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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through September 25, 2012


PP23035 - Coreopsis plant named 'Star Cluster'PP23035 - Coreopsis plant named 'Star Cluster'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of September 11, 18 and 25, 2012.

For additional Plant Patent plates for 2012, 2013 and 2014, these have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these - they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!

 PP23021 - Grapevine named 'BLACK GLORY'PP23021 - Grapevine named 'BLACK GLORY' PP23022 - Grapevine named 'BIG PEARL'PP23022 - Grapevine named 'BIG PEARL'
 PP23027 - Roscoea plant named 'Spice Island'PP23027 - Roscoea plant named 'Spice Island' PP23036 - Echinacea plant named 'Secret Romance'PP23036 - Echinacea plant named 'Secret Romance'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published September 11, 2012; Nos. PP23021-PP23037

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
September 11, 2012PP23021Perl et al.Grapevine named 'BLACK GLORY'USPTOPP23021
September 11, 2012PP23022Perl et al.Grapevine named 'BIG PEARL'USPTOPP23022
September 11, 2012PP23023Perl et al.Grapevine named 'SWEET JASPER'USPTOPP23023
September 11, 2012PP23024PavlichCistus plant named 'Mickie'USPTOPP23024
September 11, 2012PP23025Harris et al.Azalea plant named 'MNIHAR015'USPTOPP23025
September 11, 2012PP23026CunilioArachis plant named 'St. Augustine's White'USPTOPP23026
September 11, 2012PP23027EggerRoscoea plant named 'Spice Island'USPTOPP23027
September 11, 2012PP23028BergmanChrysanthemum plant named 'CIDZ0003'USPTOPP23028
September 11, 2012PP23029BergmanChrysanthemum plant named 'CIDZ0005'USPTOPP23029
September 11, 2012PP23030BartelVariety of Chamaesyce plant named 'SUMMER SNOW'USPTOPP23030
September 11, 2012PP23031ByrnePoinsettia plant named 'PER14606'USPTOPP23031
September 11, 2012PP23032DummenNew Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Duemagwiblu'USPTOPP23032
September 11, 2012PP23033EggletonViola plant named 'SMEV2'USPTOPP23033
September 11, 2012PP23034


Lomandra plant named 'Lomlon'USPTOPP23034
September 11, 2012PP23035ProbstCoreopsis plant named 'Star Cluster'USPTOPP23035
September 11, 2012PP23036KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Secret Romance'USPTOPP23036
September 11, 2012PP23037Klemm et al.Lobelia plant named 'KLELE10724'USPTOPP23037


 PP23046 - Celosia plant named 'Bkcelpi'PP23046 - Celosia plant named 'Bkcelpi' PP23047 - Lupine plant named 'Tequila Flame'PP23047 - Lupine plant named 'Tequila Flame'
 PP23051 - Verbena plant named 'AKIV571-1'PP23051 - Verbena plant named 'AKIV571-1' PP23059 - Echinacea plant named 'Now Cheesier'PP23059 - Echinacea plant named 'Now Cheesier'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published September 18, 2012; Nos. PP23038-PP23067

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
September 18, 2012PP23038HooijmanRose plant named 'Esm Nacar'USPTOPP23038
September 18, 2012PP23039HooijmanRose plant named 'Esm Mango'USPTOPP23039
September 18, 2012PP23040ShurtleffOlea europaea tree named 'HIDshurtleff'USPTOPP23040
September 18, 2012PP23041Perl et al.Grapevine named 'AMBER HONEY'USPTOPP23041
September 18, 2012PP23042ChandlerStrawberry plant named 'FL 05-107'USPTOPP23042
September 18, 2012PP23043EatonWeeping redbud tree named 'Pink Heartbreaker'USPTOPP23043
September 18, 2012PP23044ConibearLupine plant named 'Terracotta'USPTOPP23044
September 18, 2012PP23045BeekenkampCelosia plant named 'Bkcelmg'USPTOPP23045
September 18, 2012PP23046BeekenkampCelosia plant named 'Bkcelpi'USPTOPP23046
September 18, 2012PP23047ConibearLupine plant named 'Tequila Flame'USPTOPP23047
September 18, 2012PP23048HofmannIberis plant named 'IB2401'USPTOPP23048
September 18, 2012PP23049WesthoffVerbena plant named 'Wesverevostar'USPTOPP23049
September 18, 2012PP23050TakahashiVerbena plant named 'AKIV572-1'USPTOPP23050
September 18, 2012PP23051


