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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through July 31, 2012


PP22915 - Kniphofia plant named 'Papaya Popsicle'PP22915 - Kniphofia plant named 'Papaya Popsicle'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of July 17, 24 and 31, 2012.

For additional Plant Patent plates for 2012, 2013 and 2014, these have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these — they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!


 PP22858 - Apple tree named 'NC1'PP22858 - Apple tree named 'NC1' PP22863 - Bidens plant named 'KLEBF10709'PP22863 - Bidens plant named 'KLEBF10709'
 PP22865 - Penstemon plant named 'Red Headed Beauty'PP22865 - Penstemon plant named 'Red Headed Beauty' PP22866 - Sedum plant named 'Chocolate Drop'PP22866 - Sedum plant named 'Chocolate Drop'

 United States Plant Patents: Patents Published July 17, 2012; Nos. PP22856-PP22866

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
July 17, 2012PP22856Carruth et al.Shrub rose plant named 'WEKphorn'USPTOPP22856
July 17, 2012PP22857HooijmanRose plant named 'ESM Pacarina'USPTOPP22857
July 17, 2012PP22858BreachApple tree named 'NC1'USPTOPP22858
July 17, 2012PP22859Schmider et al.Apple tree named 'Golden Parsi'USPTOPP22859
July 17, 2012PP22860Klemm et al.Pot carnation plant named 'KLEDP10112'USPTOPP22860
July 17, 2012PP22861VlielanderKalanchoe plant named 'Ficalanfoster'USPTOPP22861
July 17, 2012PP22862EveleensGerbera plant named 'Garoran'USPTOPP22862
July 17, 2012PP22863Klemm et al.Bidens plant named 'KLEBF10709'USPTOPP22863
July 17, 2012PP22864Klemm et al.Calibrachoa plant named 'KLECA10219'USPTOPP22864
July 17, 2012PP22865BuhrowPenstemon plant named 'Red Headed Beauty'USPTOPP22865
July 17, 2012PP22866EggerSedum plant named 'Chocolate Drop'USPTOPP22866
 PP22872 - Alstroemeria plant named 'Zalsaney'PP22872 - Alstroemeria plant named 'Zalsaney' PP22875 - Lily plant named 'Tiny Double You'PP22875 - Lily plant named 'Tiny Double You'
 PP22880 - Geranium plant named 'Fiwored'PP22880 - Geranium plant named 'Fiwored' PP22892 - Calibrachoa plant named 'KLECA10218'PP22892 - Calibrachoa plant named 'KLECA10218'

 United States Plant Patents: Patents Published July 24, 2012; Nos. PP22867-PP22896

