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eBook Update: OverDrive for Nook, and New Titles in 3M Cloud Library


NOOK ebooksGreat news for Nook tablet owners and readers looking for more new titles in ebook format.

OverDrive Media Console is now available for

  • NOOK HD+
  • NOOK Tablet™
  • NOOK Color™

You can get it right from the Barnes & Noble NOOK Apps storefront on your device.

This means you no longer have to "side-load" ebooks using your computer. You can download library ebooks direct from our catalog to the device. As long as you have a wi-fi connection you will have something new to read!

If you're on an older or e-ink NOOK, you can find instructions on syncing with Adobe Digital Editions.

Here is a quick overview video from our friends at King County Library System.

The other exciting news? New York Public Library cardholders now have access to even more books than before, with a pilot offering through 3M Cloud Library. Download the app for Windows PC, Android, iPad, or iPhone, and enter your barcode to start getting books!

NOOK ebooks

If you have a Windows computer and an ereader (other than Kindle) you can transfer your ebooks to the device.

Connect your device to your Windows computer with a USB cable. In the 3M Cloud Library App, a notification will appear below the navigation tabs: connected to device: [device name]. Click on My Books and you will see a green download to device button on your ebooks. Click it to transfer your ebooks. A dialog box will tell you when your ebook has been successfully transferred to your device.

If you already use Adobe Digital Editions to download eBooks from OverDrive or another service, 3M Cloud Library should automatically detect and use the same Adobe ID you used to authenticate that program.

If Adobe Digital Editions is not already installed and registered, or 3M Cloud Library does not detect your Adobe ID, it will give you two options: Use a 3M Cloud ID or enter an Adobe ID and Password. If you intend to transfer both 3M Cloud Library eBooks and OverDrive ebooks to your ereader you should authenticate your 3M Cloud Library app using your Adobe ID and password. Otherwise your ereader will only work with one service at a time.

Here is a short video demonstration for iPad.

If you're planning to use one of these new apps, what's the first book you want to read? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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Is able to login to 3m using

Is able to login to 3m using their nypl barcode/pin or login/pin? It isn't working for me.

If you tried last week it

If you tried last week it might have been during a time of scheduled maintenance. But there shouldn't be any issues logging in now -- use your library card barcode and PIN.

What about us Kindle owners?

What about us Kindle owners?

Hi Judith, instructions for

Hi Judith, instructions for Kindle are here.

What about for Nook Simple?

What about for Nook Simple?

cannot log-in to 3M Cloud

is there a trick to logging into 3M Cloud Library? I'm choosing New York Public Library as my Library and it will not let me login on My Android or my Windows PC, but Overdrive and work just fine on both using the same login info.

Hi Courtney, not sure what

Hi Courtney, not sure what the issue could be. Make sure you are logging in with your barcode (begins 23333... no spaces) and PIN. It could also be a temporary hiccup. If you still can't log in call us at 917-ASK-NYPL or email/chat

Laura, thanks! My card was

Laura, thanks! My card was not validated. The Chat helped me and now I'm all set. Courtney

Use of ebooks

This is another reason that B&N is losing out to Amazon. To get an ebook on a Kindle, one checks it out, logs in at Amazon, and all can be done there. With B&N, one has to install a 3rd party app or use Windows. The instructions are unclear, the link on this page for more information is is no longer available and the video showing how to use it is marked private. So, both these extra sets of instructions are useless. Publishers should really stop worrying about DRM and just make their books easy to read on any available app. Honestly, I regret the fact that I chose a Nook instead of a Kindle, and one reason is that it's more of a nuisance to use with NYPL. I would also recommend that the King's County VIdeo and overdrive link get fixed.

3M is also horrible to use

3M will frequently fail to connect (though wireless is working for everything else in the world). When it does connect, it then almost always fails to download a book, or open it if it is downloaded.

Book won't download

My device is connected and I don't see any option to download the title - to either my reader or PC. I read your instructions 3 times. I have no problem downloading from OverDrive.

Hi Lew, not sure what the

Hi Lew, not sure what the problem could be. If you call or email us we can help you troubleshoot.

3M cloud reader issues on iPad 2

I deleted the app and reinstalled it. It accepts my user ID and password but gives me an error - device activation failed. Too many activations for Adobe ID. Please help resolve.

Please contact us at ask.nypl

Please contact us at with your account details and we'll try to help!

3M Cloud Reader and proxy

Is there a way to configure the 3M Cloud Reader to work with a proxy? I keep getting a message that "There is either no network connectivity or the library server is not accessible at the moment"

I get the same error message

I get the same error message and can't run the PC app.

3M app won't let me log onto NYPL.

3M app won't work for me.

Possible to read e-books on the subway?

Hi - I tried to use 3M on the subway for the first time yesterday, and, although the page of the book I was on briefly appeared, I was quickly kicked out. Is an internet connection required to read e-books? I would be surprised because the i-books do not require a connection.

Hi Margaret -- yes, you

Hi Margaret -- yes, you should be able to read library ebooks even when you dip in and out of Wi-Fi or cellular range. That being said, there are sometimes issues when you try to open the book for the first time, and I have heard of 3M readers opening the book and giving it a chance to load before going down the stairs to the subway. These apps are improving all the time so please bear with us.

i cant log in to my account.

i cant log in to my account. Is there something like a forgot password link i can go to?

Kindle format

Many books that I have previously borrowed in the Kindle format are now only available on 3m - why is that?

Can't download books to device with 3m Cloud

I sure hope that NYPL isn't planning to replace kindle or ebook apps with 3M cloud. I have downloaded numerous ebooks in various formats over the years from NYPL. Can't download anything with 3M Cloud. Book shows as checked out in 3m app but no way to download to pc or other device. Have Adobe DE although I can't see where any Adobe ID needs to be input into 3m app. Adobe DE works with ePub books downloaded on Again, I really hope that the library hasn't committed a lot of money to converting to 3M Cloud before seeing that it doesn't work. Impossible to get help on this because no one physically present in a library knows about this.

3M Cloud library

Borrowing books from NYPL worked great through Amazon which enabled me to download and read on both my Nexus tablet and Android phone. Now when I checkout books they never appear on 3M. It shows all my books on hold in 3M but I cant download and read them. Ridiculous to make a change that hasn't worked for months now.

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