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New Plant Patent Color Images at SIBL: Through June 5, 2012


PP22768 - Hibiscus plant named 'DUP-FXL'PP22768 - Hibiscus plant named 'DUP-FXL'Here are scans of the color plates of U.S. Plant Patents received at SIBL for the weeks of May 22, 29 and June, 2012.

For additional Plant Patent plates for 2012, 2013 and 2014, these have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

As before, please be careful in using these - they're really not appropriate to use for prior art or other similar searches. Otherwise, please enjoy!



PP22751 - Aster plant named 'Synfrost'PP22751 - Aster plant named 'Synfrost'PP22755 - Sedum plant named 'Raspberry Truffle'PP22755 - Sedum plant named 'Raspberry Truffle'










United States Plant Patents: Patents Published May 22, 2012; Nos. PP22740-PP22755

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
May 22, 2012PP22740Zaiger et al.Interspecific tree named 'Crimson Kat'USPTOPP22740
May 22, 2012PP22741BradfordNectarine tree named 'Fire Time'USPTOPP22741
May 22, 2012PP22742DirrPunica granatum plant named 'Orange Blossom Special'USPTOPP22742
May 22, 2012PP22743HegedusJuniper plant named 'Hegedus'USPTOPP22743
May 22, 2012PP22744BrotzmanCercis plant named 'VANILLA TWIST'USPTOPP22744
May 22, 2012PP22745NiekerkHebe plant named 'Wild Romance'USPTOPP22745
May 22, 2012PP22746GraffHibiscus plant named 'Arionicus'USPTOPP22746
May 22, 2012PP22747BergmanChrysanthemum plant named 'CIDZ0015'USPTOPP22747
May 22, 2012PP22748JacobsAlstroemeria plant named 'Zapriamin'USPTOPP22748
May 22, 2012PP22749BartelsPhlox plant named 'Barsixtyfive'USPTOPP22749
May 22, 2012PP22750BarendsPelargonium plant named 'Fipelsumpur'USPTOPP22750
May 22, 2012PP22751SmithAster plant named 'Synfrost'USPTOPP22751
May 22, 2012PP22752SmithAster plant named 'Synhen Thefirst'USPTOPP22752
May 22, 2012PP22753BarendsOsteospermum plant named 'Fidostpifla'USPTOPP22753
May 22, 2012PP22754TreesSalvia plant named 'Burgundy Candles'USPTOPP22754
May 22, 2012PP22755EggerSedum plant named 'Raspberry Truffle'USPTOPP22755


PP22760 - Cotoneaster plant named 'Gerald'PP22760 - Cotoneaster plant named 'Gerald'PP22756 - Floribunda rose plant named 'Poulcas032'PP22756 - Floribunda rose plant named 'Poulcas032'











United States Plant Patents: Patents Published May 29, 2012; Nos. PP22756-PP22763

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
May 29, 2012PP22756OlesenFloribunda rose plant named 'Poulcas032'USPTOPP22756
May 29, 2012PP22757Wright et al.Blueberry plant named 'C97-41'USPTOPP22757
May 29, 2012PP22758BradfordNectarine tree named 'Pearlicious I'USPTOPP22758
May 29, 2012PP22759BradfordNectarine tree named 'Pearlicious II'USPTOPP22759
May 29, 2012PP22760WoodCotoneaster plant named 'Gerald'USPTOPP22760
May 29, 2012PP22761KolsterPotentilla plant named 'White Lady'USPTOPP22761
May 29, 2012PP22762LeeAzalea plant named 'Robles'USPTOPP22762
May 29, 2012PP22763Dupont, Sr.Hibiscus plant named 'DUP-CRL'USPTOPP22763


PP22765 - Cornus plant named 'SUMMER GOLD'PP22765 - Cornus plant named 'SUMMER GOLD'

PP22769 - Eucomis plant named 'Freckles'PP22769 - Eucomis plant named 'Freckles'









United States Plant Patents: Patents Published June 5, 2012; Nos. PP22764-PP22776

DatePatent NumberInventorTitleTextColor Image
June 5, 2012PP22764MeillandHybrid tea rose plant named 'Meikolyma'USPTOPP22764
June 5, 2012PP22765SilvaCornus plant named 'SUMMER GOLD'USPTOPP22765
June 5, 2012PP22766DecourtyeWeigela plant named 'Courtacad1'USPTOPP22766
June 5, 2012PP22767KolsterPotentilla plant named 'Red Lady'USPTOPP22767
June 5, 2012PP22768Dupont, Sr.Hibiscus plant named 'DUP-FXL'USPTOPP22768
June 5, 2012PP22769EggerEucomis plant named 'Freckles'USPTOPP22769
June 5, 2012PP22770SmithChrysanthemum plant named 'Syelect Ambe'USPTOPP22770
June 5, 2012PP22771DummenBegonia plant named 'BBREDBADA'USPTOPP22771
June 5, 2012PP22772MadsenCampanula plant named 'PKMF03'USPTOPP22772
June 5, 2012PP22773MadsenCampanula plant named 'PKMP08'USPTOPP22773
June 5, 2012PP22774MadsenCampanula plant named 'PKMP09'USPTOPP22774
June 5, 2012PP22775KorliparaEchinacea plant named 'Firebird'USPTOPP22775
June 5, 2012PP22776DanzigerSalvia plant named 'DANSALFN13'USPTOPP22776



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