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I Remember It Had a Blue Cover and... Finding Books by Their Plot Lines


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The Snow Queen.,She has read all the newspapers in the world, and forgotten them again, so clever is she., Digital ID 1701881, New York Public LibraryThe Snow Queen.,She has read all the newspapers in the world, and forgotten them again, so clever is she., Digital ID 1701881, New York Public LibraryFictional works are usually cataloged by author and title, not by subject or plot line, which makes identifying books by their plot or story line difficult.

Before you start your search it would help if you can identify everything you remember about the book, plot, character names, time period in which the book may have been published, genre, etc. All these can help in identifying the title and author of the book.

There are some resources online that can help with a search for a fictional work if all you have is a plot line. Also sometimes the best way to find these half remembered books is to post them on a listserv or discussion forum whereby someone who may have read the book recognizes the plot line.

  • The Fiction_L Listserv "has come up with answers to numerous fiction and non-fiction 'stumpers' much to the delight of many patrons, as well as librarians, happy to find the title of a book they read 20 years ago (or just a couple months ago)." 
  • The Project Wombat listserv is "an e-mail discussion list for difficult reference questions." Project Wombat is read by librarians, scholars, students, professionals, and people from all walks of life, so by posting your question to the listserv you are drawing upon the collective memories and resources of thousands of people.
  • You can also submit your question to a service offered by Abebooks known as "BookSleuth"
  • Loganberry Books offer a fee-based ($4) research service known as "Stump the Bookseller" for people who can recall only plot details of a book for which they are seeking. Loganberry is used mostly for children's books that you vaguely remember.
  • The Other Change of Hobbit bookstore in Berkeley, California maintains a "Department of Lost Stories" web page from which you can email the store's staff the book's plot and they will try to locate the book for you.
  • has sections for Children's Books, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Science Fiction & Fantasy for you to browse or you can post your own question.
  • The Internet Book Database of Fiction has an "Ask the Oracle" section "where you can post requests to help you identify books you read or saw a long time ago, and can no longer recall."
  • Barnes & Noble has a "Lost Books" discussion board.

So well remembered ..., Digital ID 496171, New York Public LibrarySo well remembered ..., Digital ID 496171, New York Public LibraryHere are some subscription databases that you may be able to use to help you locate a book for which you remember only the plot. They allow you to conduct keyword searches for plot descriptions, and often allow you to search by genre and audience.

Lost ball. , Digital ID 1134444, New York Public LibraryLost ball., Digital ID 1134444, New York Public Library

Other useful links:

Search our catalog at BiblioCommons by tag. Library users around the U.S. and Canada can create multiple tags for a title that help describe its content. Similar sites include LibraryThing, Shelfari, and Goodreads. Try searching tags or discussion areas with the plot keywords you know, or create an account and ask for help from other users.


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Library thing has...

...a specific group for these very questions and answers. I've used it many times and folks are very helpful. Sorry, I don't remember the exact name of the group.

Maybe it was Name That Book?

Maybe it was Name That Book?


I'm looing for a book that was new in 2008-2010. It was about a woman shopping in a warehouse with some friends and is kiddnapped to an invisable island. The island is open, breesy, and has a lot of flowing curtains. The kidnapped woman's friends are looking for her and while on this island she starts to like the ship captain that abducted her. If anyone knows anuthing about this book, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT

I can't remember this book

The book I read around 2007-2008 it was children's book where the characters looked like different colored blades of grass and were dancing.
I AM LOOKING FOR THIS BOOK DOES IT RING A BELL WITH ANYONE?????? ~~~~~The book about an American stockbroker and radio show host and Swiss or Swedish scientist (that can make bombs). The scientist his daughter get kidnapped, political intrigue with Arab counties. It was written maybe 15 or 20 years ago maybe 1990ish? Plot reads very similar to the banking shenanigans of today.......except that some one kidnapped a Swiss scientist and are forcing him to make a bomb or they will kill his daughter. They are after all the .....can you guess... the OIL. The ex-stockbroker narrates the story, he says he sold everything and bought land, says nothing else will be worth anything except land cuz you need to grow food..... the story ends with the bomb maker making the bomb with cobalt instead of manganese because cobalt has a 25 or 50 year shelf life. No one will be able to go into the oil fields for 50 years because of the afterlife of the bomb.... ~~~~~~~~

please help if you know the book

I read a book a few years ago that i'd love to find again but i only remember the plot not the name, please write back if you know the name of the book. A young girl can control the dead so her aunt who shes very close to sents her to a special boarding school. But finding out that its not like she thought she escapes with 2 boys and a girl. They split up and she gets caught and held captive in a room. It turns out her aunt is the evil one the book ends with her trying to find a way to escape. Would also love to read the next book in the series. Please help.

I think the book is the

I think the book is the Summoning by kelly Armstrong


I red this book so long ago and forgot about it. Now I want to read it again but I only remember so much of it. Like that the main character is a cat with the only Mber eyes in his family, he runs away over a big wall. He learns mysterious powers and uses them. Theres a cat gang forcing all other cats into submission and it's led by I think a one eyed cat that's white with a blue eye, had the same powers as the other and everyone's afraid of her. There's also a cat I think is named holly that's a cat with mustered colored eyes and later one of her eyes become blue at the end. There's also a dog, a second cat that is brown and falls into a trap. then there's two Siamese cats that are great fighters. Later the main character returns home only to find out his family has been taken over by his brother so he has to beat him. They also learn that the man in the house with the two black(?) cats are robot cats and the man captures cats to use them to make more and that's the trap the other fell in. So yeah. Oh and they at some point go down into the sewers looking for the paradise or something guarded by the pack of dogs that's the family of the dog the main Charcter befriends. Etc.. I think the main characters name starts with a V. Please help if you know ehat I am talking about.

Varjack paw

Varjack paw

Looking for a website

I have forgotten the site for people who forget stories... There was a site I came across a few months ago that was specifically to help people who vaguely remember the plot of science fiction and fantasy stories. People would post the plot they remembered and anyone who knew could tell them the author and the name of the story. It seemed like a pretty effective method, but for some reason I can't find the site again. I've looked... Can anyone help me?

Finding a book

It was a fantasy book very quirky and in somes minds downright creepy. It was about two monster parents who found a human boy in a dark forest. As the boy grew up he grew more and more knowledgeable that they werent his real parents. he goes on a quest through the forest filled with monsters and finds his real father. His father then leaves only to regret. then the boy finds his father again and the stay together. Anyone have an idea on what this book is?

This is going to be a hard one

I Cover has little girl on it. A floating round orb which is a law inforcer in the background. Homeless and begging forbidden in this place. So they must hide. She is a street kid.. I remember something about a cage and a guy being displayed in main square?

Finding a book

The book is about a Vietnam vet who finds out his identical twin is being held prisoner in Vietnam. He works out a deal for $4 million dollars to get his brother back. He goes undercover as a student and food deliver and plants explosives in a new hotel. He then blackmails the hotel management into rigging the first horse race of the season so the first horse wins. He has made bets around NYC and collects the $4 million dollars. Does that ring a bell with anyone?


I'm trying to find a children's book about pregnancy that I had when I was little. I don't remember the title or author, but I know I would recognize the pictures. It talks about how and why mommy's tummy is getting bigger and shows drawings of the fetus in different stages. It also mentions how daddy takes care of mommy, lending her some of his shirts when she gets too big for her clothes and kissing her tummy.