Verbena plant named 'AKIV571-1'USPTOPP23051
September 18, 2012PP23052Miedema-JornaNew Guinea impatiens plant named 'Fidimpredmi'USPTOPP23052
September 18, 2012PP23053BeekenkampDahlia plant named 'Bkdapwt'USPTOPP23053
September 18, 2012PP23054Isobe et al.Petunia plant named 'Sunsurfpiusi'USPTOPP23054
September 18, 2012PP23055Goto et al.Petunia plant named 'Hoobenihime'USPTOPP23055
September 18, 2012PP23056Klemm et al.Scaevola plant named 'KLESC10728'USPTOPP23056
September 18, 2012PP23057MurakamiAngelonia plant named 'Sungelobu'USPTOPP23057
September 18, 2012PP23058MurakamiAngelonia plant named 'Sungeloho'USPTOPP23058
September 18, 2012PP23059KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Now Cheesier'USPTOPP23059
September 18, 2012PP23060KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Secret Lust'USPTOPP23060
September 18, 2012PP23061HofmannNemesia plant named 'Intrairedtwo'USPTOPP23061
September 18, 2012PP23062HofmannNemesia plant named 'Intraigoldtwo'USPTOPP23062
September 18, 2012PP23063RetkesOxalis plant named 'Jroxachvel'USPTOPP23063
September 18, 2012PP23064LubbePenstemon plant named 'Lavender Riding Hood'USPTOPP23064
September 18, 2012PP23065LubbePenstemon plant named 'Delfts Blue Riding Hood'USPTOPP23065
September 18, 2012PP23066LubbePenstemon plant named 'Blue Riding Hood'USPTOPP23066
September 18, 2012PP23067LubbePenstemon plant named 'Purple Riding Hood'USPTOPP23067


 PP23069 - Maytenus plant named 'Heart No Ki'PP23069 - Maytenus plant named 'Heart No Ki' PP23070 - Hydrangea plant named 'Ilvomindy'PP23070 - Hydrangea plant named 'Ilvomindy'
 PP23072 - Hibiscus plant named 'Apollo'PP23072 - Hibiscus plant named 'Apollo' PP23073 - Lupine plant named 'Desert Sun'PP23073 - Lupine plant named 'Desert Sun'

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published September 25, 2012; Nos. PP23068-PP23090

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
September 25, 2012PP23068SykesMandarin tree named 'Merbeingold 2336'USPTOPP23068
September 25, 2012PP23069SawadaMaytenus plant named 'Heart No Ki'USPTOPP23069
September 25, 2012PP23070van HuylenbroeckHydrangea plant named 'Ilvomindy'USPTOPP23070
September 25, 2012PP23071DirrLagerstroemia plant named 'PIILAG-II'USPTOPP23071
September 25, 2012PP23072GraffHibiscus plant named 'Apollo'USPTOPP23072
September 25, 2012PP23073ConibearLupine plant named 'Desert Sun'USPTOPP23073
September 25, 2012PP23074DobresNepeta plant named 'Novanepjun'USPTOPP23074
September 25, 2012PP23075ConibearLupine plant named 'Gladiator'USPTOPP23075
September 25, 2012PP23076NoodelijkCelosia plant named 'Spitenz'USPTOPP23076
September 25, 2012PP23077BergmanChrysanthemum plant named 'CIDZ0008'USPTOPP23077
September 25, 2012PP23078DummenPelargonium plant named 'Dueimvor'USPTOPP23078
September 25, 2012PP23079Hofmann et al.Pelargonium plant named 'Kuegrapimer'USPTOPP23079
September 25, 2012PP23080Hofmann et al.Pelargonium plant named 'Kuegrapihar'USPTOPP23080
September 25, 2012PP23081


Hosta plant named 'Goodness Gracious'USPTOPP23081
September 25, 2012PP23082MurakamiAngelonia plant named 'Sungelodepi'USPTOPP23082
September 25, 2012PP23083PierceCalibrachoa plant named 'CBRZ0002'USPTOPP23083
September 25, 2012PP23084DowlingDianella tasmanica plant named 'NPW2'USPTOPP23084
September 25, 2012PP23085KorliparaEchinacea named 'Secret Desire'USPTOPP23085
September 25, 2012PP23086KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Daydream'USPTOPP23086
September 25, 2012PP23087HofmannNemesia plant named 'Intraiwhitwo'USPTOPP23087
September 25, 2012PP23088Klemm et al.Nemesia plant named 'KLENH10726'USPTOPP23088
September 25, 2012PP23089LubbePenstemon plant named 'Hot Pink Riding Hood'USPTOPP23089
September 25, 2012PP23090van HeesbeenStokesia plant named 'MELS BLUE'USPTOPP23090


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