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Stuff for the Teen Age

Kingsbridge Teens: What We’re Reading / Watching / Playing / Enjoying


The kids in my Teen Advisory Group have been going through a reviewing frenzy recently. Here are some of the books and other “stuff” they’ve been enjoying this spring.


Hey 13! by Gary Soto
This is a book of thirteen different stories about teens who go through different situations when they are thirteen years old. Most teens will be able to relate to these stories, and I really think that teens will find it to be a funny and easy book to read.

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce
Two six-year-old twin sisters went looking for a witch, and then one of them vanished. Years later the remaining sister Gretchen and her brother Ansel are kicked out by their stepmother and soon meet Sophia, a chocolatier. When Gretchen goes in the woods at midnight she is attacked by the witch, but soon finds out that the witch is a werewolf. This book was amazing, and full of fantasy, romance, and mystery.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
This book is about a kid who has problems with his family and at school. There are lots of great drawings, and it’s also really funny!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinney
This is about Greg’s summer vacation and his crazy adventure with his best friend Rowley. This is a great book because everyone loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg
Brie, a 15-year-old girl, dies of a broken heart. In order to move on to the afterlife she must go through the five stages of grief with a lost soul named Patrick. This was a funny and interesting book about how you should cherish the things you have in life and how everything happens for a reason.

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick
Patch loves Nora. Nora loves Patch. Patch is a fallen angel. They have been through a lot together. Patch will do anything to protect her... even make her forget about him. I love this series! Lots of romance and action. Five stars if you ask me! [Note: This is the third book in the Hush, Hush saga.]

Assassin’s Creed: The Secret Crusade by Oliver Bowden
This book is based on Altair, who is the Master Assassin from the video game Assassin’s Creed. This is the story of Altair’s life and how he became an assassin. Since everyone plays the game, you might as well read the book!

The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges
This book is about a girl named Katerina who can raise the dead, and she also she likes a boy who has a secret of his own. This book was captivating, and it had lots of suspense, mystery, horror, and romance.

Fang by James Patterson
Fang and Max are finally together. Fang has always been there for Max, but when Angel predicts that Fang will be the first to die … will Fang leave Max? This is the seventh book of the James Patterson Maximum Ride series. It’s a must-read story filled with action, adventure, and a love triangle.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
This book is about a group of teens in different districts who compete against each other. I think that teens should read this book because it is filled with fun-filled action. I also think that teens would love all the romance and entertainment in this story.

Matched by Ally Condie
Cassia has always trusted the society’s choices. When her best friend appears on the Matching screen, Cassia is certain that he is the one … until she sees another face flash across the screen before it fades to black. Now she is faced with impossible choices between the only life she knows and a path no one dares to follow. This is a great book, with lots of adventure and romance!

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Thomas wakes up and he can’t remember anything else but his name. He is dropped off in a place called the Glade, where he is surrounded by other boys. The next day a girl is dropped off, and she is the first girl to join them. Thomas and his friends are trying to get out of the maze! This book is awesome, and it’s filled with action and adventure.

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
Meghan has a secret destiny. She's the daughter of a mythical faery king, and she's a pawn in a deadly war. Now Meghan will learn just how far she will go to save someone she cares about. This book is like Alice in Wonderland, and it’s a great romance with lots of action and adventure.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Cinder is another version of Cinderella, but set in the future. Cinder is a cyborg and she and the prince fall in love, but she doesn’t want to reveal who she truly is. This is a captivating book and a very good romance novel.

The Queen of Kentucky by Alecia Whitaker
This book is about a girl who is trying to fit in and be popular. Luke, the boy next door, knows who she really is and likes the “old” her better. She is caught between being a country girl and a wannabe country club girl. The plot is cute and filled with romance!

Slide by Jill Hathaway
There is a murderer loose who makes each death look like the victim committed suicide. The murderer is the person you would least expect! This is an amazing book, filled with romance and suspense.

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood
This is about a young girl named Cate and her two sisters who are all witches but must keep that a secret from the Brotherhood. Throughout this book, Cate must keep her sisters from exposing their secret. She also must choose between the man she loves and a man who loves her, or else join the Sisterhood. This book is enthralling; once you begin reading you can’t stop. I had to force myself to stay up at night just to keep reading!


After September 11: New York and the World by Reuters
This book explains what happened on 9/11: the facts about the planes, the hijackers, and everything else. I would recommend this book because it was very interesting to learn about the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon directed by Michael Bay
Transformers was based on one of the best cartoon shows of the 1980’s. This movie was fantastic, with the Autobots fighting with their biggest enemies the Decepticons. I would recommend Transformers: Dark of the Moon for Stuff for the Teen Age because this movie was mostly for teenagers.


Recovery by Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III)
In this album you hear Eminem rapping. The song “No Love” is about how if someone is bullying you you should stand up for yourself and fight back. And “Not Afraid” is about Eminem fighting against demons, for example not being tempted into the bad side. I would recommend this CD because many people consider Eminem the best rapper of all time, and this CD shows how you should live your life by being in the good side.

Video Games

Batman: Arkham Asylum by Rocksteady Studios
This was the second-best Batman game ever. In this game you have to try to find Joker in the prison, but before you find him you have to search every building in the prison for clues. While you find those clues you have to fight enemies like Killer Croc, Bane, Poison Ivy, and the Joker. This was named best adventure game and Game of the Year for 2009.

Batman: Arkham City by Rocksteady Studios
This was the best Batman game ever! This was the most adventurous game I’ve ever played in my life, with crazy criminals such as Joker, Bane, Two-Face, Hugo Strange, Mr. Freeze, and Ra's al Ghul. This was named best adventure game of 2011.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by Activision
The great graphics and the new dynamic weapon will blow people’s minds away! I would recommend this game because most teenagers love shooting games, and this game was named Game of the Year.

Street Fighter X Tekken by Capcom
This video game was epic because two of the best fighting games came together in one game. This was one of the top 10 best fighting games in 2012!

Many thanks to Ashley, Leslie, Michael, Reilanni, and Rosalie for their reviews!


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