Your question reminds me of

Your question reminds me of "Where Did I Come From" book about facts of life, more or less. Has some rather graphic drawings, but honest... none of the Birds n Bees stuff. However it sort of explains the basics, as I recall, "If you put your parents in the bath tub together [you'll see they aren't the same]", and I don't remember if it mentions pregnancy. Yours could be a follow up to this one. I kind of remember something called "How Did I Get Here?" Worth a peek on Amazon. Good Luck.

Looking for a book

I am looking for a book a read 13 years ago. its about a girl who comes to a small town from the city looking for her friends murderer. she falls in love with the murderers younger brother. she get killed by the older brother at the end. The younger brother is reserved and shy while the murderer/older brother is a former jock who goes onto the city to kill but has a squeeky clean image in the small town. I think she gets killed by a river or dam in a secluded part of the town.

Lookig for romance book can't remember title or author

The book is set in historical times in castle. The women in the book is betrothed to her neighbor or friend. But another man wants to claim her and shows up and for some reason she has to hide her brother and the stepmother tells him where she hid him. Then the bad man forces the woman to watch him rape a girl so she will tell him where the child is this is before step mom tells him. He wants control her and wants all she has. Her betrothed shows up and saves her right before she is forced to marry the bad man. Does anyone know what this book is called? I read it several years ago but can't remember name or author.

Looking for a short stories collection (horror/suspense)

The book was a compilation of really creepy suspenseful short stories. The very first story for which the book was named was about a brother and sister (about 10 or 11 years old) that notice an attic window from the outside of their house that doesn't exist from the inside. When the brother props the sister up on his shoulders from a ladder to look through the window, she opens it to get a better look, but is pulled through completely by an unexplainable force and vanishes. He frantically checks, but the same window still doesn't exist from within the house. When he finally tells their mother what happened, she insists he NEVER had a sister. The cover is black with a red window on it (I think). I know it was very popular at the time (00's), because every time I was able to take it out, I had to give it back in 7 days for the next person on the waiting list ...& then re-join the wait list. I believe either/both the author's name and the title started with an "S". PLEASE HELP. Thanks

was it one of the books in

was it one of the books in the Scary Stories series?

hey im looking for a book it

hey im looking for a book it has blue cover and 2 pair of shoes a female and a male the guy prepose to his girlfriend and he did not had a ring he said '' we could go and buy it tomorow totether '' and she did not anwesr to him directly plz plz plz help me

looking for book

Looking for book of fiction about a guy in a coma that ends up in the head of a woman that works at a hospital

help with finding this book

I'm trying to find the name and author of a book I read the story about the granddaughter of Lady Osbaldestone who is found laying in a alley from being attack by robbers is brought home by some Lord somebody.By taking care of her they find this piece of jewelry that belongs to Lady Osbaldestone.Lady Osbaldestone takes one look at her face an notice that her eyes has the same distinct color as her husband and son.She puts two and two together and find out she's her son daughter.

Lady Osbaldestone

Perhaps it's one of these novels that have Lady Osbaldestone as a character?,%20Lady%20Osbaldestone

Was it one of Stephanie

Was it one of Stephanie Laurens Cynster novels?

looking for a book (no supprise here)

ok so im looking for two books (plot twist) the first one: has the word hannah in the title. Its a childrens book with a light yellowy-brown coloured cover with a light sketch of a girl. In the book silver theives through a bag of stolen silve (might of been something else) into the back of hannah's father's wagon and he gets sent to Australia as a convict for it the second one: is about a boy who is in a coma after being hit by a car after running after his dog. He eventually wakes up after reliving memories and imagining the nurse who takes care of him. He spends the rest of his life (well until the end of the book) in a wheelchair

looking for a book (no supprise here)

I'm looking for two books actually (plot twist) they are both children's books i read. first on: I read this in 2007-2008 (not sure if this helps) in the title was the word hannah and there were 2-3 books. THe cover of one of them was a light yellowy-brown with a sketch of a girl on it. In the stroy hannahs father is accused of stealing some silver that was thrown into his wagon by theives. He is then transported to australia as a convict. In the last book hannah meets up with a rich family and they help her find her father by going to australia with her. the second on: this one is about a boy who was hit by a car when he ran after his dog. the boy for most of the story is in a coma. he remembers all sorts of things and also imagines the nurse that takes are of him. in the end of the book he wakes up and sees everyone again. he spends the rest of the book trying to figure out his new life and is stuck in a wheelchair please let me know if youve read any of these books and can give me any information about their titles/authors thnx

I'm looking for a book (no surprise there)

It was a book I read in maybe 2011 from scholastic book fair in NY. The cover has a picture of a family in a frame with a drop of blood on it. A girl has to stay with her aunt or something (?) There is a boy there who never comes out of his room. It is soon revealed that there is a charm on top of his door that protects him from the ghost if his sister. The girl accidentally smashes a frame on the floor and a drop of blood gets on it and the aunt (?) Gets mad. The girl takes off the charm one day and the ghost if the sister comes after the boy.

Family by Micol Ostow

The cover description and date sound like it could be Family by Micol Ostow. I'm not sure if the plot elements fit.

Looking for a book

I read this book probably 10+years ago (I would of been 10 or so). It was about a bunch of characters who slowly started disappearing or dying. You find out in the end that the reason they are disappearing is the reader is dying and they live in her memories. I think I remember it was about this girl and her father who were desperately trying to move and keep up from the black hole that was going to swallow them.

Is it the Brief History of

Is it the Brief History of the Dead?

I read this book around 2000,

I read this book around 2000, the plot was government conspiracy to determine future world events, including who the future world leaders would be, price of oil, international crises, wars. A supergroup would meet and plan next big events. Probably written in the 1990's Thanks!

I am looking for a book from my childhood...

The book had a pale tan cover with the silhouette of a tree on the front. It was about a girl named Bird, whose mother was very ill. The only way to save her, she discovered, was to get the fruit from a magical tree in a magical garden. She was alone, and was taken in by an old man (possibly a wizard?) he also took in other kids and they did all the chores. She fell in love with one of the boys that he took in, (name started with S, possibly Sto) and i remember at one point she was captured, i am unsure by who, and also the trees fruit was only able to be used if your desire was unselfish, or not for yourself. I am unsure of the details of that. it was a fantasy book and it was something I read when I was 10. I can't remember the title for the life of me

Help me remember a sci-fi-fantasy book?

I would love to find this book. Here is what I remember: -science fiction/fantasy -read it about 15+years ago -one culture was telepathic; the other culture feared telepaths -at the ending it was discovered that both cultures were related many, many, many years ago -one of the main cultures lived for a brief time on a planet that was all white and learned to distinguish minute colors -two main cultures fighting each other, one was male-oriented and the other was more female Could you help?

Help! I am looking for a book,i forgot the name and the author.

The novel/book cover is red with a woman in the arms of a man, the image is black and white. It's about this woman and i think the man was a cop/detective. they were in a cabin together, she is a wanted woman, people wants to kill her. Thats all i remembered i've been searching for this novel/book from last year, It's been 5 years since i read the. the book belong to my sis but she doesnt remember having it. if i could get the title and author for the book it will make my day. i think it has the word romance or seduction in the title.

Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, 40+ years old

The story was about a teenage boy, awkward and a misfit who comes across a mysterious man. This man gives the boy an oddly shaped bottle containing a magic lotion and instructs him to apply one drop on each shoulder. When the boy does, he grows wings. The rest of this tale is about how he learns to fly, gains confidence and grows up over the course of his summer vacation. The bottle eventually runs out but our young hero has come into his own by this time. I believe he had a single mom and probably a subplot involving a girl although I can't be positive. Any information regarding this novel would be greatly appreciated.

Find YA book

This sounds like "Black and Blue Magic" by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

preteen/teen book

I'm looking for a book that I read when I was a teen. The main character (a gir) is in a private school and is mistaken for a rich girl in the school and kidnapped. Her friends play sleuths and figure out where she is. The only other detail I can remember is while kidnapped she uses a stick and a piece of cloth for a toothbrush.

looking for a murder mystery

book is about a woman who comes back to a town after some years to find out who killed her step mother and clear her father's name. later she discovers it was the step mothers brother who is a doctor that killed her.

Sleeping murder by Agatha

Sleeping murder by Agatha Christie

Book search..

I'm trying to remember the name of this book. It's about a girl who is italian and lives with her dad, her mom died but was a great cook and the girl took after her. they lived next to a wealthy family who had a son her age but he had ahsma and wasn't aloud outside much. The book starts in the present where she is an owner of a restaurant (named after her mother which starts with a C) and it flashes back to her childhood when she meets the boy and they fall in love and date then he goes off to school or work and she moves on. back to the present and he comes back into town and the rest is about how they re meet and fall back in love.

Summer by the sea by Susan

Summer by the sea by Susan Wiggs

Looking for a book - crime/romance

I'm looking for a book - crime/romance. Need author and name of the book. The heroine is a police detective - I think her name is Samantha, step-daughter of a senator. The hero is a senior police detective and they are hunting a serial killer. He has four sisters and remembers their stockings drying on the shower rod. He refuses to get involved with her as long as they're working on the case. A short romantic scene in the stairwell of the police station.

abused wife

The book I am looking for is about a young woman, probably around 19 urs old, falls in love with a good looking, well dressed, man. The night of their wedding he begins to abouse her because he doesnt like the dress she wants to wear to the restaurant. He often ties her to her bed when he goes on business trips, leaving her with a bottle of water. She eventually leaves him by escaping from the unlocked house. I think it is set in the early 70s.


Hi i read this book a lot of years back its starts with this girl and she sees? Things and she falls on love ans they date but they break up because he blames her for not seeing his mom murder and she goes and works for the government and then her ex boyfriend comes to her for help because his daughter is kidnapped? And she has the same gift as her and they get together and you find out the girl canr have a child cuz of a bullet and at the ens they get the daughter and married.

Find A Book

I don't remember much of this book, which is why I'd like to read it again. The main character is a girl who is probably in her 20s? It was based during the time where ladies tried to marry someone rich, and this girl refused all the men who proposed to her. She had finally given in to society and went to find an eligible husband, but with her reputation, no body wanted to wed her. She decided to go to this guy who also had a bad reputation, and they decided that she would live with him a month? To see how compatible they would be. She would marry him for his money, and he would marry her for his reputation (I believe). During that month, he would seduce her every night, training her body to obey his words and only finish when he says its okay. After that month she found that he had not killed his wife, but she slipped and fell down the stairs while they were fighting about the child she was carrying, as it turned out it wasn't his, but someone else's. Afterwards, they ended up falling in love and getting wed, and having two children in the end.

Finding A Book

I remeber the book was about angels and i bought it on amazon for free. The girl lived in an isolated country house. She meets this guy that she falls in love with but he soon becomes one of the bad angels. I remeber one part he goes into a town and destroys it, setting everything on fire and the good angels come and try to stop him and the rest and they end up in a battle.Towards the end she has to face him and kill him otherwise he will do more damage but she can't. So they start fighting on the cliff while hes trying to kill her. It was the first book and the second book was supposed to come out in I think it was Febuary of 2015 Please help if anybody can.

Find this book

I read this book a few years ago and the only thing I can remember it the cover and the plot. It showed a womans in a red silk dress with her back to us and a man on her side facing us and his hand rested on her back. Okay, so basically this woman's best friend is engaged to the main guy and then breaks of the engagement and then the main female character goes to his house to comfort him and brings peach schnapps too. Long story short they start having sex. Oh, and the woman owns a clothing shop.

know this book?

I read this book when i was about 14. It was my first romance novel and i'd love to read it again and reminisce. The cover had this red haired heroine dressed in a white top(like maybe a gypsies) and a green dress with her head thrown back. The hero is dark haired and behind her with his face to her bosom. Dont remember much of the plot... He is spanish and he stole her from her father or sth and is keeping her against her will in a prostitute house. They fall for each other eventually and he marries her at but they get separated and he gets imprisoned but she thinks he's dead. I Think her name starts with a G.

Looking for a Fantasy series

I read the first book of a fantasy series as a teen at a public library and have been looking for it again ever since. What I remember about it is that the main character is a young boy and is fooling around with his girlfriend and wakes up to find her dead. He has a demon inside of him or is cursed or something and assumes he killed her so he runs away. He is picked up by a girl and her folks and thinks he is safe but they sell him as a sex slave to a king or prince who had grey eyes. The boy has a tattoo on his back. I don't remember if it is a vulture or a hawk but it is a large bird. The king sees it and calls him his sparrow. He is trained as a sex slave and plots his escape but one night an assassin breaks in to kill the king and the boy kills him instead of escaping. When he is older the king reluctantly lets him go. There is also an angel in the series that is either watching over the boy or trying to keep the demon from getting free, I don't remember which. But something happens and he is cast down to earth without his powers. He is taken by slavers and was supposed to be castrated but got missed somehow. A fellow slave who is chained to him is ordered to clean him up and realizes he wasn't cut. They end up being sold into the same household and later he gets his powers back and takes her away. That's all I remember. Would love to reread it and others in the series. All my attempts to find it have failed for years including asking the librarian at the library where I borrowed it originally. Please email me if you know this novel. It would have been in the early 80's when I read it and it was a worn out paperback then.

Romance novel

Am looking for a book i read before. In the book, the girl or the boy's name is Alex and they are royalties but the boy's brother was supposed to marry the girl and it didn't work so the girl somehow slept with the boy and became pregnant and she was a virgin princess whom was latter forced to marry the prince that impregnated her. Please someone should help me

Im looking for a book i

Im looking for a book i thought it was called phoenix or something but its about a girl who has been alive for like 100 years and she goes between families or cities so nobody realizes that she doesnt grow older and she has a wound on her foot that never heals because she doesnt grow or change i think it was like an 8th grade reading level, not sure though please let me know if you know this

cia inttelegence officer

cia inttelegence officer desert storm, on cover dude with back to desert in military gear. carrot stick interrogation, non fiction

What was that book?

The story is set in Paris, a middle aged couple is having lots of people over to their place for vacation. There is a girl who works for the gentleman, her name (i think) is Barbara, then there is this another high society girl who is in an abusive relationship (i think, Valerie). Its a story with lot of cross connections, misunderstandings and finally Barbara & Valerie find themselves happier than they started out. Barbara without a guy, better off in her career and Valerie with a low key guy but who takes care of her. Not a lot to go on.. :(

I do not remember the title

I do not remember the title of the book. The cover is light blue with a baby chick wearing a crown. The main character was a girl named West. She lives in California. For some reason, she is forced to move in with her aunt and uncle down South. She has a baby cousin who adores her. She makes friend with a girl and becomes a seamstress. She goes back to California at some point and has a boyfriend named Zane.

