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TASC Resources: Find Free Classes and Test Prep for the High School Equivalency Exam (Formerly GED)


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New York State’s high school equivalency test is called the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC).

  • There is no cost to take the TASC in New York State.
  • The five sections of the test are Reading Literacy, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
  • The test is available in both paper based (PBT) and computer based (CBT) format. It is not available to take online.
  • TASC is available in English and Spanish, Braille, and audio versions for visually impaired.
  • Test takers are allowed two free retakes per calendar year.

There are many organizations across New York State that provide assistance with test preparation. On this page are websites with information about this important test and free classes that can help you prepare for it.

Other than passing the TASC assessment, the pathways to a High School Equivalency Diploma in New York are to successfully complete 24 college credits or to successfully complete the National External Diploma Program (NEDP).

The library offers the following programs that may help you in your pursuit of the credential:

  • ESOL - (Non-Native Speakers only) English for Speakers of Other Languages classes are for people who want to learn and improve their English. These classes focus on speaking and listening skills. Some reading and writing practice is included.
  • ABE - ABE (Adult Basic Education) classes are for people who speak English, but need help with their English reading and writing skills.  
  • TASC Information Sessions and Preparation Courses

Study Guides Available at the Library

General Information

New York State Education Department
Find a testing center in the Bronx, Manhattan or Staten Island.
The website of the NY State HSE (High School Equivalency) Testing Office will help you find test centers and preparation classes in New York State. It also presents information on prep materials, fraud warnings, status reports, and other useful tips. Currently, NYSED supports the operation of approximately 269 test centers statewide through a network of both public and private sites, including: school districts, BOCES, CBOs, EOCs, community colleges, correctional facilities, county jails, OCFS facilities, and private residential facilities. NYSED will continue to supervise and administer test centers and will confirm with existing centers that they will continue to provide testing services for the new TASC test.

Prepare for the Test

The New York City Office of Adult and Continuing Education
If you are aged 21 or over, you can sign up for free day and evening classes with the NYC Office of Adult and Continuing Education (OACE). Above is a link to their directory. The OACE operates four Adult Learning Centers in four boroughs through which you can sign up for classes.

NYCDOE Referral Centers for High School Alternatives
There is a Referral Center for High School Alternatives in each borough to help students find their best pathway to a diploma or the high school equivalency (formerly the GED) exam, and beyond. Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, and other Referral Center staff are present to help.

NYCWKDEV Class FinderNYC Office of Workforce Development Find a Class
This page offers a straightforward way to locate an adult education program in New York City, from ESOL and basic reading and writing, to High School Equivalency exam prep and job training. In Spanish and other languages.

The CUNY Adult Literacy/HSE/ESL Program
CUNY conducts free TASC, ESOL and Basic Education (BE) classes in its 14 campuses. Click on the "Locations" tab on the left side of the page to select a campus in any of the five boroughs.

Literacy Partners
Adult students are placed in pre-HSE classes based on their reading level, between 5th and 8th grade. Classes build on the skills acquired in the organization's Adult Basic Education (ABE) program.

Community Impact at Columbia University
Offers TASC, Spanish TASC, ESOL and CUNY Assessment Test (CAT) Prep support. Once you register for TASC you will be asked to sit a placement test to determine your readiness to sit the TASC test.

The Door
The Door is dedicated to helping young people obtain their HSE and move on to employment or further education. Check out its Arts Access segment, which is a HSE program designed specifically for students who want a career in the arts.

Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
Pre-HSE and Adult Basic Education classes are conducted in both English and Spanish.

Harlem Center for Education
Offers an intensive 13-week preparation program.

Union Settlement Association
Union Settlement, located in East Harlem, offers comprehensive HSE classes for all ages and levels. Students are assessed individually, with classes designed around their abilities.

Additional High School Equivalency (HSE) Resources

YouthBuild USA
Low-income youths between the ages of 16 and 24 are given the opportunity to work toward their TASC or high school diplomas by building affordable housing in their communities. Emphasis is placed on leadership development and community service. A national organization, it has locations in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens.

Queens Library
The program at the Queens Library is geared towards English-speaking adults who need to sharpen their reading and math skills prior to starting a class.

Brooklyn Public Library
The Brooklyn Public Library holds part-time pre-HSE classes in various branches for individuals aged 17 and older. Full-time classes are offered to those between 17 and 24 years old.

Testing Accommodations

New York State high school equivalency examinees seeking accommodations may apply at Applicants will need to select and work with an official test center in their community to complete the application.

This is an update to a post that was originally published on July 18, 2012.


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Estoy buscando clases de GED

Estoy buscando clases de GED para terminar mis estudios! gracias.


I will like to know how I can get my GED thrue internet

Unfortunately you cannot take

Unfortunately you cannot take the test online. You may find resources to help you prepare for the test but you have to go to a testing center in person to take the test.