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
July 24, 2012PP22867SchimmelpfengPrunus plant named 'Weiroot 720'USPTOPP22867
July 24, 2012PP22868MisatoMandevilla plant named 'Sunparamiho'USPTOPP22868
July 24, 2012PP22869OudolfEupatorium plant named 'Snowball'USPTOPP22869
July 24, 2012PP22870MurakamiScoparia plant named 'Suntutulaki'USPTOPP22870
July 24, 2012PP22871SakazakiMecardonia plant named 'USMECA8205'USPTOPP22871
July 24, 2012PP22872JacobsAlstroemeria plant named 'Zalsaney'USPTOPP22872
July 24, 2012PP22873MakLily plant named 'Tiny Spider'USPTOPP22873
July 24, 2012PP22874MakLily plant named 'Tiny Pearl'USPTOPP22874
July 24, 2012PP22875MakLily plant named 'Tiny Double You'USPTOPP22875
July 24, 2012PP22876GeibelGeranium plant named 'Pactiopi'USPTOPP22876
July 24, 2012PP22877GeibelGeranium plant named 'Pacyellim'USPTOPP22877
July 24, 2012PP22878GeibelGeranium plant named 'Pacpeki'USPTOPP22878
July 24, 2012PP22879GeibelGeranium plant named 'Pacsalque'USPTOPP22879
July 24, 2012PP22880GeibelGeranium plant named 'Fiwored'USPTOPP22880
July 24, 2012PP22881GeibelGeranium plant named 'Pacabel'USPTOPP22881
July 24, 2012PP22882Isobe et al.Petunia plant named 'Sunsurfkiro'USPTOPP22882
July 24, 2012PP22883SakazakiPetunia plant named 'USTUN29801'USPTOPP22883
July 24, 2012PP22884SakazakiPetunia plant named 'USTUN34803'USPTOPP22884
July 24, 2012PP22885EveleensGerbera plant named 'Garsant'USPTOPP22885
July 24, 2012PP22886EveleensGerbera plant named 'Garsunny'USPTOPP22886
July 24, 2012PP22887BerneutzBrachyscome plant named 'Bonbra7115'USPTOPP22887
July 24, 2012PP22888DummenCalibrachoa plant named 'Duealtinice'USPTOPP22888
July 24, 2012PP22889DummenCalibrachoa plant named 'Duealpivu'USPTOPP22889
July 24, 2012PP22890DummenCalibrachoa plant named 'Duealpi'USPTOPP22890
July 24, 2012PP22891DummenCalibrachoa plant named 'Duealgo'USPTOPP22891
July 24, 2012PP22892Klemm et al.Calibrachoa plant named 'KLECA10218'USPTOPP22892
July 24, 2012PP22893Klemm et al.Calibrachoa plant named 'KLECA10216'USPTOPP22893
July 24, 2012PP22894EggerKniphofia plant named 'Fire Glow'USPTOPP22894
July 24, 2012PP22895OudolfScabiosa plant named 'Champagne'USPTOPP22895
July 24, 2012PP22896OudshoornSedum plant named 'Orange Xenox'USPTOPP22896
 PP22899 - Clematis plant named 'UNAI 009'PP22899 - Clematis plant named 'UNAI 009' PP22907 - Dahlia plant named 'DANITTEN'PP22907 - Dahlia plant named 'DANITTEN'
 PP22908 - Geranium plant named 'Camstra'PP22908 - Geranium plant named 'Camstra' PP22918 - Monarda plant named 'Sugar Lace'PP22918 - Monarda plant named 'Sugar Lace'

 United States Plant Patents: Patents Published July 31, 2012; Nos. PP22897-PP22919

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
July 31, 2012PP22897MeillandHybrid Tea rose plant named 'Meigrilega'USPTOPP22897
July 31, 2012PP22898HamelAbies plant named 'Bernadine Gold'USPTOPP22898
July 31, 2012PP22899KivistikClematis plant named 'UNAI 009'USPTOPP22899
July 31, 2012PP22900KivistikClematis plant named 'UNAI 011'USPTOPP22900
July 31, 2012PP22901KivistikClematis plant named 'UNAI 006'USPTOPP22901
July 31, 2012PP22902KivistikClematis plant named 'UNAI 008'USPTOPP22902
July 31, 2012PP22903KivistikClematis plant named 'UNAI 001'USPTOPP22903
July 31, 2012PP22904DollHydrangea plant named 'DOLKIS'USPTOPP22904
July 31, 2012PP22905DollHydrangea plant named'`DOLGIP'USPTOPP22905
July 31, 2012PP22906DekkerChrysanthemum plant named 'Dekcatta'USPTOPP22906
July 31, 2012PP22907NielsenDahlia plant named 'DANITTEN'USPTOPP22907
July 31, 2012PP22908GeibelGeranium plant named 'Camstra'USPTOPP22908
July 31, 2012PP22909DummenPetunia plant named 'Duepotpi11'USPTOPP22909
July 31, 2012PP22910DummenPetunia plant named 'Duepotpaya'USPTOPP22910
July 31, 2012PP22911EveleensGerbera plant named 'Garpam'USPTOPP22911
July 31, 2012PP22912DanzigerAngelonia plant named 'DALON9'USPTOPP22912
July 31, 2012PP22913DummenCalibrachoa plant named 'Duealne11'USPTOPP22913
July 31, 2012PP22914EggerHeuchera plant named 'Blackberry Crisp'USPTOPP22914
July 31, 2012PP22915EggerKniphofia plant named 'Papaya Popsicle'USPTOPP22915
July 31, 2012PP22916TreesMimulus plant named 'Georgie Red'USPTOPP22916
July 31, 2012PP22917TreesMimulus plant named 'Georgie White'USPTOPP22917
July 31, 2012PP22918OudshoornMonarda plant named 'Sugar Lace'USPTOPP22918
July 31, 2012PP22919KnosherSalvia plant named 'Balyriclu'USPTOPP22919


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