It's called "Disenchanted

It's called "Disenchanted Princess!"

I do not know what this book is called

I am looking for a book that is about all humans being equal in all ways. For example if you are a really fast runner you would have to wear heavy chains so that you would run at the same speed as someone else. Please help

Are you thinking of

Are you thinking of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury?

R.A. Lafferty , The Hand with

R.A. Lafferty , The Hand with One Hundred Fingers. It's a short story, but that is its premise.

"I am looking for a book that

"I am looking for a book that is about all humans being equal in all ways. For example if you are a really fast runner you would have to wear heavy chains so that you would run at the same speed as someone else." That sounds like "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut. It's a short story though, not a full-length book.

I used to love this book but I don't remember the title

I read this book in 2009. It reminded me of a modern day Romeo and Juliet. The girl's father was arrested for killing a man in the other family. Which caused financial problems for her mom. She was then forced to leave her private school to go to the public school on their side of the fence. She went to the school and met him. She told herself not to like him but it didn't matter. they fell for each other and would meet at the barn on the line between their two halves of the town until their families found out.

Title and author of book?

Did you ever find out the title and author of this book? I read it about 5 years ago and I want to reread it. I just can't remember the title or the author. I've been trying to google search it, but for the life of me I cannot find it.

Hi, I'm a looking for this blue cover fantasy book

Hi, I don't know if anyone had read this book before. I bought it from my local library around 13 years ago. It had a blue cover with golden lines and letters. It's about a guy who travels the world on a ship. His whole family also travels but that book was about him. I think they were explores or pirates. I think they were more books about them and their adventures. I

Looking for a book... Any ideas???

I remember reading this science fiction book when I was a teenager in the mid '90's that was the first in a series. It started off with a large group of people in a space ship that gets boarded by by pirates repeatedly. It is written specifically from the main character's POV who, in the very beginning of the book, is a young boy. The women wind up getting kidnapped and the men tied up and left to watch helplessly as they are taken. The boy grows up to become a fighter and eventually a captain (I think...) of his own space ship. He develops the unusual talent of being able to read people's body language down to the smallest movement. There are action adventures scenes as well as sex scenes. Any ideas??? Thanks!!!

I read this book about 20

I read this book about 20 years ago. It was a thin paperback book. Something about an opera singer who used young girls( their glands and throats) to remain young and the detective looking for a girl that was missing. There was a ghost with their throat torn out. Not much, but all I can remember.


Pls I'm looking for this book named deceived or deception or something like that. This girl went on a TV show to search for her missing father. Then she went on a cruise with her grandma and fell for a guy who called her Querida. He later kidnapped her and put her on a drug island. Pls help!!!


Im trying to look for a book. ive only read a couple chapters in, I never finished it. But now i cant remeber anything about the book except for a little bit of the plot and the cover art. The cover art had an empty picture frame in front of a grass field and blue skies. noone was holding the frame it was just there. there wasnt a person or anything on the cover except for what i described. what i read about the story so far was that the main character was a male photographer and he was in love with somebody. the book was fiction novel. it also talked about his life.

Can't find the book

I read a book.I can't remember much because it was a long time ago but I remember on the cover the book name had the word 'caught' . The main character female name was abbie and I think the main male character name was rolf . It was about about abbie running away because she cared about the ecosystem and set a man's house on fire, when abbie and her boyfriend rolf thought was empty at the time, because the man whose house they set on fire was damaging the area where abbie's exboyfriend lived and she wanted to scare him and make him stop doing what he was. However when abbie and rolf were in the middle of doing so the man's son was present and he tried to stop them but got injured, the police where on their way, they were in a van running away. Abbie starts to work in a strawberry field because they had no money and saw rolf very rarely ... finds out she's pregnant, runs away , goes back to her ex boyfriend where she finds out that the man whose house she set on fire was sueing him and blaming him (the ex)for what she did to him (the fire house man) ... rolf finds her, forces her to come back with him, abbie's brother and ex try to stop while telling to run as rolf has a gun ends up falling down someplace, dislocates her shoulder which stops her from trying to swim back up as well as the freezing water she fell into stops her. I really want to find this book been trying really hard for months .. If know can u plzz reply tell me the name or author Ty

Please help!

I'm looking for a book with a GIRL and a BIG MOTH on cover (it was a bit creepy). Written in CYRILLIC alphabet (I don't know which language, I couldn't understand it). It is probably composed of HORROR/DARK STORIES and there are many great ILLUSTRATIONS by VARIOUS DIFFERENT ARTISTS (some of them digital). I remember one very emotional illustration from the beginning of the book: a dog looking towards dark door.


Hi I am looking for a book published in the 1980 or 1990s. The books is about the love between a poor girl named lily and a boy from a rich family. The boy and the girl love each other. The girls family owns a small garden shop or something with plants. I know she has to go away for a while and then returns to take over the shop her parents left behind. I know somebody is killed when a new building built collapses on them. The boy tries to win lily back but she feels she does not belong with the rich family. She sees someone from the boy who she used to love one of his family members getting raped by another family member. She Braves the walk to the boys house to tell him about the situation she saw. This is all I can remember please HELP.

Short Story about death of a parent and muddy shoes

In the story a woman gets a phone call that her parent (father?) has died. she has to pack for the trip and finds that her children's shoes are all muddy. A neighbor happens to stop by and just starts to help her cleaning the shoes. He does it methodically and as he's cleaning she manages to get her wits together.

Novel Cover..Please Help!

For years I have been looking for a Novel cover. On it was a filed of defeated knights, some still alive but agonizing, with spears and blades through their body. only Two knights/soldiers standing, one in completely black armor holding a woman by the hair and the other standing still with arows through his body like it was nothing. Lots of blood. It was something I remember seeing since being a kid, 15years ago and since I've been searching for it. The knight in black had an Axe, and the other a blade with lots blood dripping. It was very gore. Anyone have any clue? Please

need to find book left on ship on my cruise

The book was about a pregnant widow who was taken to a cabin owned by a famous painter after her car went into a ditch. She had the baby, the rich painter married her and then took her to his home city?? His parents accepted her but the story plot was about the former husband's family trying to get the baby. The title had Christmas in it and the cover had a white background. Can you help me find the title of the book - I think the author was one of the popular women writers but can't recall which one.

i read that book but I can't

i read that book but I can't remember the exact title but it was either Linda Howard or Debbie MacComber (hope I'm spelling that right) good luck!

Trying to find title of childrens book about the seasons, andorn

The book was an illustrated childrens book about the seasons and how they cganfed when a staff with sometime of magic orb on it, changed hands. I think the main character was some type of animal. The staff or the orb is lost or stolen. Somehow the main character attempts to return it to spring. I think he dies or is killed in the process. Spring does something for him with flowers. I think it was published in the 80s or 90s. The illustrations are wonderful and very detailed. If you know anything that could help me, please let me know.

Updated links

A few updates to the links above: Fiction_L Listserv is now here:; Loganberry Stump the Bookseller is now here: (and costs $4); Barnes & Noble Lost Book thread is here: HTH

Thanks for the links, Jean! I

Thanks for the links, Jean! I updated the post.

