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Dark, Deadly, and Deeply Disturbing: Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake


Cas Lowood uses his father's blade to send ghosts out of this world and back to where they belong. Cas used to help his father with this task, but now his father is dead, murdered by one of those evil spirits. Cas has battled with many ghosts in his time, but when he meets a ghost named Anna, his unusual life takes an even more dangerous turn.

In Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, Cas Lowood moves to the town of Thunder Bay to try to track down a ghost who became famous because she killed so many people. She earned the nickname Anna Dressed in Blood because she wears a white dress that is soaked with so much blood that it appears to be red. But when Cas meets Anna, she is unlike any ghost that he's ever seen before. Yes, she's angry. And yes, she will kill people who try to enter her house. And yet … in some ways she's more human than any ghost that Cas has ever encountered, and in some ways she's more alive than other ghosts. Cas and Anna soon learn that each of them is not what the other expects. Although they are both VERY dangerous.

At the beginning of the sequel, Girl of Nightmares, Anna has vanished from this world and everything is supposed to go back to normal. The problem is, nobody knows where Anna is, and things aren't normal at all. Cas can still see Anna sometimes, and every time he sees her it looks like she's suffering. But nobody else can see her at all, and Cas is starting to feel like he's going crazy. But if these visions are real, then Cas has to wonder ...

Is Anna truly dead?
Is she in hell?
And most importantly, does Cas have the power to rescue her from this fate worse than death?


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This sounds like a really good book lucky for me im not a ghost and kill people.

Loved It!! <3

I loved the two books. LoVeD iT!!!!1 *Spoiler Alert* (didn't like the ending. Theseus should have kept her even though she found happiness too. but at least he got his last goodbye kiss)

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