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This Magic Moment: A Magic the Gathering Interview

I used to think the world was a very small boring place, filled only with cookie crumbs and empty soda bottles... And then I met Dwight and Jeremy. They taught me that earth can be a magical place. They taught me that magic does exist... in the form of a card game!

Gather around YO! -ABRA CA DORKA-

Let's talk about Magic.

Saddle up your Griffin and...


Join me for a very special interview with Young Adult patrons, Dwight and Jeremy (The Nighthawks) as we discuss Magic the Gathering. Remember the links are your best friends. 

I hear you call yourselves The Nighthawks, is that because you lack originality?

Jeremy: Yes, that's exactly why!

Dwight: No it's because it's Jeremy's favorite card.

What is a nighthawk?

Jeremy: BEST CARD EVER! [Vampire Nighthawk is an amazing card... he's basically untouchable.]

Do you feel like New Dorp Library has become like your home base?

Dwight: Basically.

Jeremy: Yes this is where we reside, I prefer to call it The Forge!

Do you see it as a training ground?

Jeremy: I feel more like a teacher or a mentor, since all the younger kids started playing a lot more and come to us for advice on their decks.

Dwight: Well it is a training ground because I can play as long as I want without the fear of failure.

Since you've been exposed to the other teens in the library do you feel they have become more interested in the game?

Dwight: Definitely, they all started playing now, when we first come here everyone was playing Yu-Gi-Oh! 

Comic Book Stores vs. Libraries, where would you rather play?

Dwight: Library definitely; this is a less hostile environment.

Jeremy: Here — I like helping people here. I teach them new things and strategies; I just don't do that over there...

If you play magic does that make you a magician?

Dwight: Yes!

Jeremy: It makes you a wizard!

Dwight: No really, it does...

I've noticed while you're playing you have nervous habits... What's going on there?

Jeremy: I over analyze everything, I'm constantly suffling the cards in my hand. It serves as a comfort while my brain is freaking out saying: "What's he going to do next?"

How much time do you spend building/improving your deck?

Dwight: When am I not! 6 hours a day...

Jeremy: Well I'm in school for 6 hours and I sleep for 8... 3 hours a day.

Have you ever read the book Hawkleberry Finn?

Dwight: (Laughs)

Jeremy: No... I'm still working on my memoir.

Who was your toughest opponent to beat?

Jeremy: I played a mirror match at the PTQ [Pro-Tour Qualifier]. He had pretty much the exact same deck as me but I played it different. I almost lost. 

I've heard that people that play card strategy games have poor social skills — tell me how you would respond to the following social situations...

Someone holds the door open for you... You say ____

D & J: Thank You!

Someone says good morning are you enjoying the sunshine today? You say _____

Dwight: Yes I'm enjoying the flipping sun!

Jeremy: Yeah, but it's been raining for 2 weeks... *Throws a card across the table* I wanna ride a Vorapede!!!

Someone says "oh my thats a nice shirt you are wearing"... You say _____

Jeremy: Thank you I like it too, that's why I bought it...

Dwight: Sooo... we're proving that we are not impolite jerks?

Someone drops their keys by your feet... you ______

Dwight: Hey you dropped your keys!

Jeremy: Grab them and see what kind of car it goes to — No I say Heyyyyyy your keys!

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start playing Magic The Gathering?

Dwight: Read the manual.

Jeremy: Dont play like a "NOOB," Don't mix colors. [Noob is a term for a new player]

I've learned a few magic tricks... Check this out!

For magic players interested in coming to the New Dorp Library we have our Teen room open on most Mondays and Wednesdays. We will also be having a tournament within the year with prizes! [Ages 12-18 for tournament entry]

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How is a Nighthawk like a

How is a Nighthawk like a writing desk? It's not.. A writing desk is filled with originality. LOLOLOL <3 jk. XD

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