Book I can't remember

This young girl (Diana or diane) gets news that her best friend (peggy or penny ) was killed in a house fire. She was burned on one side of her body and so she has to take in her friends daughter. She ends up living with her uncle simon where she meets his housekeeper and the cop (can't remember his name) and the two end up figuring out who killed her friend and why. At the end The little girl ends up seeing an angle and wanders out and then Diana ends up following her and gets hurt. I remember she has a hip injury and so the cop ends up nursing her. I also remember a quote from it : my grandma says when you fall in love it's like getting hit by lightning, we'll my lightening just struck. Andthe cop says: I know a girl, she's out there and I think I found her. And at the very end of the book, uncle simon and his old friend that's a girl end up getting married and Diana and the cop (Tyler i think) are shown hugging and then it ends.

I need to find this book!

This book was my favourite as a kid! It had a blue woman on the cover and the main character was a girl with a missing brother, her mother is depressed and she ends up going next door for some reason and later gets transported to a different world where she has to save it? I remeber a candle boy and a swan, I hope you can help?!


I am looking for a book about 6 (?) girls who are sent to this sort of boarding charm school, and their two tutors/ teachers is murdered with poison, but the girls do not want to go back to their homes and devise a plan to keep up that their tutors are still alive so they can stay. Think that there is place at the end of the title. The cover has 6 girls and at the end of the cover there is a pair of legs, one of the dead teachers Maybe 2 of the 6 girls' names were kitty and alice

Lost book

Sounds like "The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place" by Julie Berry.

looking for book title

A man driving a car with his wife is forced of the road by a bike gang leaving his wife dead and him just clinging onto life he recovers becomes a biker transforms his image and goes in search of the bike gang that did the dirty deed Thanks For your help Dean

Looking for the name and the author of a ficktion book

I read the book several years agao. I don’t remember the name of the book, the author of the book and the year of publication. It’s not a very thick book, it seemed to have a cover with blue-ish pattern. The storyline: a (troubled) girl was persuaded to go to college by her parents. One day she accidently ‘killed’ her mother when her mother came to visit her and trying to convince her again to go to college (I vaguely remember the girl was pregnant then… but not sure). The girl was panic and called her father. Her father tried to cover it for her. So the father and daughter put the mum in a car, drove the car to a lake and pushed the car into the lake in a dark night. The mother was actually not dead as the husband and daughter thought, but just unconscious. When the car was sliding into the ice-cold lake the mother woke up but couldn’t move or make any sound being tied on the car seat. The father and the daughter then reported the mom as missing, and called for help on TV to find the mother … At the end of the story when everything seemed sorted /well covered, a local medium woman suddenly woke up with fear in a morning signing what these people have done (regarding this missing mother event)!

I can't find this book

I've read a book few years ago and I loved it, but I lost it and I can't remember its title or its author. It was a romance for teens. The cover was a girl on a car's hood and there were tickets too. The story is about whose brother dies in the army but he sends a letter to her just before his death, and there are two tickets for her favorite singer next concert, her brother asks her to talk with the singer and tells her that he has always been in love with her. So the girl decides to go to the concert to fulfill her brother's will. I remember that they live with their aunt. And her brother's former best friend comes with her. I think that the title is something like in memorial but I'm not sure. Can anybody help me?

Looking for book name

It was a teenage reading level between 2006-2008 that had a blue cover and green light or smoke. It had magical elements in the plot and I believe the book title was the name of the main character which I think started with a "F". From what I remember it took place in a large house and there was a large library and I believe a butler. I know this isn't much information, but I've been searching forever.

Forgotten book

Sounds like "Flora Segunda" by Ysabeau Wilde. There are also two sequels- "Flora's Fury" and "Flora's Dare." Love these books!

The book cover has a boy

The book cover has a boy covered in leaves & bright shining yellow eyes. The story is about a girl who meets a boy in her art class. She gets to know him more slowly falling in love but she discovers he's not entirely human. He belongs to a cave which he fell in when he was roaming around as a little kid. The cave seems to capture people & keep them inside making these people unable to escape. They're all alive but in a way not human. In the end the girl is about to get lured inside & the boy saves her. He decides to close the entrance to the cave in order to protect others from falling in. He closes the entrance exploding it with dynamite. The book is pretty old considering I read this in middle school. The cover might have been updated I'm not sure. Also the category is horror bug it's nog really scary.

Sounds like The Stranger, its

Sounds like The Stranger, its one of the point horror series.

Two children's books showing gloved hands on the cover

Hello! I am looking for two (or more) books that were part of a collection that my mother bought for me when I was little. Published before 1980 (and probably before 1978) Hardback books about 9x12 or so. Each contained several illustrated stories. The illustrations were interspersed among the text. One book had a red background, the other one had a yellow background. One book showed a gloved hand (like a clown?) with its fingers making the number two. The other book showed a hand with its fingers making the number five. One story was about some monkeys who got into some paint and began exploring and experimenting with the paint. They discovered that red plus blue makes purple (etc.). Another story was about a pig who went to the county fair and won the muddiest pig contest. I think there was also a story about a young dragon. I do not remember any titles at all.

romance novel plot

Regency romance novel. Not sinister,light fare. But the sexual practices of the hero involve much spanking. The heroine responds, to her horror, with feelings that she considers immoral. After other plot lines working themselves out hero and heroine fall in love and all ends well - with understanding spanking will go on and that roles may be reversed.

People on a ship

I believe its a horror story.. it's a bunch of stories about people on a never docking Cruise type ship. But the biggest part of the story I remember is about a woman who forges for food for her three kids and they all end up dying from I believe food poisoning or lead poisoning from the food she finds, at one point somebody goes and returns bottles for credit in a makeshift store made from a hole in the cruise ship.

Saving a kid from the darkness

There is this book I ran across when I was in middle school ( so I can't be anything published after 2006 or 2007) and I never finished it. It was a teen/ young adult novel about a kid in a coma who was running from this darkness chasing after him (in like a dream world.) someway or another. These two other kids find out about that kid and wanted to save him. They acquire some book or manual on how to create this world and hero in almost a lucid state of mind. I didn't get too far after that but it's driving me nuts.

I'm looking for this book, I

I'm looking for this book, I read it about two to three years ago, the cover is a dark purple with a girl wearing a mask that covers her eyes, in the beginning of the book she runs into this guy and he knocks her over and tells her to watch where she's going , then they meet again... thats all I can remember with details, but it's based in Victorian times and it's got murder and romance,

help finding a book

The book is about a women who on a rainy night hits and kills a women she can't stop thinking of the husband and son of the woman and eventually becomes involved with them and falls in love with them

finding a book about the levels of heaven?

In the early 80s I read a book about young man killed in an auto accident. Months after the accident, a woman near that road began to feel that someone was using her to communicate. Turned out the boy wanted her to contact his parents and let them know they needed to stop grieving because it was hindering his progress to the next levels of heaven. The father come to her and the book is the progress of how the son moved on. It had wonderful and very believable descriptions of how people move to and thru heaven.

Book about levels of heaven

I am looking for the same book as Greg P. Read it in the 80's. It was about a teenager who died in a car accident. He communicates about the afterlife through a "medium". He told of his death and about heaven. He described heaven as having different levels based upon your soul's vibrations. The book I read was borrowed... I tried to find it in the 80's but was told it was out of print. Thought I'd give it another shot. If anyone remembers the title and the author, please share.

