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My Library: Philosophy Class

The Jefferson Market Library continues to offer multi-session courses in subjects taught by college professors — just like you'd take in an adult continuing education program at a university. Recently we offered a free six-session Introduction to Western Philosophy course. Here's what two participants in that course, Carlos and Shaan, had to say:


What did you think of the philosophy course?

It was great to get an overview, to look at all these different philosophers — it really appealed to me to get an idea of what is out there. Eric, the professor, really brought that home for us and covered it really well.

How did you hear about the course?

I was on the library website looking for different adult courses that I could take and this one jumped out at me.

Did you see other courses at other locations you found intriguing?

No, I didn't and I was surprised by that — I wanted to see more!

Well we are definitely trying to explore the kinds of courses the public wants to take!

Had you been to this library before?

I haven't been to this library before — I especially like this room. This entire building is just beautiful!


How did you hear about this course?

I was hanging out in the library and I saw the flyer and thought this was amazing — I made sure I came early to sign up!

Yes! People have been very excited about the classes. So what was your experience with the philosophy course?

It was great, it's not easy to have so many different levels in one class and Eric accommodated us so well. I think just making sure everyone is relaxed is the most important step to try and discuss such difficult issues — like, its not easy to discuss Kant in 90 minutes! So it was really a very comfortable introduction — it couldn't have been any better really.

What other courses would you be interested in taking at the library?

I'm very into 20th century western philosophy so I would love a continuation of this class. Also it's great that the professor is from the New School. This class really gave us a great basis to start from. For instance, the Hegel book we read. I can't wait to read it even more closely.

Are you still in college?

I just graduated in May from Bard, upstate. I would love to move on to get a PhD.

Can I take your picture for the blog?

With my Halloween hair?!

Of course!

What free courses would YOU like to take?

Next course up: Russian Non-Conformist Art


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