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Korean Dramas: City Hunter Review


City Hunter on the shelves of Tompkins Square... for now.City Hunter on the shelves of Tompkins Square... for now. While browsing the shelves to see if we had recent Korean Dramas, I chanced upon City Hunter. This drama is definitely one of my top 10 dramas because 1) It is an action drama 2) The dad is so evil and sexy and I love great villains but most importantly is reason number 3) Lee Min Ho is the star of the show.

Lee Min Ho is known in Korea and all over the world not only as the sexy guy in the Camry commercials but also as the star of the popular Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers. If the title is sounding familiar, Boys Over Flowers is a famous Manga series that cannot seem to stay on the shelves here at Tompkins Square Library. From the drama, Lee Min Ho became super famous and with City Hunter he showed the world he could perform different roles.

Now on to the drama review.

City Hunter is based on a comic book series by Tsukasa Hojo. The drama has almost nothing in common with the books but I guess Koreans don't care. City Hunter is about a boy, Lee Yoon Sung, who is raised gently by his vengeance-ridden father, Lee Jin Pyo, with guns as toys and a punching bag to practice on.

The back story is that in the 1980s South Korea wanted to attack North Korea so these five politicians, including the future president, sent 21 soldiers across the Han River to kill some North Koreans but America put the fear of God in them. Apparently, America told the politicians that if they attacked North Korea they would not longer have U.S. support, but what are they to do? They already sent the soldiers. Like typical politicians they decided to cover it up by, you guessed it, killing them ALL. Except Jin Pyo survived and he wants revenge for his friend and his comrades. But he's old and his revenge is going to take a long time so he steals his dead comrade's new born baby and makes him into a weapon. Now, with his amazing fighting skills and weapon expertise, Yoon Sung is after the five politicians who gave the order to kill the soldiers and gets them arrested one by one all the while living a double life as a computer expert in the Blue house (Korean version of the White House).

I love this drama not because Lee Min Ho is amazingly beautiful and tall and his smile could light up the whole world but because this guy kicks serious behind. I mean he beats these guys with a water bottle, a rolled up magazine and my personal favorite: A spoon. Did they just pick the most humiliating items to get beat up with? I think they did.

Overall, this drama has everything; romance, action and comedy. These elements are what made it such a popular drama and I am so proud that it's available in the collection for patrons to enjoy. Please watch a few episodes, you will not be able to peel your eyeballs from the screen, I promise.


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I love this series!

I adored Lee Min Ho in this series. He's great!

Wasn't he? I fell in love

Wasn't he? I fell in love with him in Personal Taste, which was also pretty great.

My favorite actor, love forever

I'm deeply in love with lee Minho, because of lee I will visit south Korea next year for my birthday! I'm praying God before I died let me see him just once

I am so jealous. I read

I am so jealous. I read somewhere that he lived in the same building that Hyun Bin from Secret Garden lives in. Have fun!

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