The Third Artifact 'General Fiction'

i read this book about 2 years ago and it was the third book. i think the subtitle was the 'The Third Artifact', but i don't know the title itself. it was about this female agent who tries to find an artifact that was stolen from a museum. she works with a security firm and was hired by the museum to keep watch but then the artifact was stolen and now she has to travel Mexico and speak to the president or vice president because it was an important artifact. she also has a fiance, agent tony, who is in hospital after a mission gone wrong. he was doing a mission that required to save a girl, i think, and it was at shipping docks or something. anyway he was shot and was sent to the hospital. he and his fiance and the mother of the guy were all Christians. there is also this security firm who is opposing the security firm that the female agent works with. they are called Greybecks and Sons and they're the kind of firm who does dirty deals.

Trying to find a book i read

Trying to find a book i read or tried to read when i was a kid. It had a blue cover, it was paper wrapped paper board and the paper was textured in crpss hatch pattern. The illustration was very impressionistic, kinda like the style of the animated intro to the old public television show " Mystery" but blue not black. It had lots of branchy trees on it that were black and it seemed like it was trying to depict a stark winter or fall scene and if i remeber correctly the scene bled arcross the front and rear covers, and onthe front cover was a boy girl or male female under a tree, ome of them sitting in a swing. I think they were drawn in a starjly contrasting white along with the swing. It was a ghost mystery of sorts, either starring a brother sister or young man woman romantic couple who were trying to figure out the mystery of or authenticity of a purported odd occurences in the area, without getting hampered by the adults. I t u ink itd a summer vacation type story that ends in fall. I don't remeber the exact plot line or character names, im just takimg a shot in the dark on it here. Not a lomg book amd classed as juvenile fiction. Help!

Looking for a detective book set in either England or Scotland

I don't remember the title. All I remember is the plot and I will be grateful if anyone hear can identify it for me. The cover had a masked man and a hanging noose. Its about a hospital cook who is actually a serial killer, he kidnaps children and hangs them. NOT a pleasant book. I also remember his last name is Bain, was changed from Mcbain I think. Bain lived with his mother, a demanding old woman. Bain's first crime was at age 9 thereabouts. He caught his playmate Jamie spying on Bain's mother having sex with Jamie's father. He killed Jamie and Bain's mother persuaded his father to take the blame. Now a disgraced Inspector (I think) is looking for The Hangman.

please help me!!

have been looking for this novel for four 6 years now i dont remember the author or title all i can remember is that its about a young woman who used to live in a certain city her father was rich he lived somewhere else the daughter never realy visited him, one day he got sick he summoned his worker to go and get the daughter in that city she came back the daughter and the worker fell in love but the worker was insecure because he was poor he felt he cannever affored the daughter he didn't want to marry her because of that the daughter got frustrated after the father got better she decided to go back she gave the worker the lat chance to tell her if he will marry her but he refused sad and broken she left on the day of her departure the worker realized he can never live without her he then followed her to the airport and begged for her to stay he promised to provide for her with the little he earned she accepted ..that all i remember please write to me if it rings a bell

Please tell me what this book is

i read this book 3-5 years ago and i can never remember the name. i read it as a hardcover and it probably came with a dust jacket, but when i read it the dust jacket was off, the corners were rounded, it was bright, bright red and there was a black elastic strap on the back of it to hold it closed. it took place in the late 1800's. it was about a brother and sister who are sent to live with their scientist/explorer/engineer/seafarer relative. i remember in the opening scenes, they were traveling in a car through the streets of a chinese city, and there was a fireworks show, and the brother was really impressed and made a sketch of what he saw, and there was a picture of what he supposedly drew right next to it. there were a lot of pictures, illustations, diagrams, schematics, "handwritten" letters, etc. it was very memorable for this. i remember schematics of the boat they used, scematics of rooms, schemaics of the pipe system they used to communicate across the ship, sketches from the story supposedly drawn by the brother, etc. the brother was danger seeking, had a fun-fuelled, adventurous mind, and funny, while the girl was more analytical, conservative, and suspicious. they were on a sea voyage in the south china sea or some such place when they were attacked by pirates. they were trapped on an island and they were locked in a bamboo cage for the rising tide to drown them. the pirated used a ship-sinking device to destroy boats, some kind of underwater barrier with spikes. at one point they had to run a current through the outer shell of their ship's on-board submarine and turn it into a magnet. it ended with them finding some mysterious object that they had to discover the origins of, that would lead them on some kind of treasure hunt. it was the lead-in to some kind of book series. i want to know the name so i can give the book as a gift to a friend's kid. someone please help me!

If you ever find this book

If you ever find this book let me know!

Help finding a fantasy book

Hey! About ten years ago, I read a fantasy story that my grandfather had. Can't remember the author or the title (although I do remember it said "saga" in tiny letters right beneath the title). The plot included: A hero wielding a magic sword that changed colour each time he summoned it's magic.. There was also a lady imprisoned in a tower.. Near the end of the book, the hero goes to a city of veiled dwarves/alfar. The dwarves/alfar mine under a mountain where a rare mushroom/mould gives them a skin disease. (Hence the veils.) The book ends with the hero trapped under the mountain, where he calls upon the sword's magic and discovers a dragon trapped there. Not much, I know, but I really want to know how that story ended and I'd really appreciate help finding it. Thanks in advance! Abhishek

dwarf sagas

This could be any of many fantasy series inspired by Tolkien's works, but here are some guesses: Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman's Death Gate Cycle Here's a summary: Or, The Dwarves series by Markus Heitz Good luck!

Looking for two books. First

Looking for two books. First one is about a girl who has to go live with her aunty, uncle and 2 or 3 girl cousins who don't leave the house during the day and were home schooled. They were strange and very cold to her so she tries to work out why they live the way they do and eventually the girl runs away with 1 or 2 of the cousins. Second is about a boy whose girlfriend asks him to look after her very special cello while she's gone and he breaks it or something so the book is about him finding a new one that looks the same. This one was a short and simple read. Please help!

Help me find this book

I read this book when I was in 6th grade back in 2012, I don't remember much of it but I remember it was really good and i'd love to read it again. I think the title had the word ''light'' in it, the cover was dark, it also had a dark figure on the front of it. I cant remember much about the plot either. There was this boy, he was highschool age and home alone I believe, he spilled come cocoa or sugar (I cant remember but it was a fine powder substance) and it spilled into a weird spiral symbol. Someone was looking at him through his window and he was freaked out. Not remembering much from that point but I think he was in the school gym when a dark figure started chasing him, I don't remember much after that either. Later in the book he was chasing a ball of light. At the end of it a dark figure tried to kill him with an icepick. If anyone can find that book with that little information i'd be very grateful!

Looking for a book I read as a ya/teen back in late 1960s-1970s

Based on limited memory I don't hold much hope of anyone having info on the book I'm searching for but here goes: a mid teens girl went to stay with her uncle (or possibly family moved?) in a large house. I believe she found an old dress there and tried it on. Something may have happened when she looked in mirror. After this when she slept she dreamed about a woman she knew was herself and a man that she had a romantic interest in. I remember something about her walking on a beach and believe there was a dolphin that she befriended. It was just a nice story with a nice clean romance and if I can find it I'd like to read it again. Also I think she began sleeping a lot because that was the only way she could interact with the man and her uncle or family became quite worried about her wanting to sleep/stay in bed.