Take the GED Test

I will like to enroll into college for medical assistant program.

i will like to start my Ged

i will like to start my Ged classes as soon as i can

Enrollment Of GED Program

Hello my name is Emmanuel Garcia, I'm 18 years old and I have very talented skills in math, including algebra, chemistry, and I also like science. I haven't gotten the chance to complete high school was because I chose not to go to school, which I now think I was ignorant for doing that. As of now I want to get my GED & get my OSHA Card so In the future After I get my diploma, I can work as a construction worker and go to college. My main goal as a career goal is to be a investor; CEO of my company. I have a lot of ideas but I don't know how to complete my ideas without going to school. I want to start my life early as soon as possible because I live in the projects and I want to make it out the projects and make my family believe in something they never believed in me to do. All I ask for is a new chance so I can better my self and have my own company before I turn 23-25 years old.

I hope your dreams come true

Good luck Emmanuel. You are on the right path. Believe in yourself and keep your dream always alive in your heart. Take one step at a time and don't give up even when things or people may get you down. I really wish all the best of luck

I am ready.

How long takes to got that diploma.

I would like to take classes

I would like to take classes for ged


Hey , i want finish up school and get my diploma is this an online class or it is like a program I have to attend.

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get batter in my life


Please send me up date information GED programs

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I need to know about new G.E.D. free classes.or online free classes.

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Please help get my ged

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I missed receiving my high school diploma by not taking the math RCT. I would like to take the GED test to advance in my company.


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I would like start right away

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Need to get GED online

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I Will like to que my G E D

How can I get my ged

How can I get my ged


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i only need to take the math and reading

My name is Martine St Jean

My name is Martine St Jean I am interested in help for my GED. I've wasted sooo much time and don't want to waste anymore please help. Martine St Jean

Quisiera saber como puedo

Quisiera saber como puedo obtener mi GED


estoy buscando clases de GED para terminar mis estudios


Hi I'm having a really hard time finding and getting ahold of programs that will help me prepare to take my tasc high school equivelancy. I'm 18 and self supporting, if anyone knows good programs or people to contact who can actually pick up the phone or see me when I go into speak to them I would appreciate it a lot thank you


There is a TASC program at BronxWorks that serves 17-24 year old young adults. Here is the number to the Intake coordinator (718) 508-3136. The program is daytime so be sure you can be available between 9am- 1pm, Monday- Thursday.
A program for women 19-years-old and older is offered at the School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center in Woodhaven. Classes are Monday through Friday, 9:00-1:30, September to June. This is a small program, and is helpful for women who have finished at least grade 9 in high school. Check the website for further information. To register, call the Center at 718-738-0588 and ask to make an appointment to meet with Sister Cathy Stare.

reading and writing

Plz i have a 2year old and i will like to go to school I was in a special needs school so can your help me

Referal center

How can i find a referal center near me

Referal center

How can i find a referal center near me


ged exam

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Plz contact me with the information I need to bring in order to be enrolled in school

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How can I prepares myself to take the new ged test in the full

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I'm 25 years old need a program near Ridgewood,queens. If you can help I really appreciate it. contact me at email

Looking for free task/ged classes in queens nyc

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High school diploma

I want to go to college


I was wondering if there are any ged prep classes that .Are offered on Mon & Wed day nights I cannot make Tuesday but every other evening Pl ease feel free to contact me .Thank you

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Is there anywhere I can take ged classes I called places n asked everwhere and nothing .. Can yu help

Ged Prep

Hi , Im Looking For A Ged Program In Nyc , Please Help Me. Much Appreciated

In need of a skill

Early this year I passed my High School Equivalency Test.Please, can you help me find some free program or some Grant program which could be available to me so that I could get a skill and God Willing do more with my life.Thank you.I hope to hear from you .

Free Job skills classes

Grace institute offers free Job readiness classes here's the link Grace Institute 1233 Second Avenue New York, NY 10065 (P) (212) 832-7605 (F) (212) 486-2869


I want to get my GED, So I can become a surgeon one day. Please if anyone can e-mail me with some info on how to go about it, Please let me know. Thank you I'm confused.

Contact Referral center at

Contact Referral center at Schermerhorn st At 7189359457 for support


I would like to know if there is any library giving the TASC test in the area of NYC (Bronx) and also where can I fax my application for the TASC testing. Thank you.

fresh start

i never Been to school in the U.S.A and wanted a fresh start...i want to get my GED could you help me in the right direction

Please Read Through Site

Please take the time to carefully read through all the information on this site. No one is able to contact you in relation to taking the NYS High School Equivalency Exam. It is up to you to make arraignments to attend any prep classes, and sign up for the exam. All needed resources are listed here. If under 21 and interested in enrolling or re-enrolling in a NYC public high school, please contact your nearest enrollment center.

g.e.d and diploma

Hello my name is Arnadell and is it OK if I can sign up for GED classes for free? I'm only 20 years old and is it too late for signing up? I would like a diploma before the age of 21 so please let me know. Thank u so much!


