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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through October 30, 2012


PP23140 - Anthurium plant named 'Anthzupap'PP23140 - Anthurium plant named 'Anthzupap'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of October 23 and 30, 2012.

For additional Plant Patent plates for 2012, 2013 and 2014, these have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these — they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23132 - Anemone plant named 'MACANE001'PP23132 - Anemone plant named 'MACANE001' PP23133 - Pot carnation plant named 'KLEDP10105'PP23133 - Pot carnation plant named 'KLEDP10105'
 PP23136 - Impatiens plant named 'DANMU82'PP23136 - Impatiens plant named 'DANMU82' PP23138 - Begonia plant named 'BKBEWPF'PP23138 - Begonia plant named 'BKBEWPF'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published October 23, 2012; Nos. PP23121-PP23147

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
October 23, 2012PP23121KordesFloribunda rose plant named 'KORburox'USPTOPP23121
October 23, 2012PP23122KordesFloribunda rose plant named 'KORschwill'USPTOPP23122
October 23, 2012PP23123Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named 'Kylese'USPTOPP23123
October 23, 2012PP23124Zaiger et al.Interspecific rootstock tree named 'Newroot-2'USPTOPP23124
October 23, 2012PP23125SheehanGrapevine 'Sheegene-20'USPTOPP23125
October 23, 2012PP23126Leis et al.Strawberry plant named 'JOLY'USPTOPP23126
October 23, 2012PP23127Leis et al.Strawberry plant named 'DELY'USPTOPP23127
October 23, 2012PP23128DirrDistylium plant named 'Vintage Jade'USPTOPP23128
October 23, 2012PP23129PageFilipendula plant named 'Wbprest'USPTOPP23129
October 23, 2012PP23130OostveenHibiscus plant named 'Extrepink'USPTOPP23130
October 23, 2012PP23131KanazawaAnemone plant named 'Pretty Lady Julia'USPTOPP23131
October 23, 2012PP23132MacGregor et al.Anemone plant named 'MACANE001'USPTOPP23132
October 23, 2012PP23133Klemm et al.Pot carnation plant named 'KLEDP10105'USPTOPP23133
October 23, 2012PP23134PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Pavia Red'USPTOPP23134
October 23, 2012PP23135PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Granata Red'USPTOPP23135
October 23, 2012PP23136DanzigerImpatiens plant named 'DANMU82'USPTOPP23136
October 23, 2012PP23137DummenNew Guinea impatiens plant named 'Duepetauber'USPTOPP23137
October 23, 2012PP23138BeekenkampBegonia plant named 'BKBEWPF'USPTOPP23138
October 23, 2012PP23139Klemm et al.Osteospermum plant named 'KLEOE10178'USPTOPP23139
October 23, 2012PP23140van DijkAnthurium plant named 'Anthzupap'USPTOPP23140
October 23, 2012PP23141BrysonLomandra plant named 'JB2LIME'USPTOPP23141
October 23, 2012PP23142DanzigerArgyranthemum plant named 'DARGY31'USPTOPP23142
October 23, 2012PP23143VerschoorAstilbe plant named 'Versred'USPTOPP23143
October 23, 2012PP23144DanzigerDiascia plant named 'DGENT31'USPTOPP23144
October 23, 2012PP23145RenEchinacea plant named 'Balscoberr'USPTOPP23145
October 23, 2012PP23146DanzigerSutera plant named 'DANCOP41'USPTOPP23146
October 23, 2012PP23147DanzigerSutera plant named 'DANCOP40'USPTOPP23147
 PP23153 - Chrysanthemum plant named 'Dark San Remo Runner'PP23153 - Chrysanthemum plant named 'Dark San Remo Runner' PP23155 - Hemerocallis plant named 'VT Spirit'PP23155 - Hemerocallis plant named 'VT Spirit'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published October 30, 2012; Nos. PP23148-PP23157

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
October 30, 2012PP23148Gilford et al.Strawberry plant named 'DrisStrawNineteen'USPTOPP23148
October 30, 2012PP23149EndischMandevilla plant named 'Gendiprote'USPTOPP23149
October 30, 2012PP23150Klemm et al.Carnation plant named 'KLEDG11143'USPTOPP23150
October 30, 2012PP23151BrownLeucanthemum plant named 'LWMWH03-0'USPTOPP23151
October 30, 2012PP23152PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Fire Sprinter'USPTOPP23152
October 30, 2012PP23153PietersChrysanthemum plant named 'Dark San Remo Runner'USPTOPP23153
October 30, 2012PP23154Brigham et al.Hemerocallis plant named 'Striped Fantastic'USPTOPP23154
October 30, 2012PP23155Pinkham et al.Hemerocallis plant named 'VT Spirit'USPTOPP23155
October 30, 2012PP23156Rogmans et al.Lemna minor plant named 'Henry Blanke'USPTOPP23156
October 30, 2012PP23157Klemm et al.Petunia plant named 'KLEPH10184'USPTOPP23157



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