Ghost mystery

I've been looking for the name of this book for years, it had a girl main character who moves into a house and has these hallucinogenic dreams about green leaf wallpaper. She and her best friend (guy) find out a girl in Victorian times lived there and she mysteriously died with bruises all over and stuff. The whole twist is that they all think it was her ugly aunt using the girls doll like voodoo, but they find out the bruises on the doll wee from the girl just wanting attention from her mom and she died from the aespestos in the walls or something. Then at the end of the book she sketches the ghost girl and the ghost disappears and they find out the house was never on the market and they move out.

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

I'm not sure what book you're referring to, but you might enjoy The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Short stories

Hi. I've been looking for a book I read a few years back. If I recall correctly it was a book with short stories and I can only remember one of them. It was about a young girl with two brothers and mother and father who were poor, I think. One day the whole family goes for a picnic by the sea and the girl goes off to collect sea shells until it gets dark. I can't remember whether she tells her parents that she'll get soon or if she's forgotten in the beach but basically she's left alone until dark. When she decides to return back home she tries to lift herself over a cliff which was apparently dangerous. She somehow finds herself back home but realizes that no one pays any attention to her, which means that she died and became a ghost. That's what I remember briefly.

Short Horror Stories

I remember reading a compilation of short horror stories. The first story was the largest and was about mysterious killings by what looked liked a two-legged creature that changed to 4. It also removed the heads of the victims. A hunter is brought in to help track down the beast. It turns out the 'creature' is a wolverine kept in captivity by a man called Byron?? who set it on the victims and used fake tracks to cover it up. Another story in the book was one about a boy killing his sister (in gruesome detail) so he could look at her brain. Anyone help please?

Book from over 15 years ago

Hello, I am looking for a book I read over 15 years ago. No clue on the name and honestly don't remember a ton about it, so my hopes aren't high but here it goes: it centers around a young girl, in her teens. Her mother is extremely sick and stays in her room (possibly depression?) Anyway, her father rapes her and she gets pregnant. She is forced to stay in the home until she has the baby and they tell everyone that it was her mother's baby since no one has seen the mother because she stays in her room. That's the gist of what I remember. I'm not sure but I believe the book goes on to where she leaves the area and goes to manage some hotels, or owns one? Not positive on that, may be getting my books mixed up. I'd definitely appreciate anyone's help who may know this book!


I read this book about 5 years ago. I remember what it is about, but I can't remember the title or the author. It's about a high school girl who's father was thrown in jail for accidentally killing the neighbor during a mudslide. It's similar to Romeo and Juliet, because the families hate each other due to the death. The girl is made to leave her private school and go to public school. There she meets the son of the guy her dad killed. I remember he use to draw pictures of her. They end up falling in love. Later the families caught them and there is a big fight. If anyone has any idea what this book might be called, please let me know!


I'm trying to remember the name of an ebook I read a few years back. I cant remember much other than the fact that the main female first runs into the love interest ( her ex) on some kind of base, possibly in an interrogation room and she is higher ranking than him. I think she also had some kind of magic that would get out of control and her ex would be the only one who could talk her down from it. It's possible the world they were in was over run with vampires or zombie-like beings that the two main characters were frequently fighting. If anyone has some kind of idea of what book I'm talking about, a title would be SO appreciated!!!! Thanks!

Murder mystery

Hello all. I am looking for 2 different books. I believe they are from the 90s but I cant be sure. I have no idea the title or the author. However the books have kind of a fear street book type of feel but it's not them (I almost positive about that but I could be wrong. Anyways book 1. Its about a girl who is either at college or boarding school on an academic scholarship who is being stalked by what seems like 2 people but one of them is a killer who at one point in the book kills the alcoholic janitor because he recognizes him. And book 2. Is about a girl who is as described in the book as kind of an ugly duckling who over the course of the summer becomes pretty and she begins to have dates which anger the boy who liked her before she became pretty and her aunt (I think) who becomes jealous of looks and is afraid she will steal her boyfriend. One of them is a killer. Thank you for any help you give me.

Book that my parents had during my childhood (late 1970's)

I'm looking for a book that had a front cover illustration (like a photo) of a doll or a little girl smashed through a broken car window. I cannot remember the title, but I remember the book as being super creepy to look at and I wanted to see if I could find it to read.

I am looking for a book I

I am looking for a book I read as a teenager. It was about a woman who had her young son with her. they travel to stay in this home, where they are held hostage. She gives her son a drug in his hot chocolate. So, he will sleep through some of her abuse. Later after escaping, and I do not remember how she does. She goes back to that house and remembers. She says she still has a crooked smile from what happened to her there.


There was this book I read with the cover being blue with a big eye on it. It was about a girl who is invisible everyone and not loved by her parents who at always vacationing. Well a hit man to shoot her but she sucks down and he goes invisible and disappears and everyone thinks she's crazy until she gets kidnapped and found out she can go invisible as well by her person who kidnapped her... And then she gets aat from him to realize he's the only one who ever saw her and goes back to him and they practice their skills together until she gets kidnapped by this science organization who made her able to do that stuff so she has to break out... I really wanna know the book so I can tea it again, but I can't for the life of me think of the name, it's haunting me.


Has anyone read this book; it's a graphic novel and about a lady who was captured by a dragon but escapes and gets through a thicket guarding the castle. Then she hides out in the towns where the people are animals and she hides in a Rabbits(?) house and helps her tailor, etc. The town is ruled by a greedy ruler and she gets captured by him and she tries to steal back her ring and magic rope that she stole from the dragon's palace. I know this is all over the place but this is what I remember. If you know the book, please reply!

Childrens moral stories

Hi, im looking for a book my mother read to me as a child. I assume it had a paper cover she took off so i wouldnt ruin it, but it was a book with a blue material hardcover and it was full of stories. Some about families, some about animals, but i remember one about a monkey who was over a river in a tree and stole a necklace and eventually returned it. I cant seem to find it anywhere online. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hi I'm looking for a book

Hi I'm looking for a book about a boy who whilst pulling wings off moths/flies he sets fire to the bedroom and his baby sister gets burnt. Then when he grows up he works in a hospital/abortion clinic maybe it's a horror story and quite graphic maybe from the 80s?

Looking for

So in 2004-2005 I read a book set in regency about an entitled man needing to marry. So he did, to a country girl he can leave in the country until he was ready for a wife. The wife takes offense: glams herself up and travels to London as well. Unbeknownst to her husband they meet and he becomes infatuated. She ends up his mistress. As the Husband is a favorite (LOVER) of the Queen this becomes a problem. As their love grows and the lie hangs over their head the Queens anger rises. Oh the wife was a red head. Anyone read anything similar??

I need help figureing out the title of this book??