Hello everyone I am 25 with 2 kids... my Oldest will b starting school in the fall... which is only a few days away.... I was wondering if anyone knows a site where they give GED classes but also provides daycare! Please someone get back to me! I really want to get my GED so I can go to college and make a life for my boys as well as myself!

TASC clssess

I want finish my education .

Math and reading and writing

hi my name is Jesus and right now I am studying again to take the task Ged test I been really hard lately to pass this test the first time I took the task test I was able to pass the social studies and the science . All of the other rest I fail in I need your to double check my score because I feel that my score are correct I feel and I believe that I do a good job


Quisiera tomar clases para obtener mi ged yo tome el exámenes en el 2005 y no lo pase no se si es válido ..ahora quiero información para ver como lo termino tomando las clases en español, ayuda ..necesito seguir estudiando y no puedo x no tener mi ged .gracias x su atención estaré esperando con ansias su respuesta

Important note for everybo who want to take the Tasc test or GID

I know, many of you have a dream, to complete your education but, even when you study hard to be ready for the test in almost all the sites you go especially in the Bronx and few, in Manhattan. The people who is in charge to supervise you, during the test. They just don't care about the ones who are taking the test. Many of them act with bad atitude They act, as if they are forced to be there supervising the ones who takes the GED, or Tasc. They talk loud, they make a lot talking. You can expect all kind of talks, and they treat you like bag of trash, when you have a question as if they doing that for charity or for free. As long I know every place get some federal money when they apply to give the tasc or GED test. So imagine if they would do it for 100% free? Every 10 minutes they keep talking distracting the student. At the end if you pass the test, congratulate you self, because in almost all, the centers, that gives the tasc or GED test they, need a good lecture or respect and education They have to know that they have to stop acting like if they are the most smart people, and see you like if you are there begging them, to get the test They need lectures They have to practices and lectures like the students get prepared to pass the test, if they act like that is because they may don't know other way to act all the people in those test centers should take a good class, to be humble, to respect the effort of every student No mater the students age, or race but respect that hour, during the test and keep silence during the test especially in Math. Another mistake they do is giving you math, the second day when you brain is tired. Is like if they don't necesarly be there to facilite the students a better option. The governor or the mayor ignore the way many centers act. When they get permitted to give you the tasc test and at the same time they get, federal cash for that To all the students who want to be respected during the test I sugest you to write here your own experience and those who support my idea to write here, and write the mayor, or to tell someone who you think will hear you to improve the test centers, behaves about all the bad behaves in every test center. Maybe like that will be the only way they will know that no one is there begging them to get a test. Is because those for people who pushing to abandon your dreams and get your diploma this country have thousand of young people living in poverty.

I want to know is GED still

I want to know is GED still free now ? also where I can go during the moring, I have a job in the afternoon.

Looking for volunteers

Hi - I have a small free TASC prep program for adults 21 years and older in East Harlem and I am looking for tutors to volunteer with the program particularly around the reading/literature and social studies areas. Would you know of a resource that I could tap into for my program?


How can I find free classes online? I can't seem to find any
The School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center in Woodhaven provides classes for women 19 years old and older to prepare to take the high school equivalency test. Classes are Monday-Friday, 9:00-1:30. The program is designed for women who have completed at least the 9th grade in high school or the equivalent. Visit our website To register, call Sister Cathy Stare at the Center at 718-738-0588 to make an appointment for an interview. After a $30 registration fee, there is no further cost for classes.

TASC/GED information

I would like to know if there is any library giving the TASC /GED test and dates of the exam in the area of NYC and also where can I do my application for the TASC /ged testing. Thank you.

in the text above, please see

in the text above, please see "General Information: New York State Education Department. Find a testing center in the Bronx, Manhattan or Staten Island."

can i join GED in april/may ?

Hi, Respect all. I'm now 24year old so last year i was came from Nepal to NYC . I am a permanent resident. I want to complete GED but my english language is also week. What is next step please....

Wanting to know were can i go

Wanting to know were can i go to take ged class or test

My question is there GED

My question is there GED classes I can take online


stress out took it twice and im giving up....but i need it and want it

can i register to take test

can i register to take test without a prep course? bx, ny

I want to take my classes to

I want to take my classes to get my ged/ deploma.... I can't find anything but online.. please help!?

Help with finding a Tutor

I need assistance with finding a tutor that will assist in math.

He trying to get his ged

He trying to get his ged


I was reading that if I have 26 or more college credits I can get my Ged is this true

Hi, my name is Brooklin I'm

Hi, my name is Brooklin I'm 18 years I have high intelligence with writing and English but when it comes to Science and Math and History I'm not as skilled in those area, because I missed tons of school due to personal issues and being a teen parent. I would need help in those areas

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