysocarpus plant named 'Jefam'USPTOPP23177
November 13, 2012PP23178DirrLagerstroemia plant named 'PIILAG-III'USPTOPP23178
November 13, 2012PP23179KorliparaGeum plant named 'Fire Storm'USPTOPP23179
November 13, 2012PP23180KorliparaNepeta plant named 'Purple Haze'USPTOPP23180
November 13, 2012PP23181HurdLeucanthemum plant named 'Banana Cream'USPTOPP23181
November 13, 2012PP23182BergmanChrysanthemum plant named 'CIDZ0016'USPTOPP23182
November 13, 2012PP23183van HaasterDahlia plant named 'Fidahhyprobico'USPTOPP23183
November 13, 2012PP23184van HaasterDahlia plant named 'Fidahhypcor'USPTOPP23184
November 13, 2012PP23185van HaasterDahlia plant named 'Fidahhyplav'USPTOPP23185
November 13, 2012PP23186van HaasterDahlia plant named 'Fidahlouis'USPTOPP23186
November 13, 2012PP23187van HaasterDahlia plant named 'Fidahhyppurbico'USPTOPP23187
November 13, 2012PP23188GeibelVariety of Pelargonium plant named 'Pacneamex'USPTOPP23188
November 13, 2012PP23189NielsenOsteospermum plant named 'DAOSTYVE'USPTOPP23189
November 13, 2012PP23190ChenCordyline plant named 'Spricorfantasy'USPTOPP23190
November 13, 2012PP23191Klemm et al.Calibrachoa plant named 'KLECA09204'USPTOPP23191
November 13, 2012PP23192DanzigerDiascia plant named 'DGENT29'USPTOPP23192



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