I read it when I was in middle school so maybe back 2008-2011. The book had a light blue cover and had a little girl on the cover. She was holding a gry-ish fluffy cat. She had short dark brown -back hair. And I think there were clouds on it and a farm in the background. The word sky keeps coming to mind when I think of the cover. Summery I think it was about a little girl that was an orphan. In the beginning she was traveling on a train with other girls like her and the train would travel to different city's. The girls would get off and people would stop by to look at them and then you would get to go home with them if they liked you. Anyway the little girl was taken by this olderman. They traveled into the country side on a wagon pulled by a horse. He took her to a farm in the middle of nowhere. He got the little girl to read and to look after his sick wife. She had to sleep up stairs where there wasn't any heat. The farm had a cat and the little girl became friends with the grey cat and the cat would sleep wit her at night. Later on in the book I think the cat drowned in a pond near The Farmhouse. At the end of the book I think the wife died. The man took the little girl to a relatives house for Christmas I think and they would talk bad about her and he cat mad about it. He then finally said she is my family- I think that's what happened at the end. The book seemed to have taken place sometime on the pass because the house did have heat or electricity and the cloths the little girl was wearing seemed to be older fashion maybe the 1920 or 30s. If you can help me that would be great thanks in advance!!!!

Help finding this book!

I am looking for a certain book but i don't know the title or the authors name! The but is about a girl that gets revenge for her mothers death. The cover of the book is blue and the girl is wearing a red dress and in the background there a mansion/big long house, that is burning. If anyone knows the name of the book please let me know!!!

Help find this book

“I don’t remember the title or author but I think it was young adult. It was about a young couple who got married young. The book starts out with both of them telling her parents about getting married. The girl mentioned something about her sweater. I think the couple were hippies and they were living out in the woods. I don’t think she got pregnant until after the marriage. I remember she went to a class at the hospital and made a friend there. The girl had a baby boy they named feather. It is not the first part last. It was published either in the 1970s or 1980s. I think the couple in the book had problems getting along after she had the baby. If anyone can give me any help, I’d greatly appreciate it! I’m thinking I dreamed this book up and am fairly desperate to find it.

Help finding this book

I am looking for a dream dictionary/encyclopedia book but i do not know who the author or title is. I do know that it is at least 20 years old and the cover of the book is a painting by Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights (3rd panel). The book was my wife's' given to her by her father that was recently destroyed in a fire.

Romance silhouette or harlequin maybe?

So I'm looking for an older book no idea of year but a penny Jordan type of book not very big. I only got through the first few chapters before I lost it and it's been driving me nuts for more than 15 years and it was probably much older than that. It's about a reverends or preachers daughter... who I think goes on a ferry to Seattle and ends up having a one night stand with a stranger goes back home discovers she's pregnant and then I think finds out it's twins..( might be mixing up stories) anyways while pregnant she runs into the man who ends up being a doctor I think...and no idea about his damn reaction or if he's told it's his or anything because recess was over and I had to get back to class. Aaah! Driving me nuts! Help!?!

Romance book

So I'm looking for an older book no idea of year but it was probably a few years old in 93/94 when I read it. Can't remember much about the story but that I found it funny. A woman was taking a bath and she and it fell through the ceiling of the downstairs neighbor who I think she wasn't getting along with'? Anyways I remember something about rollerblading tooHelp!?!

Fantasy book

I remember reading it in the early 00's, probably 2002-2006. It's a series- the first book is about a boy who finds a weird book at a store/library that catches his attention and finds out that it is a magic book that introduces him to a whole new society. I think the book looked like something ordinary but had a peculiar detail. I remember in the second book (which takes place much later) he meets a girl that has a macbook but it has no bite mark on it. It's her version of his book. There was a scene where they go into this "other world" which looks exactly like the ordinary one but with no people and a dark quality about it and they had to save the world or something. Also there was somehting about coins... but I'm not sure about this. HELP!! Been trying to find this book for years!

Cello player with Mob ties

from a book I borrowed at my high school between the years of 1999 and 2003. The story is about a girl who is in high school who tutors a boy who is one of the more popular guys. He plays the cello. They get close during the tutoring sessions and he asks if he can draw her. This is important and the way he positions her is important for later in the story. All I can remember is that he ties her up in I think the crucifix pose with a tie. Later in the story he takes one of the popular girls to a dance, either prom or homecoming comma so he can distance himself from her. The girl he took to the dance was found dead in a motel or hotel tied up in the same way that she was tied up when he drew her. I remember that he wasn't the one that actually killed her and in fact someone else did. I remember that the evidence against him was substantial Sochi cut up his tux and hit it by lining it on the inside of his cello. the detectives eventually found it and he went to jail. I remember the girl who was the tutor who loved him visited him in jail. The boy was released when they found out who actually killed the girl. When he was released he left to go back to his parents which was I believe in Chicago. Apparently he had ties to the Mob or Mafia ver. I remember that the girl who left him was pregnant and she later received a paperclip news clipping about the boys marriage to another family. please help me find this! I've been looking for this book for over 10 years.

Kidnapped son

Hi, I am looking for a book I believe was written by Nora Roberts but I'm not sure. It's about a woman whose son is kidnapped and she calls his father for help. His father however does not know the child is his son. I believe the father is rich. Any help would be appreciated.

Danielle Steel perhaps?

Was it Vanished by Danielle Steel?

I'm looking for a novel.

I'm looking for a novel. It was about a judo master who was in love with a girl. Something happened and they were attacked on their wedding eve. The couple thought the other one was dead, whilst they both survived. The lady became an assassin. They then individually started planning to kill their attacker. I think they met at the point they had individually planned to kill the attacker.... something like that. Anybody , please help

I can't remember!!

Its a book about siblings ( I think 3 or 4) and they are either sick and stay home or homeschooled for some reason. They make up stories and one day one is gifted a necklace with an orb on it and then the get sucked into the world they created. I want to say at the end they bury the necklace or get rid of it so that they don't get sucked in again. This would have been out before the early 90's and would have been at least a the or 6th grade reading level if not higher.


book begins with woman driving to meeting. she keeps a hammer in old car to hit the engine with to start. At meeting there is an Indian who has been assigned to guard her. She saw something she should not have. Indian and her..instant dislike.

Help! I've been looking for years!

In this book i am looking for a gorl is in college, but she is 22ish. She falls in love with a guy named Trevor, and then she lears something about him. She meets his family, and his family (i dont remember if they like her or not) is wierd. She ends up pregnant witha little girl, and she moves to a deserted tyoe area, and her neighbor is an old lady whos son was a soldier. Trevor finds her, and tries to kill her. The soldier kills him i think.

It seems to be hiding from me

I'm looking for a story about a young girl who moves with her mother into this mans house cause the mother was hired to clean it. The whole house is flooded and they get around by using boats. But the girl can see spirits and she likes skateboarding or shes learning to skateboard, and her grandmother was a medium I think. The house has a room where the man helps spirits move on to the afterlife by having them try to remember and act out the way they died. The girl also has a friend who is a princess from another land who tells the story of how she's looking for this man who use to be her whipping boy. She tells the girl a story of how she could only cry once and when she was wed her future husband would pinch her and she would cry diamonds. So to keep them safe they would choose a kid to get her beatings so she wouldn't cry and they get the boy she later falls in love with and he sleeps in the hallway outside her room and never cries during the beatings no matter how bad they get and when she asks why he days cause youre already crying for both of us.

pregnant heroine.....

I read this book 1 year back. The girl is a college student in nyc and meets a Rich man and gets engaged with in a month. After some time she realizes that she is pregnant but at the same time hero's younger brother comes with a proposal to leave his brother in exchange of money which is suggested by his mother. So the heroine won't agree and the brother tries to rape her. She runs to her bf telling about it but he already gets a call from his bro telling that his fiancée has some affair with him and tries to threaten him. The gf is kicked out of his life . After 6 months he meets her and realizes she is pregnant. Blah blah blah....

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